The Joys of Editing

Hot weather and the scorching sun have returned here to Colorado this past week, after a slight break of a week of rain and cooler air. Our water bill was huge last month, doing our best to keep the grass and our garden green during the baking sunshine. The flowers continue to bloom, the vegetables growing. We have cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and cabbage in our garden. And being an Iowa boy, we have sweet corn growing, the stalks nearly 7 foot high right now, with peaches and cream corn on the cob getting bigger every day. We’re looking forward to a decent harvest of food as summer winds down, with a few cucumbers and lettuce already picked for good eating. Here are a couple of pictures.

Besides the garden I continue to work on the front yard, doing my best to eliminate sections of the grass and plant water-wise flowers and shrubs, with weed barrier and mulch to keep the weeds at bay. I expanded this one section, with another planned once the weather gets a little bit cooler. Digging out this sod rooted in the hard clay soil we have here in Colorado is exhaustive work, especially in the heat of the day.


The editing continues on The Divine Devils. I sent the file back to my editor after the first round of changes. I’m now waiting for her final suggestions, hopefully getting them by the end of August. I must say editing is challenging. When writing the words flow out of me, the creation quick and painless. Whereas editing is harder work. Editing a story can be similar to disciplining a child. It can be challenging and heartbreaking at times, but necessary to get the end result. And I do think of these books I write as children I’ve helped create and molded for everyone to enjoy. From my initial drafts, to Alpha and Beta Reading, to rewrites, before sending it to the editor for a couple of rounds of cleanup and finetuning. All of it taking endless hours to complete in hopes readers will be immersed in the story.

Unfortunately because of COVID, I’ve not been able to have as active of a year getting out and meeting people at Craft Fairs and Author events. With fall coming there were two other events canceled, and I’m waiting to hear about the holiday events and if they’ll be held. But that hasn’t stopped us from working on items to tie into the next book. I’ve previously shared in the newsletter the new logo for The Divine Devils. This logo will be added to t-shirts and my daughter will be making soaps we’ll be selling as well. Here is one we’ve already made that we’ll have on hand once events begin again. They will come in various color combos and fragrances. This one is a peppermint which we hope will be popular.


If you haven’t already, be certain to check out the first two chapters of The Divine Devils on my website. You can read it via these links for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. I’m excited about this book and hope to have a release date set soon, targetting the end of September or early October if all goes well. I’ve already contacted my early review readers and hope to be sending out the nearly final version for their feedback and reviews in the coming weeks.

This month we have five new Prolific Works giveaways, featuring the short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, the first in the Jarvis Mann PI series. Along with other free eBooks from great Indie Authors. Here is the information:

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I been thinking about running a contest for readers of my newsletter, racking my brain about what to do. With all the talk of my yard and garden, I’d love to see what others out there have done in their yards. Whether it’s vegetables, landscaping, bird sanctuaries, and other hard work you’ve sweated over. Send me the pictures of your hard work and brag while you’re at it. I will share some of them in future newsletters. And if I get enough responses I’ll give away a eBook of your choice to a few random submissions. Just email the photos with your comments to me at this address.

Lastly this month I’ll do a quick plug to check out all of the books in the Jarvis Mann PI series if you haven’t read them all. There are 8 books in all, each getting consistent 4 and 5-star reviews. And all but the first short story are available on Kindle Unlimited for those who pay for that subscription service. Be certain to add them all to your bookshelf or eBook reader. They can be accessed via this link.


Thanks again for reading my monthly newsletter. Be sure to share with any friends who love to read. Those that sign-up get a free eBook version of the first novel Tracking A Shadow. And if you signed up and didn’t get the free eBook, email me and I will send it to you ASAP.

Time to get back to writing and editing. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!!

R Weir

Where Story Ideas Originate

It’s been a busy month of June for us here in Colorado. We had a chance to get our motorhome out for a few days of RV’ing at a local state campground. Camping is great for social distancing, especially at Colorado State Campgrounds. They are nicely spread out, with lots of room between you and the next RV or tent. We went to St. Vrain State Park, which has many ponds and tons of birds. If you’re a birder it’s a wonderful place to visit. We went on a long walk around the park seeing dozens of different birds enjoying all the trees and water. Here are a few pictures. Any bird experts out there can probably identify them.

Even though it turned hot in June, I continued to work in the yard of our new home. One item we wanted to change was the amount of grass I need to mow each week. Our old home was mostly xeriscaped, with only a small grass area for our dog. This yard is on a large corner lot, the front all grass. We began to change that by putting in some drought-resistant shrubs, which will grow from 6 to 10 ten high, with some other plants. I removed the grass in chunks, which was hard work, using that sod to fix some bare patches in the back. This will be a gradual process where we plan to remove much of the grass on the side of the house, replacing with shrubs and flowers. Here is a shot of what we’ve done so far.


I’m often asked where my story ideas originate. I can be sitting around reading, watching TV or a movie, working in the yard, or doing absolutely nothing and an idea can pop into my head. It can be for a new book for an existing character, or a new group of characters like in the forthcoming first book in The Divine Devils series. Many ideas get tossed away or forgotten, while others can bloom into a story or be added to an existing one. For instance, Twice As Fatal came out of an idea of two cases for Jarvis to work on at the same time, with them both coming together to a climatic finish. I had no idea what the two cases would be when I first started, but it grew into a full-blown 80k word book as concepts came to me while writing. Blood Brothers would be a flashback book of Jarvis growing up, born from going back home to Iowa to help his brother out of a jam. Again I wasn’t sure what trouble Jarvis’ brother Flynn would get into when I first started writing. The simple story notion grew from there, essentially writing itself as I went along. The twists and turns flowing out of me while I typed. It’s hard to explain, but that is the way I’ve always written, even going back to my teenage days. When inspiration hits I write. The process works for me, though at times when I go back to edit, I say to myself “What was I thinking!” 🙂

One item I’ve added since December was a sit to stand type of setup at my desk. I actually enjoy standing while I’m writing, as sitting at times is harder on my body, especially my surgically repaired knee. Standing allows me to move my feet and legs more, as I can stretch and move while writing. It also helps to keep my mind sharper, as falling asleep in my chair has become easier with age. Here is a shot of the setup, the platform easily able to move up and down. If you do a lot of work at home I would suggest looking for an option like this. I absolutely love it.


My editor this week returned my latest book, The Divine Devils. Work has begun sharpening the story and content, with lots of labor ahead of me, a process that can be painful and time-consuming. My editor does a great job of helping me get my stories where they need to be. I will be digging in deep over the next several weeks getting it ready to send to her for another final polish. I was hoping I’d have the book ready by now, but it will likely be later in the year before it’s done. In the meantime, you can check out the first two chapters via my website, both with updated edits (Chapter 1 & Chapter 2). As well as checking out the new logo for the series below. Once a release date is set, I’ll be sure to keep everyone informed.


I was able to do one craft fair this month in Berthoud Colorado. Lots of rules needed to be followed, including limiting people inside and the wearing of masks. It was great to get out again and talk with people about my books. And we used a section of the table to sell my wife’s face masks. She did quite well, both of us selling about the same amount of product. My next events aren’t until September. Hopefully, the virus will have calmed down by then and they can be held safely. If you have a need for a mask, send me an email. They are $5 each plus shipping. And they come in several styles and sizes.


Need something to read to get you through the summer months. If you haven’t already check out the entire Jarvis Mann PI series. All the books are available on Amazon, the first The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card being free. The rest are available to purchase and on Kindle Unlimited. And anyone who signs up for my newsletter, I give them the novel, Tracking A Shadow in eBook format for free. If you signed up and didn’t get it, email me and I’ll send you a copy right away,


This month there are two more Prolific Works free eBooks you can download, including The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. Be sure to check them out.

Criminally Good Reads giveaway runs until July 15th featuring 19 free ebooks to read for free. Find them via this link.

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That is all for this month, as I need to get back to editing. One task authors don’t enjoy. I plan on covering the process in detail in a future newsletter. Thanks again for reading my work. Be sure to share with friends who love to read.


Stay safe, healthy, happy, and cool. The summer heat has arrived!!

R Weir

Therapeutic Gardening

With the virus still in the news and with the Safer at Home rules here in Colorado, I’ve been spending much of my spare time when not writing, working around the house. Much of this has been taking place outside. Those who are new to the newsletter may not know my wife Kim and I moved to a new home in August of last year. The first move we’ve done in 22 years. Where our old house was mostly xeriscaped, with only a small area to mow, this house came with a large front and backyard with grass to mow and maintain. Along with the grass, there are several garden areas, with flowers and vegetables. All requiring upkeep to keep them growing and the weeds at bay. You’ll see examples below.

Though it’s hard work, I’ve found I’m enjoying getting outside nearly every day and working. Finding the exercise therapeutic in these chaotic times. I did similar work at our previous home after my motorcycle accident. Part of my rehab to get my mind and body back to where it needed to be. Therapy we all need to discover to get us by in these trying times. Here are a couple more photos. What are you doing to fill the void during isolation?

For my wife Kim, she has been busy making face masks. Many she’s donated to a local Nursing Home in need. The rest she’s been selling locally for $5 each, while shipping out others to friends. She had a great deal of extra cloth material she’d accumulated over the years to use. Plus the skill set and sewing machines to put them together. Creating sizes for adults and children. Here are a few examples of what she has made. If you’re in need of masks, reach out via my email and we can discuss options.


As I mentioned over the last couple of newsletters, I have a new book coming out later this year, The Divine Devils. This is a new series featuring former US Marshal Hunter Divine. As part of the series I’ve had a new logo designed, which I’ll be revealing today. Let me know what you think of it.


This will be the logo for the new series and will be on most of the merchandise I’ll be offering, including t-shirts. Book one in the series is still in the hands of my editor. She recently told me she is loving the book, but I do have work ahead of me to get it ready for release. If you haven’t already you can check out the first two chapters of the book and let me know what you think. Here are the links for Chapter One and Two. I plan on having more previews of the book in the future. Even a few teasers on the book cover and the final synosis to wet your appetiite as I get closer to release.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out all the books in my Jarvis Mann PI series. Many of them have been best sellers on Amazon. You can try out the first short story in the series, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, for free via this link on Amazon. Jarvis is tough, snarky and not always the best boyfriend to the women in his life. You can check out the rest of the series via my Amazon Author Page. And those who sign-up for my newsletter receive a free eBook version of Tracking A Shadow. If you signed up but never received this book, email me and I’ll send it over to you right away.


I’m sorry to say that the Wild Deadwood Reads author event in June has been canceled. Though it’s no surprise, I was looking forward to attending this event for the fourth year in a row. Right now all large events have been canceled due to the social distancing rules. Though I still have one other in June that still is tentatively on, I suspect it won’t be held. I’m sad I won’t get the chance to get out and talk with people about writing and my books. Events like these are the one I cherish the most. But I certainly understand considering the circumstances.


This month there are several more Prolific Works eBook giveaways I’ll be promoting. All of them including the short story The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. Be sure to check out these free eBooks from many amazing authors.

Criminally Good Reads giveaway runs until July 15th featuring 19 eBooks. Check it out via this link.

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Mysteries Your Mother Never Told giveaway continues to run until December 31st featuring 62 free eBooks. Check it out via this link.

MAY was “Get Caught Reading Month” and fellow author Dennis Koller has been posting pictures on his Facebook page of authors and readers getting caught reading a book. He asked me to participate, which I did via the picture below where I’m reading my latest book Mann in the Crossfire to my dog, Abby. Showing even dogs need entertainment in these times of isolation. Though I’m not certain by Abby’s reaction if she was enjoying me reading to her.


I will wrap up this newsletter with a quick thank you to all that are reading my work. I appreciate the time and feedback you’ve given me through the years. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, would like to chat or just want to vent about anything, without judgment. There is plenty of that in the world right now.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy. Life will be back to normal before we know it!!

R Weir



Passing Time

With the virus matching on, we’re still on Stay at Home here in Colorado, though they are transitioning to Safer At Home rules next week. My wife was getting stir crazy, leading us to take a drive to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge here in Colorado. A trip where we didn’t need to leave the car. The Arsenal was constructed by the U.S. Army in 1942 to develop chemical weapons as a deterrent against the Axis Powers. After extensive work to clean up the area, it’s now an 11-mile loop with a modern visitor center (though it was closed), where you drive and enjoy many wild animals running free. Managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service the land is home to more than 330 species of wildlife. Including raptors, deer, raccoons, coyotes, white pelicans, black-footed ferrets, black-tailed prairie dogs, and bison. On our drive, we saw deer and bison enjoying the warm weather of spring.

If you enjoy birds they are out there as well. Here you’ll see burrowing owls and a meadowlark enjoying the sun on a signpost.

With streaming entertainment being heavily used to pass the time, I thought I’d talk about the shows I’ve been enjoying. Each morning I get up at around 6 a.m to let the dog out and get my wife up for work. Once both are up and moving, I do my workout which normally lasts about 45 minutes while streaming on the TV. I recently went through the entire Seinfeld series, then moved onto the humorous detective series, Psych. I’m currently watching the American version of The Office. Humor for me makes exercising more enjoyable. It’s always fun to laugh when pushing my body to stay in shape.

In the evening after enjoying dinner, I’ve been watching the Amazon Prime show, Bosch. Based on the books by crime novelist Michael Connelly, it’s a gripping show to watch. If you enjoy gritty, police detective entertainment, you need to check this show out. It’s very much a procedural type of show, with sprinkles of action and violence. Titus Welliver plays Harry Bosch with a simmering calm, a man about to explode at any minute. Hated by other cops for his brutal honesty and by those he’s trying to catch for his fearless pursuit of justice, makes for an intelligent cop drama of the likes I’ve not seen in many years. Be sure to check it out if you have a chance.

Another pastime we’ve been enjoying at home is doing puzzles. Something we’ve not done in quite a while. A great recreation to keep the mind stimulated. Finding and connecting those pieces challenging, for many have only subtle differences. Each one a bigger test than the next. Here are two of the four we’ve already finished, with another started.

After my morning workout and before evening dinner, I’ve been spending my time writing. My newest book, The Divine Devils has gone off to my editor after rewrites spurn by my beta reader’s feedback. This process generally takes a couple of months to get the book polished and ready for release. I’m excited about this new book, written in a slightly darker tone than my Jarvis Mann PI books. Hunter Divine being a hard-nosed and tough former US Marshal. A womanizer and drinker with a past that haunts him. As a tease, you can check out the first chapter preview here. And I’ve added chapter two to read via this link. Be warned there is a little bit of adult content in the second chapter. I would love to hear what you think of both.

While I’m waiting for my editor to get back to me, I’ve begun the second book in The Divine Devils series. I’m still forming the direction of the plot, but I’ve written 22k worth of words which will take Hunter and his team to Reno Nevada and Lake Tahoe. As I continue to write I will be looking for Alpha Readers to get early feedback on the story. If you’re interested let me know.

I already have a cover designed for the new book, along with a logo for the series. I will be sharing the logo in next month’s newsletter. I plan on having t-shirts made with the logo and I’m even considering getting a tattoo with the logo added to my right arm. Once all the Stay at Home rules are relaxed.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy all of the Jarvis Mann PI books. The first short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, is free to download, and the rest in the series available to purchase on Amazon or can be read via Kindle Unlimited. And I do giveaway the first novel, Tracking A Shadow, as a free eBook for anyone who register’s for this newsletter. If you didn’t get this free book, send me an email and I’ll get it to you right away.

From time to time I get questions on the order of the Jarvis Mann series. Though the books don’t need to be read in order, it does help, since you see the evolution of the main character and others who return throughout the series. Here is the list of books in order.

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: Free on Amazon and other eBook retailers.

Tracking A Shadow: eBook $3.99, Paperback $9.99 on Amazon

Twice As Fatal: eBook $3.99, Paperback $9.99 on Amazon

Blood Brothers: eBook $3.99, Paperback $9.99 on Amazon

Dead Man Code: eBook $4.99, Paperback $10.99 on Amazon

The Case of the Invisible Souls: eBook $2.99, Paperback $6.99 on Amazon

The Front Range Butcher: eBook $5.99, Paperback $15.99 on Amazon

Mann in the Crossfire: eBook $5.99, Paperback $16.99 on Amazon


If you’re interested in a signed paperback copy of any of the books, contact me via my email and we can work out the details.

In the last couple of days, I received a 5-Star review for The Case of the Invisible Souls via Readers Favorite. Here is the review:

Reviewed By Alyssa Elmore for Readers’ Favorite

A private investigator risks his life to find a group of missing homeless people in the holiday sleuth novella, The Case of The Invisible Souls (A Jarvis Mann Detective Novella) by R Weir. It’s a couple of weeks to Christmas and Jarvis Mann is eager for a new case. A knock at his door heralds an unusual visitor; a homeless veteran, Parker. Troubled by some strange activity going on within his community, Parker requests that Jarvis investigate the matter. According to the former soldier, the unusual circumstances began with some teens terrorizing the homeless in an old abandoned building where he temporarily lives. A few days later, a couple of men in a dark SUV visited, waving large sums of money around and offering a steady job to all those who came with them. Only, those who have gone with the men haven’t been seen or heard from since. As he operates within the homeless community, shelter, and churches, Jarvis prepares to go undercover in some of the most unrelenting conditions he’s yet experienced. Shortly, he finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot including a suspected mobster, hired assassin, and careless and uncooperative police. When Parker is attacked and left injured in a hospital, Jarvis must make a risky choice. Searching for Parker’s only friend that has since disappeared leads Jarvis to hit the snowy streets. Can Jarvis find the lost homeless? Or will he die trying?

The Case of The Invisible Souls by R Weir takes the reader into the cold underbelly of Denver, Colorado, exposing the disrespect, trials, and endless anxiety of those living on the streets, while keeping the story surprisingly upbeat. I enjoyed the noir-like feeling of this novella, finding the contrast of our troubled hero’s distaste of caffeine to be humorous – unlike most like most noir P.I.s who seem to have an obligation to remain liquored up. I appreciated how fleshed out the characters are, each with their unique traits and personalities that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the reader. With vibrant settings, a story that flows smoothly, and a diverse cast of characters, Mr. Weir expertly brings the story together, creating a dynamic short mystery. The tension is sure to draw the reader in from page one, holding their attention to a surprising conclusion that will be certain to leave them wondering what will happen in the next Jarvis Mann Detective Novella. This book will delight fans of whodunit and noir mysteries.

Thanks to Alyssa for this wonderful editorial review. If you haven’t already read this Jarvis Mann PI novella be certain to check it out.


There are more Prolific Works giveaways this month to check out. All including my free eBook short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card.

Message In A Bottle is the first giveaway that runs until May 5th, with 73 free eBooks for you to check out via this link.

How To Raise A Reader giveaway runs until May 7th, with 48 free eBook for you to read via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told Me is still running until December 31st, with 62 free eBooks to look over via this link.

I will wrap up this month’s newsletter with a quick plug about my audiobook, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. I still have Audible US and UK codes for this book. If you’re interested send me an email and I’ll get the codes to you right away.

Thanks again for reading. I hope all of you are doing well and are staying healthy. 

R Weir



To KU or not to KU

Hello again from Colorado. How is everyone holding up with all the “Stay At Home” rules going on throughout the world? Here in the Mile High City, all non-essential businesses are shut down and they’re asking us only to go out when getting food, gas or medical assistance.  Though we can take walks, which we do each day with our dog Abby. With my wife being in the medical care industry, working for SCL Health on the Administrative side, she is working from home daily with some long hours. I spend my time editing my new book, while I’ve started writing the second book in the new series, with 18K words written to date. All in all, we’re healthy and trying to stay busy, doing work around the house, mostly outside getting our garden ready for the sunny days ahead.

One item in need is protective masks for health care workers. There is a critical shortage for those on the front lines putting them at risk. These workers are around the virus every day for hours at a time. They are heroes working impossibly long hours in tough positions. A hardy thanks to them for all they do. With that in mind, my wife and daughter had reached out on Facebook wondering if they could make cotton masks for medical workers, giving them something to use when nothing is available. She heard from a Facebook friend who works at a Boulder Nursing Home in need. Kim has lots of extra material and this last weekend she and my daughter Dakota went to work making masks, which were a huge hit. A great job by them during this trying time.

This month I’m going to quickly talk about Kindle Unlimited or KU as most refer to it. If you’re not aware, KU is a subscription service Amazon offers for books. For the monthly fee of $9.99, you can download and read all the books you want. But it can only be books enrolled in KU by the author. For the reader, it’s great, especially if you read a lot of books in a month’s time. But again not all books are available on KU. An author can put his books on KU, but they can’t be available via any other eBook vendor. They must remain exclusive only to Amazon Kindle. This is why most major published authors are not on KU, as they like their books widely distributed. For me, I didn’t sell many eBooks via any other eBook retailer, so I’m exclusive, with the exception of The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card which I give away free via all major eBook vendors.

For readers, this is a great deal. For authors, it can be, but we get pennies on the dollar compared to when I sell a book. We are paid a certain amount for each page read on your Kindle or via the Kindle app, normally between $0.004 and $0.005 per page, The program still brings in income, but not as much as book sales. If you subscribe to KU, great, take advantage of this great deal. Please read all my books through the last page and I’ll get paid. If you don’t, please consider buying the eBook instead. It doesn’t cost all that much. My eBooks run from $2.99 to $5.99. Whereas most major book publishers charge $11.99 or more for their eBooks. Either way, I thank everyone for supporting my books.


I received emails from several people after my last newsletter, which was wonderful to see. I never get tired of talking to people, whether it’s about what is happening in the world, books in general or just to blow off steam. To help people I’ve been giving away free eBooks and Audiobooks. For those requesting Audiobooks, I’ve been asking them what they enjoy about them. Here is one reader’s response:

What I love most about audiobooks is that they allow me to continue reading when I have a flare-up of my eye disease. I’ve been struggling with Uveitis and accompanying side effect problems for 20 years, and I’m only 49. There have been many long stretches that I couldn’t see well enough to read, my favorite pastime, and audiobooks have gotten me through those times. I also love being read to, so they are very relaxing, and I listen daily – Mary

Those whom I’ve heard from with disabilities have sounded out a similar theme. Audiobooks allow them the joy of reading which they would miss out on. If anyone is interested in a free Audiobook of my short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum, email me and let me know what you love about Audiobooks. I have codes for the US and UK to give away via Audible.


Speaking of The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum, it has been number #1 for five days now on Amazon’s One-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads and for two days on Amazon’s One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads. This is the sixth time it’s reached #1 on an Amazon Bestseller list. A fun achievement to pound my chest about. With all of those downloads, I hope to get more people checking out my Jarvis Mann PI series. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can do so here.

Is all sports on hold for the time being, causing you withdrawals? What about a book dealing with an athlete. Twice As Fatal, the third in the Jarvis Mann PI series deals with two cases. One where a college football player with concussion issues is getting into trouble with a vicious criminal and Jarvis steps in to assist. Here are some of the 5-Star reviews it’s received.

Wow this book packed a punch with 2 cases therefore twice the drama. This author has you continually guessing what is going on but in a good way – Soph

This is an author I started reading at the beginning of the year and I am so glad that I found him. He writes murder so good that while you are reading you are wondering if your doors are locked – Peggy

This book keeps you reading, wondering if these two cases somehow connect to each other. On top of trying to solve both cases, he is trying to have a long-term relationship. I love how this author can have so many different situations going on with the charter and you still want to keep reading – Bill


Twice As Fatal is available on Amazon in ebook, paperback or via Kindle Unlimited. If you haven’t already read it, be sure to check it out today!

This month I have a couple of new Prolific Works giveaways for free eBooks both ending soon.

Rather Be Reading giveaway of 61 eBooks which ends today, April 2nd. Check them out here.

It’s Your Lucky Day – All Genres giveaway of 78 books ends April 3rd. Check them out here.

I’ll wrap up my newsletter with a picture from the side of our house. It’s reassuring to know with all the craziness going on in the world, Springtime remains beautiful and the plants and flowers continue to bloom!! Stay safe and healthy!!

R Weir


The Rapidly Changing World

With the events of the last few weeks and the rapidly changing world we live in, I thought I’d send out an extra newsletter this month. I’m not wanting to dwell too much on the current events. We get enough of this in the news. All I can say it take precautions, do your best not to panic and live your life to the fullest you can while being careful. Especially if you have high-risk health issues. As I told my wife, let’s be informed about what is going on, but not check the news or social media every five minutes. My life motto has always been: “I’ll do my best not to worry about the things in this world I can’t control”. Take the time to connect with friends and loved ones, via social media, letters, phone calls or even using video conference applications like Skype, Google Duo or Facetime. And resist sending out discouraging news via social media. Information is important, but information overload only fuels anger, despair, and panic. And please check your facts before posting, because I’m seeing a lot of falsehoods out there adding to the frenzy.

Annotation 2020-03-17 111420

Feeling a little frightened by it all. Do you need to talk with someone? Or just want to talk about something positive to forget it all. I’m always available to listen to people. Send me an email or message via Facebook or Twitter. I’m always available to listen to what you have to say, even if you just need to vent.

Besides reconnecting to friends and family, one of the best ways to escape the realities of life is to read a good book. Especially when you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Whether it’s my books or someone else’s, look on your bookshelf or check out your Kindle. There’s probably a story sitting there you haven’t read yet or want to read again. If you need a new book to read there are many free or low-cost books out there you can download. You just need to keep your eyes open.

Speaking of books I’ve finished the initial drafts and re-writes on my newest book, The Divine Devils. I’ve sent copies out to my beta readers for vetting. Once I hear back on their feedback, there will be more re-writing before it goes off to my editor/proofreader. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the entire first chapter via this link. I’ll have another preview up for next month’s newsletter.

I’m excited about this new project, hoping to have it available later this year. My cover designer has put together a cool looking cover and new logo for the new series, which I’ll be sharing in the future. In the meantime, my daughter made a quick design of her vision of the logo, which I’m sharing now as a tease. I hope you enjoy it.


Speaking of books to read, I do offer free eBooks. My short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is always free to download via most eBook retailers. And those who sign up from my newsletter, I provide a free eBook version of Tracking A Shadow. If you signed up and never received a copy, email me and I’ll send it to you.


And finally, I’m still offering free codes for the audiobook version of The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card via Audible. I have free codes for the US and the UK. Just send me an email and I’ll send you the code. Freebies to keep you entertained. Hopefully, if you enjoy them you’ll look at buying more of the Jarvis Mann PI series.bubblegumpromo.png

Unfortunately, many of the events I had scheduled have been canceled or postponed to later dates. We did get in the Smoky Hill High School Spring Event a couple weeks back and had a fabulous turnout. Here are a couple of pictures of me interacting with those interested in reading my books.

Future events are definitely in flux right now. I do plan to do as many as possible this year. I will keep those events up-to-date on my website. And I’ll have them listed on each newsletter on the lower right-hand corner.


More free books here via Prolific Works Giveaways. Here is the latest list for you to check-out:

HUGE March 2020 Action, Crime, and Thriller Free Giveaway runs until March 31st, with 44 free books to add to your reading list. Access them via this link.

Bad Omens giveaway runs until March 31st, with 60 free books to checkout. Access them via this link.

Discover New Mystery giveaway runs until March 31st, with 45 free books. Access them via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… run until December 31st, with 63 free books to consider. Access them via this link.

I will sign off for now. Be sure to share the newsletter with any friends interested. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this challenging time. It will be tough for a while, but I know in my heart we’ll make it through this and life will be back to normal before we know it. Take care!!

R Weir





4 Star Reviews are Great

I often harp on the value of reviews for authors, especially independent ones like myself. Reviews weigh heavily in Amazon’s search algorithms, allowing my books to be found more easily. Plus those reviews are read by potential readers when making a decision on a book. Often times they can be a deciding factor on whether to purchase or add to their Kindle Unlimited reading list. I would say for every 500 books I sell, I get one review. With this being even larger for my free short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. With it, it’s more in the line of 1000 to 1.

Which leads me to comment: What is a good review? To be honest any review is good. For me, I read every one of them, both good and bad. They can be as short as “I loved this book” to as long and detailed as you would care to make it. Those that are longer can include criticisms, which I read and take into account on future books. Feedback, no matter what kind, is a good thing. And I believe now on Amazon you can leave a star rating without writing out an entire review. Which is also true of Goodreads.


Though I certainly appreciate 5-Star Reviews, those given that are 4-Star are just as valuable. No book is perfect, so there is nothing wrong with a 4-Star review. Even a well-written 3-Star review isn’t all bad. But no matter I read them all and will comment on them to let the reader know I appreciate them taking the time to write and post them. If you enjoyed a book, or even if you didn’t, take a minute or two to post a review. Speaking for all authors, I can say without a doubt we appreciate it.

Check out the interview I did for the digital magazine Voyage Denver. I got to answer several interesting questions about being an Indie Author and the challenges I’ve faced. You can access it via this link.

In my last newsletter, I gave you a peek of the first chapter of my new book, The Divine Devils. This new book features former US Marshal Hunter Divine as he tries to stop the kidnapping of two teenagers, children of a past love of his. This month I’m sharing part 2 of Chapter 1 for you to preview. Access it via this link. If you haven’t read the first part, be sure to read it first via this link. I’d love to hear what you think of this new book, featuring a new set of characters. I plan on having more previews in future newsletters. And I have a brand new, cool logo I’ll also be sharing.

In March I have two more events I’ll be attending. The first will be at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora Colorado for their Spring Craft Fair on March 7th, running from 9AM-3PM. This is a well-attended event, one where I’ve sold a lot of books in the past. Besides myself, there will be many different crafters on hand to tempt you.


Then on March 21st from 9AM-5PM I’ll be at the Eastridge Recreational Center in Highlands Ranch Colorado for their Spring Craft Bazaar. This is another busy event, where I hope to see lots of faces to talk about books. Be sure to stop on by my table to say hello!

2020 Spring Bazaar flyer_outlines

I’m planning many more events, with three in April and two in May. Each keeping my weekends busy this spring. You can find the complete list of future events in the lower right hand of this newsletter.

More Profilific Works free book giveaways this month, all including my short story The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. Here is the list:

Adventure is out There includes 53 free ebooks. But hurry as this deal ends today (March 5th). Access by clicking this link.

Thrillers, Mysteries, and Crime includes 27 eBooks and runs until March 14th. Access by clicking this link.

Discover New Mystery Series! includes 55 free eBooks and runs until March 15th. Access by clicking this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… 1st Quarter 2020 includes 63 free eBooks and runs until March 31st. Access by clicking this link.

Discover New Mystery includes 45 free eBooks and runs until March 31st. Access by clicking this link.

I have a few more codes for a free audiobook of The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card on Audible. I have codes for the US and UK. If you’re interested email and tell me what you enjoy most about audiobooks. Or what you enjoy most about the Jarvis Mann PI series. And I’d love to hear if you’d be interested in more audiobooks in the series.


A reminder that anyone who signs up for my newsletter, I will send them a free eBook of the Jarvis Mann PI novel, Tracking Shadow. This was the first novel in the series with over 100 ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads averaging 4.2 Stars. It’s a classic hardboiled PI case, with action, suspense and a touch of lust.


Here are a couple of those reviews:

Wow, what a story. It had twists and turns you didn’t expect. Love it! – AZCranky

This is a good story which has twists and surprise, and had me intrigued and hooked throughout. Looking forward to reading more from this author. – Wendy Livingstone

This book had many twists and turns that I didn’t expect. Exactly what I appreciate in a good suspense – Soph

If you signed up in the past and never received your free eBook, reach out and I’ll work on getting it to you immediately.

That will wrap up another newsletter for this month. If you have friends who love books, share the newsletter with them. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I always enjoy interacting with readers. If you’re part of a book club, I’d love to talk with you. If local to Colorado I can come in person. If out of state or across the world I can connect via Skype or Google Duo and chat. I might even be talked into giving your book club a few free eBooks to read and discuss at your future meetings.

Thanks again for reading this newsletter and my books. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

R Weir




The Year in Review

I’m a little slow getting out the newsletter this month. Like most, the holidays were busy for us, with our daughter coming home from college and family obligations. These items taking precedence over everything else. And I’ve been busy in January planning out the next year of events I’m going to attend. Nearly all these events need to be scheduled and paid for 6 months in advance since spaces fill up quickly. I try to find different areas here in Colorado, along with tried and true events I’ve been successful at. And normally I do at least one outside the state, though I’m always interested in others if the cost isn’t too high. You can always see the latest list of events on the lower right of this newsletter. And I try to keep an updated list on the website under the events tab. Though at times I’m a little lax in keeping the website timely. Another item I’ve been working on this month.

In 2019 I did the most events I’ve ever done (16) and sold the most paperbacks. The response has been wonderful, making all the hours worked worth it. My biggest events weren’t always the ones with the biggest attendance. One I did at a church, was the most sales I’ve had over two days, even though foot traffic at times was light. And the last event of the year, I again sold a large number of books, even though foot traffic was small. Whereas the Comic-Con in Colorado Springs had a huge number of people, but I barely broke double-digits in sales. One never knows how you’ll do. But at the very least I get my face and books out where people can find them.


In 2019 I released the 8th book in the Jarvis Mann PI series, Mann in the Crossfire. It was recently ranked #8 best indie book of 2019 on Amy Shannon’s blog site. And was also picked one of the best books of the year by Colorado Authors via Colorado Country Life Magazine. Many have asked me if Mann in the Crossfire will be the last in the series. No spoilers, but those who have read it understand. For now, I’ve not decided if there will be more. Jarvis has been a fun character to write. And I still have a few ideas on a future book or two. For now, he will rest easy. But one never knows what might come across his doorstep and encourage him to get his gumshoes dirty.


Though I may not be working on another Jarvis Mann book, that doesn’t mean my mind and fingers have been idle. I’m about 60% of the way through a new book, with new characters. The working title, for now, is The Divine Devils. Where a former US Marshal Hunter Divine, is hired to protect two teenagers from being kidnapped. This is intended to be a gritty, action, suspense mystery book. The first of what I believe could be another series. I’m hoping to get the first draft completed in the next month or so. Then from there editing and fine-tuning. I’m looking for Alpha Readers, who will give me early critiques on the progress of the book. I have one reader who has given me some tremendous feedback, but I’d love one or two others to look over what I’ve written to date. If you’re interested email me. And you can check out a preview of the first chapter of the book via this link. Give it a read and send me any thoughts you have. I’ll be posting more snippets of the book over the next couple of months.

My first event of 2020 will be the Artzy Sweethearts event in Loveland Colorado. It will be Feb 14th from 5-9PM and on Feb 15th from 10AM-4PM at the Majestic Gathering Place
at 315 E 4th St. This will be my first time at this event which has been held for 12 years, tying into Valentine’s weekend festivities in Loveland. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by my table. This will be one of two events I’ll be doing in Loveland this year.

A reminder that if you bought a book from me at an event and would like more, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always happy to ship or bring books to you if you can’t make future events. I recently had a reader (Joan) contact me, wanting the rest of the series, after reading Tracking A Shadow. We met at the local Starbucks where she commented she wanted reading material for her trip to Mexico. Reading is a great way to pass the time when traveling.


This month we have more Prolific Works giveaways to tell you about. This is a program that allows you to get free eBooks from authors, in the hopes you’ll enjoy their work and purchase more of their books. The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is one of those books, but there are many other wonderful books to choose from. Here the current giveaways:

Criminally Good Reads – Mystery & Thriller Giveaway runs until Feb 29th featuring 23 books to choose from. Access via this link.

New Year 2020 Action, Crime, and Thriller Free Giveaway runs until Jan 31st featuring 40 books. Access via this link.

Reading Resolutions – All Genres giveaway runs until Feb 7th featuring 111 books. Access via this link.

Snow Day giveaway runs until Feb 6th featuring 43 books. Access via this link.

In The Library With The Candlestick giveaway runs Feb 4th featuring 64 books. Access via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… 1st Quarter 2020 giveaway runs until Mar 31st featuring 63 books. Access via this link.

Discover New Mystery giveaway runs until Mar 31st and features 45 books. Access via this link.

Discover New Mystery Series! giveaway runs until Mar 15th and features 55 books. Access via this link.

A quick reminder, that if you read a book, leave a review, on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub and so on. Many algorithms, especially with Amazon, take reviews into consideration when it comes to their search engines. It only takes a couple minutes and means the whole world to an author, especially the independent ones.

That will wrap up this month’s newsletter. Be sure to share with your reading friends. Anyone who signs-up for my newsletter will be offered a free eBook of Tracking A Shadow. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week. With winters chill, turn up the heat and read a good book!!

R Weir



Last Second Event News

I’m sending out an extra newsletter this month as I have an event coming up this weekend I wasn’t expecting. I had contacted folks at the Crown Pointe Academy about their Craft Fair. They were booked up, though hoping to get a local author but hadn’t found one. The organizer took my email and said she’d reach out if anyone had to back out at the last minute. And low and behold someone did. So I will have one more event to do this year with a chance to talk with potential readers and sell a few more books. This has been my best holiday selling season; ever! A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stopped by and purchased my books.

The Crown Pointe Academy Craft Fair is being held on December 14th & 15th from 10AM-5PM both days. Admission is free for this event run by the PTA as a fundraiser for this local charter school. There will be crafts, pictures with Santa and door prizes. Stop on out if you’re in the area.

It's that time again!

Lots more sign-ups at the various events I’ve done this past month. Welcome to all of you. I hope you enjoy the newsletter. Everyone who registers for my newsletter I offer a free eBook version of Tracking A Shadow. If you signed up and didn’t receive the email from me with this offer, be sure to email me and I’ll get it sent to you right away. Sometimes the communication gets missed in the bevy of emails we all receive and other times it might get caught in your spam filter. You can always add this email address to your email application allowed list, so it doesn’t get discarded.

If you’ve missed a past newsletter you can always find them on my website, where all past issues are stored. I normally only send out once a month, though like this month I can occasionally send a second email when I have news to share. And rest assured I never share or sell your email address to anyone!

I will toss in a plug of my holiday-themed novella, The Case of the Invisible Souls. This book was my biggest seller at the events I’ve done this year, as I sell the paperback for $5, which gives users an inexpensive book to get a taste of PI Jarvis Mann. Here is the synopsis of the book:

With Christmas a few weeks away
Happy these last few months had been quiet
Private Detective Jarvis Mann decides to take on an interesting case
A homeless veteran knocks on his door with a story
Several of his homeless companions have been bribed
Then taxied away never to return.

Taking pause to the man’s story at first
Jarvis digs deeper learning of plans to clear out the homeless
When the man is attacked, and seriously injured
Jarvis goes undercover
Learning more about life on the streets than he ever knew
Becoming one of the Invisible Souls in search of an answer.

Invisible Souls eBookThe Case of the Invisible Souls previously reached Number 1 on the Amazon Bestseller list for Mystery Novella’s, with the story available in eBook, paperback and via Kindle Unlimited. Or you can buy it directly from me. And those who purchase the paperback, you get a bonus short story in the back, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. The story that started it all for PI Jarvis Mann. Here are a couple of 5-Star reviews of Invisible Souls.

I love the fact that this author brings to light the plight of our forgotten hero’s that gave for us only to be forgotten and cast aside like garbage. It brings to mind that instead of sticking your nose in the air and thinking that the homeless brought it on themselves that there may be more to the story than meets the eye – Charleann Davis

Wasn’t sure what to expect with this being a shorter book than Mr Weir has been producing, but wow shouldn’t of had doubt as this book packed an eye-opener punch I didn’t see coming. This book sheds light on homelessness and soldiers struggles when they return home from war. Definitely, recommend for all those who need a reality check – Soph

Another plug for Mann in the Crossfire, which has been nominated as Best Indie Book of 2019 via Amy Shannon’s review blog. If you feel it’s worthy you can vote for the latest Jarvis Mann PI novel here. Voting concludes December 15th.

Thanks for indulging me with a second newsletter this month. I wish everyone a safe and peaceful holiday, with all your family and friends. And be sure to find a book with a wonderful story to snuggle up to by the fireplace.

R Weir

The Holidays Have Arrived

We made it through Thanksgiving weekend though it wasn’t a completely happy time for us. Our dog of over 10 years, Emma, had to make the transition across the Rainbow Bridge. It was something we knew was coming but was heartbreaking to go through. She was a rescue we found after losing our previous lab and was the most wonderful, loyal pet. She loved the outdoors, especially playing in water and snow, her lab and husky mix blood always driving her to the very end. She will be missed greatly by our whole family, her collar and ashes sitting on a shelf with our other loved ones who’ve passed on.

With Emma’s passing, we’ve added a new rescue, another beautiful lab named Abby. We found her from an old workmate who was fostering her, the previous owners unable or willing to continue to house her. This is where I get on my soapbox and implore people who really desire to have pets, and are willing to care for them through thick and thin,  to look at shelters and people fostering pets, and find rescues in need of homes. Stay away from puppy farms and breeders, for there are thousands of loving animals already out there needing homes, many of which are euthanized because they are unwanted. And get your dogs and cats fixed, for we don’t need more homeless and unloved animals in the world.

With the holidays, we got our daughter Dakota home for a whole week. It didn’t look like it was going to happen, as a powerful winter storm was bearing down on Colorado and Wyoming, where she is going to college. Fortunately, the University of Wyoming took notice of the storm and canceled classes Thanksgiving week, so she could drive home on Monday before the storm hit. Which was a good thing, for it was the heaviest snow we’ve had in three years, with a foot or more blanketing the region and extremely cold air hitting both states, causing many road closures. And it allowed us to get a family portrait together, which included our newest family member, Abby. A picture for our yearly Christmas Card.


For the holidays, books make a great gift. Hardcovers and paperbacks are easy to wrap and can provide entertainment and stimulation for the mind. Whether it be for children or adults of all ages. Find them a great book to read, drawing them into the author’s world of imagination. This goes not only for my books but for all the other authors putting out great material, especially those Indie writers who do it because they love it and not for the money they make, which generally doesn’t pay the bills.

For those fans who love snarky, tough private eyes, have them check out my Jarvis Mann PI series. All the books have reached bestseller status on Amazon, with a couple reaching #1. Not to mention The Front Range Butcher receiving the Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorite, for the best Mystery-Psychological Thriller of 2019. All the books are available in eBook, Paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. Here are all the titles, listed in order of release:

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

Tracking A Shadow

Twice As Fatal

Blood Brothers

Dead Man Code

The Case of the Invisible Souls

The Front Range Butcher

Mann in the Crossfire


A reminder that the first short story in the series, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is now available in audio format. It can be found on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. And includes a preview of the first two chapters of the follow-up novel, Tracking A Shadow.

Last month I asked for people to email about why they enjoy audiobooks, for a chance at a free version of Bubble Gum. I received several great responses, one of which I will share with you.

I love audiobooks. They are great in your car. They are great when your eyes are burning and you’re getting old and your eyesight seems to get worse by the day. And for me personally, it would be great because I am having to move into a nursing home this weekend and will no longer have any money to purchase ebooks and audiobooks . In fact my bank account has been closed, my retirement check has been transferred to the home, and I will now get the big sum of $38 dollars a month to use for whatever the home doesn’t provide – Sharon

Thanks to Sharon for sending me her email. I was sorry to hear about her situation and was happy to provide her a free audiobook. I hope it somehow gave her an hour or two of joy listening to my story.

Mann in the Crossfire has been getting additional press, as it was featured as one of the top books of 2019 written by Colorado Authors in the Colorado Country Life Magazine. You can find the review here, along with many other wonderful books released this year by Colorado Authors. All of which would make great gifts.

And Mann in the Crossfire has been nominated as Best Indie Book of 2019 via Amy Shannon’s review blog. You can vote for the latest Jarvis Mann PI novel here. Voting concludes December 15th.


My last book sales event of the year is this Saturday (12/7). This will be my first time at the Holiday Bazaar at Riverdale Regional Park in Brighton Colorado. Be sure to stop on by, for those hard to find holiday gifts, with 275 booths to choose from.


Another month of Prolific Works eBook giveaways, including some great books for you to download for free.

Live Out Loud features 34 free books you can access via this link which expires today (12/5).

Scene of the Crime currently features 20 books you can access via this link beginning December 17th and runs until the 31st.

New Traditions with currently 10 books which you can access via this link beginning December 19th and runs until January 2nd.

I will conclude this newsletter, by wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Along with a joyous and prosperous New Year. I will have news in 2020 of a new book, with a sneak preview of the first chapter to wet your appetite in a future newsletter. Thanks again for reading and sharing this newsletter. Peace to you all!!

R Weir