Fallen Star Release Day and…

After a struggle to get it finished, today is release day. Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2 is now available. I’m continuing the pre-order eBook pricing of $2.99 for one more week, along with another special deal on another of my books, which I’ll talk about later in this newsletter. Fallen Star is the continuation of the Divine Devils series, with Hunter and his team hired to help a Hollywood Starlet figure out who is blackmailing her about a adult indiscretion. The case spinning out of control, putting all The Divine Devils lives in danger. This was an enjoyable book to write, other than the issues with my editor I ran into. It’s over 400 pages of action, thrills, and a little bit of humor. I hope everyone reading enjoys my new book.

I’ve sent out early versions to many reviewers, including Readers Favorite. Here are two reviews, both giving Fallen Star 5-Stars.

The writing is so explicit one can easily imagine each powerful blow. During this case, Hunter has flashbacks to his last case as a U.S. Marshall. This ongoing story lets the reader know Hunter may be hard, but he does have a conscience. There are bizarre twists and turns in this tale keeping the reader engaged up until the last page is turned as Hunter is determined to solve this mystery even if he has to move heaven and hell to do it. R. Weir promises and delivers a thriller not soon be forgottenBelinda

Love book one and this one followed suit. Suspenseful really replicating what crime and corruption could actually be. A great team of characters working to solve the mystery catch the bad guys and escape with their lives. Great background on the characters and challenging interactions but a well-oiled team for sure great job Mr. Weir. Can’t wait to read book 3-Mary

For those who haven’t bought the eBook yet, here is the link on Amazon. And it’s available on Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that service. Those interested in paperbacks, they can be purchased directly from Amazon or you can get a signed copy from me and have it mailed (US Only). The cost with shipping is $18. Books make wonderful holiday presents for family and friends.

The other big news to coincide with Fallen Star’s release, is from today (Nov 1st) through Nov 7th, the first eBook, The Divine Devils is only 99 cents. The Divine Devils Winner of the 2021 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best Thriller. This means you can get both eBooks in the series for the incredible price of less than $4. That is over 800 pages of thrills, suspense, and excitement. You can find this special price on Amazon via this link. And here are a couple of recent reviews on my award-winning book.

Can I just say…………FANTASTIC, GREAT READ!! This book had me hook since page 1. I love the characters that are introduced in this story to protect 2 teenage children from kidnapper’s, whom have their own agenda. The twists, turns and kick butt scenes, Hunter Divine and his team take no nonsense to protect the children. This is my first book from Author R. Weir but definitely will not be my last. If you love action, mystery and a great thriller, definitely check this book out, it is truly fantastic!!-Lorrale

I absolutely LOVE this book!!!! I definitely can not wait to read the next book in the series. The Divine Devils by R. Weir is going to be a very addictive series-Sweetkrissy

This was such a great sit on the edge of my seat kind of story. This book was full of action, suspense, great characters and so much more. Hunter Divine and his team are trying to keep two teenagers safe from being kidnapped after two attempts have already been made. The team is a diverse group of people with all different skill sets. I was trying to figure out who was behind all of it the entire time I was reading but I was nowhere close to figuring it out. The author did a great job keeping me entertained throughout and got me invested in the people and the story. I cannot wait to read what’s coming next. I highly recommend this book-Candi H

With the release of the new book, I have 6 straight weekends of events coming up all over the Front Range of Colorado. It all starts on Nov 6th with the Smoky Hill High School Craft Fair. This is a huge event with over 200 vendors. One I’ve done well at in the past. You can see the entire list of events I have planned in the lower right sidebar of this newsletter or on my website via this link. For those living here in Colorado, I hope you have time to stop by one of these events and say hello. I’ll have all my books for sale, along with t-shirts and handmade bookmarks. And at several of the events, I’ll be giving away prizes including Amazon Gift Cards.

Another month of free eBooks via Prolific Works. The first, Feels Like Fall – Young Adult and Children’s GG runs until Nov 6th and features 26 children and YA books via this link.

Next is Deep in the Woods – Mystery and Thriller GG that runs through Nov 9th featuring 32 Mystery and Thriller books via this link.

I’ll wrap up this month hoping you check out the two great deals on Fallen Star and The Divine Devils before they both go away after November 7th. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, or are interested in a signed paperback of any of my books. I love hearing from readers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!!

R Weir

Fallen Star Release Date Set

After a much longer process than I wanted, I finally have a release date set for Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. November 1st is that date, with the book now available on Amazon at the special pre-order price of $2.99, a $4 dollar savings on the $6.99 release date price. This is the follow-up to the award-winning first book, The Divine Devils. In this book Hunter and his team are hired by a Hollywood TV/Movie Star to free her from an extortionist. The case turning into more than they bargained for. Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Megan Getz lived among Hollywood royalty
A Tinseltown celebrity of a long-running sitcom
Being extorted because of an adult indiscretion
Attempting to cover up her perilous life
Hiring the team of Divine Devils
Hoping they’ll free her from the blackmail bonds

Hunter Divine and his crew going undercover in a Reno Casino
Digging deep to reveal those running the scam
The simple case exploding all around them
Drugs, prostitution, murder, and mayhem being the norm
Dragging Hunter and his crew into a hotbed of danger
In a doomed attempt to rescue the pretentious Fallen Star
Leading The Divine Devils down a lethal road they may not survive

With the release date being set, I will reveal the cover for the new book, the design my by great cover artist, Mia. What do you think?

As I mentioned the eBook is now available on pre-order for $2.99. Here is the Amazon Link to take advantage of this pre-order pricing. The paperback will also be available to purchase on Amazon in the next couple of weeks. Or you can order the book direct from me for $15 plus $3 shipping, US only. And I’ll be happy to sign and even personalize the signing for you. You check out the Prologue and Chapter 1 on my website.

Speaking of The Divine Devils, an audiobook version of my award-winning book is being created. After doing several auditions, I chose Brian Markus. He has done narration for a few audiobooks, and I believe has the right voice and timber for my book. He was excited about reading the story, the first major book he’s done. It is a slow process, the book being 440 pages long, but we hope to have it done before the end of year. Once it’s released, I will be certain to make an announcement.

With the pending release of Fallen Star I have many events lined up starting November 5th, running each weekend through the second weekend of December. I will have copies of the new book, along with all my other books at those events. You can always see upcoming events listed in the right sidebar of my newsletter or on my website.

I had three successful events in September where I sold lots of books and got many new readers signed up for this newsletter. A big welcome to all of you. One of those events, the GoodGuys Car Show in Loveland, I gave away a free Kindle Fire Tablet. Below is the happy winner along with some of the cool cars on display.

At the Broomfield Days event the week after the car show, I had this young lady come up wanting to buy a book and get a picture. She explained that she had several pictures of herself and authors she’d purchased books from and wanted to add me to her collection. Which was quite cool! Thanks to her for stopping by and making my day!

Kim and I spent a long weekend in one of our favorite places, Estes Park. While up there we did some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, in hopes of seeing a moose. Unfortunately, we didn’t see one, but did see many elk, deer, birds and the wonder of the fall colors. Estes Park is a beautiful town and a must see if you’ve never been there. Here are few of the photos we took.

This months Prolific Works eBook giveaways provide you a chance for free eBooks to enjoy.

Don’t Go In – Mystery and Thriller GG includes 27 free eBooks thru October 26th to check out via this link.

Feels Like Fall – Young Adult and Children’s GG includes currently 9 eBooks, for younger readers. This begins October 22nd and runs until November 5th. You can find them here during that timeframe.

Deep in the Woods – Mystery and Thriller GG begins October 26th and runs until November 9th with currently has 14 books to choose from via this link.

One final plug for Fallen Star and the great pre-order pricing of $2.99. And you can get book one, The Divine Devils for $6.99. And don’t forget the two boxed sets for the Jarvis Mann PI series, both available at great prices. All of the books can be found on Amazon.

Thanks again for reading my work. Until next month, stay safe, happy and healthy!!

R Weir

The Week of Awards

Our trip to Nashville was a lot of fun. Kim and I had a great time, though it was exhausting. I did lots of events starting Thursday, going through Sunday, including sitting on two panels. When possible, we did some sight-seeing, walking up and down Main Street in Franklin Tennessee and then on Sunday visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. And oh my…the humidity! Don’t get me started. It was brutal at around 90 percent and temps in the 90’s. All and all a fabulous time, topped off by the award ceremony on Saturday night, with my book The Divine Devils up for Best Thriller of 2021 against 9 other books.

And low and behold I won the Killer Nashville 2021 Silver Falchion Award for Best Thriller. One of the biggest highlights of my author career. To be recognized as the best book by such a prestigious organization is a great honor. Clay Stafford and his team put on a great event. Kim and I are already thinking about going again next year.

As I mentioned we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and all great history to see, with lots of cool items donated by many of the greatest Country Artists, young and old. Below are a couple of pictures and you can see more on our visit to Nashville on my website via the following link.

Before I left for Nashville, I got a new tattoo. One I’ve been planning to get for a while now. It was my Divine Devils logo, added to my right bicep, the design turning out great. And it was the hit of Killer Nashville, with many people commenting on it, with other authors liking the idea of getting a tattoo related to their books for marketing reasons. I even mentioned it when giving my speech after getting my award. Wondering if I needed to get a tattoo before each award ceremony going forward to guarantee a win!

One more award for The Divine Devils. It was named a Finalist by Readers Favorite in the Suspense Category, ranking as one of the top 5 Suspense books of 2021. A great honor from another prestigious book organization.

As reward, I got myself a new Sit-to-Stand desk. My previous unit sat on top of another desk, and I wanted an all-in-one unit. My daughter found one for herself, and it works great. So I went and bought the same one. I generally always stand when writing, but this unit easily moves up and down and holds my dual monitors with no issue. For those of you working at home, or authors writing that next great novel, this type of setup is great to have and gets you off your feet. For we all sit too much these days.

I have some discouraging news on the next book in the Divine Devils series, Fallen Star. Unfortunately, my editor, whom I’ve used for several books, quit responding to me about the work she did, only editing half of the book. Which means I had to find a new editor and start all over. My new editor is a fellow author and friend, who says she can be done in 5 weeks. This means the book now will be delayed until the end of the year. I’m hoping to get it finalized and out before Xmas, barring any other problems I encounter. I don’t want to rush out an uncompleted book and want to make sure it’s the best it can be. In the meantime you can check out Chapters One and Two of Fallen Star on my website. I will be doing a reveal eventually on the book cover, though this will be delayed a little longer as well. Hopefully I’ll have news on this in October.

I have three weeks straight of events coming up. The first is the GoodGuys Car Show in Loveland Colorado. They have a Vendor Fair which is being held for three days, September 10th, 11th and 12th. There will be lots of slick cars to check out and vendors including myself selling their wares. I purchased a cool 1/18th model of a 1969 Mustang 302 Boss painted yellow with black stripes. This is the exact car my private eye Jarvis Mann drives. I will have it at my table for everyone to check out. Hopefully to draw potential readers to my snarky tough private eye book series.

Two other events will be Broomfield Days on September 18th. This will be an outdoor event at Midway Park in Broomfield so we’re hoping for great weather. And then September 25th and 26th I’ll be at the Eastridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch for their Fall Craft Fair, which will be indoors. I expect large crowds at all these events and I’m looking forward to chatting with those who stop by my table.

Last month I talked about all the different scams out there, and I ran into one relating to a Vendor Show. The person claiming to be holding an Oktoberfest event at the Adam’s County Fairgrounds. Since I hadn’t heard of it, I did some research and found no such event listed anywhere on the web. The person running it doing their best to convince me to fork over money, which I didn’t fall for. Which goes to show you always be cautious about anything these days. There are plenty of people providing good services for a fair price, but many others looking to rip people off of their hard-earned money.

Only one Prolific Works eBook giveaway this month. Dangerous Waters – Mystery and Thriller GG has 57 free eBooks to check out via this link. Time is short as it runs only through September 7th.

That will wrap up another newsletter. If you haven’t already be sure to check out all my books. There are the boxsets for the Jarvis Mann PI Series, Vol. One and Two available on Amazon at a bargain price. And the award-winning book, The Divine Devils, available on Amazon. If you’d like a signed copy of any of my paperbacks and you can’t make it to any of my events, send me an email. We’ll work out the cost and I’ll mail it to your right away.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!!

R Weir

Scams are Everywhere

Working in the IT World, I see all kinds of internet scams and malware running ramped. This month I thought I’d talk a little bit about some of the ones I’ve run into lately. What to watch out for and what actions to take.

I was on Facebook a couple weeks back and was getting posts from a reader who I’d sent a book to last year. The posts on this page were offering money to comment on the post. A strange offer indeed and one I was immediately suspicious of. I went ahead and posted a comment and soon after was sent a message via Facebook Messenger claiming they were going to send me money. I immediately asked the person messaging how they knew me. There only response was we were friends. I then asked how we became friends and they said through Facebook. Well duh! I said they needed to give me more detail and they couldn’t. I then went to the post and started telling people this was a scam and not to interact with the person and immediately reported it to Facebook. The person kept pleading saying they were this person and wanting to know why I was interfering. The page soon after was removed. What I learned is the users account had been hacked and they couldn’t get it back. They created a new one, where I immediately saw on their new page about the scammer taking over and trying to extort money from people, including family members. The lesson in all of this is, always be weary of offers of free money on the web. No one is going to pay you for doing basically nothing. There is always a catch. Whether the account has been hacked and taken over. Or an account has been cloned, where someone creates a duplicate account, copying the main pictures and then sending out friend requests in hopes of interacting to get money. A good clue is receiving a friend request from someone you’re already friends with and they immediately start sending you messages hoping you’ll respond. Don’t fall for these scams because they have become prevalent on Facebook!!

Ransomware is another common tactic to get money. This is where malware is downloaded to your computer, which then encrypts all your files on the computer, with no way to access them until you get the encryption passkey. A passkey only provided once you pay a ransom to the malware creator. How do you prevent this? As with Facebook scams, you need to be wary of all emails with links in them. Even those from people you know. If it looks suspicious contact the sender via another route other than email, for the account could have been compromised. Also stay away from websites with questionable activity. Porn sites are notorious for malware being on them. Sights offering free software or downloads of free movies, music or eBooks, as well can be dangerous. These free items often loaded with malware. And most importantly keep your computer software up to date, especially for those running Windows. Check for updates constantly, my suggestion being weekly, if not daily. And those of you running Mac software don’t believe you can’t be infected as well, because you can. You need to keep your software up-to-date as well. You can subscribe to email services that will keep you in the loop on current malware issues. One I use in from the National Cyber Awareness System run by the US government. You can sign up for various alerts via this link. Microsoft, which has the most vulnerabilities and is running on over 90 percent of the computers around the world, also send out notifications you can sign up for via this link. Our computers are extremely important to all of us, providing essentials tools for much of what we do daily. You need to protect them at all costs to prevent downtime and loss of income.

Quite a lot of excitement for me last week. First it was my birthday, followed up by some surprising news. The Divine Devils is a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalist. This a huge event for authors, agents and book enthusiasts in the Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Suspense genre. One I’ve wanted to go to but couldn’t swing it. With The Divine Devils being a finalist, Kim and I quickly made arrangements to go to this four-day event. I will not only get to spend time with others in the author trade, but we get a chance to see Nashville, a city we’ve wanted to visit for many years. This is a huge deal for me and my book, getting significant recognition. It should be a lot of fun and I plan on putting pictures up on my website and share in my newsletter next month. Here is the link to the list of all the finalist in the various categories.

There is also the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Readers’ Choice Award The Divine Devils is up for. This is a separate award voted on by the fans. I would love it if you’d cast a vote for my book. There are a lot of books in the running, so the competition is fierce. Here is the link where you can vote, with The Divine Devils being listed near the bottom under R Weir. Voting ending August 15th. Thanks in advance.

The Divine Devils continues to receive more excellent reviews:

Oh holy snot. I need more stars. All of them. This book was incredible. I am here, waiting for more!! I haven’t read any other books by this author, but I’m definitely interested now. Great read, it was hard to put away to sleep, and go to work… you know adult things… 🤣🤣 – Ember

The story itself is intriguing; dangerous, sad at times, shocking, and keeps you on your toes. You are constantly wondering what will happen next and will they all make it out alive. The author weaves such a wonderful world, taking us many places in the US and beyond. I anxiously await the next book to see what the next adventure is. I hope this series lasts quite a while – Erin

I know I keep saying this, but Mr. Weir has out done himself yet again! This is such a superb story that held me in its grip from beginning to end. It is a complex and multi-layered storyline, resulting in quite a gripping tale. I think it’s definitely one of the top three reads of his, so far!
Bring on Book#2!
Brilliant! – Angela

The Divine Devils is available on Amazon, in eBook, Paperback or via Kindle Unlimited. Or you can order a signed paperback direct from me by sending me an email and we’ll work out the cost.

Below are two happy recipients of a free book. Bailey and Amanda, displaying their signed paperback copies of The Divine Devils I mailed them. Both winners for participating in a Facebook Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Takeover event I did a couple weeks back. If you own a copy of any of my books, send me a picture and I’ll be glad to share it in the newsletter and on social media.

I now have the first round of changes back from my editor for the next Divine Devils book, Fallen Star. I will be diligently working on those edits over the next few weeks with hopes of having the book ready for release this year. I’ve added Chapter 2 on my website to read, along with Chapter 1 to give you a preview. And I have the cover ready to go and will be looking to do a slow reveal when I get closer to setting a release date.

Sales and Kindle Unlimited reads have been good on the new box sets for the Jarvis Mann PI series. Volume 1 with books 1-4 at $7.99, and Volume 2 with books 5-8 at $9.99. If you haven’t already be sure to check them out. This is a bargain price for these popular Amazon Bestsellers. For those who’ve read this series I would love it if you’d leave a review for each of the box sets, which will help with their rankings.

This month besides the Killer Nashville event, I will also be at Westminster City Park for the 5K Run and Vendor Fair on August 7th from 8AM-1PM. I will be outside under our canopy selling books and other products related to them. The early forecast calls for great weather and I look forward to talking with many of my fellow Westminster citizens. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and say hello!

Only one Prolific Works giveaway this month. A Study in Scarlet – Mystery & Crime Giveaway with 14 free eBooks running through Sept 1st. Access the books via this link.

Here is one other new review I’ll share, this one for Mann in the Crossfire. One that blew me away, like so many of them do:

If you are looking for a thought provoking thrill ride that will keep you guessing, immediately add this book to your summer reading list. Weir is proving to be a one-click author for me, masterfully crafting stories of intrigue that brilliantly unfold and engage the reader. This book was fantastic and I am scrambling now to get caught up on the rest of the series. What an amazing find! – Heather

Thanks to Heather and everyone else who posts a review for my books. I read every one of them, even the bad ones, and respond where I can with a thank you. Reviews make all the hard work worthwhile.

Goodbye until next month. Stay safe, happy and healthy!

R Weir

Jarvis Mann Box Sets Now Available

After nearly a month fighting with Kindle Direct Publishing, I’m thrilled to announce I finally have 2 Box Sets available covering the 8 books in the Jarvis Mann Detective Series. Each set at a special low price.

Jarvis Mann Detective Series Boxed Set 1 includes, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, Tracking A Shadow, Twice As Fatal and Blood Brothers. Over 650 pages of your favorite tough and snarky private eye, Jarvis Mann. All for only $7.99 on Amazon or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Jarvis Mann Detective Series Boxed Set 2 includes, Dead Man Code, The Case of the Invisible Souls, The Front Range Butcher and Mann in the Crossfire. Over 1100 pages of Jarvis kicking butt and getting his butt kicked. All for only $9.99 on Amazon or free on Kindle Unlimited.


“This series is quickly becoming one of my new favorite mystery series’ with R Weir becoming one of my new favorite writers!”

“I love these books and hope the series goes on forever!”

“Simply wow! I loved it. I felt like I was transported back in time to the tomes of the mystery and suspense novels of the 1940s”

“Scintillating Detective Mystery! R. Weir’s Jarvis Mann novels are classic gumshoe mysteries that bring to mind classic film-noir classics such as The Maltese Falcon”

I’m still in the editing stage on Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. I received the cover for the book and I think it’s fantastic. I will do a slow reveal of it as I get closer to the release date, which I’m still hoping for late summer, though may push into early fall. You can read the first chapter of the book via this link. I’ve been getting lots of wonderful 5-Star reviews over the last month on the first book, The Divine Devils. Here are snippets of a couple of them:

This book was absolutely amazing! It has to be one of the top books I have read this year, and I did not want it to end. The amount of action, suspense, mystery and intrigue will keep you reading late into the night and on the edge of your bed. – SaviLeeLind

I absolutely loved every bit of this book!! OMG I felt at times like I was reading a live movie that I was watching and could literally see all of this playing out. I could not get it off my mind when I had to put it down and rushed to pick it back up – Kirchersmiles

The Divine Devils: Mystery Suspense Crime Thriller: Book 1 by R. Weir is a wonderful crime thriller than will have you so engrossed that you find yourself at the last page before you realise it and it will be over before you want it to. R. Weir has a gift, and his narrative is superb and former US Marshal, Hunter Divine is the staring man and breaks hearts but when his past calls, he comes running. This complex plot is full of action, thrills, twists and turns and the danger is palpable and that makes this a great read and will have you on the edge of your seat – Jennadb

If you haven’t read The Divine Devils yet, be sure to download it. It’s available on Kindle, Paperback or on Kindle Unlimited. You can preview Chapters one and two on my website. A must read for all you fans of thrilling, suspenseful fiction!

We made it back from South Dakota after the Deadwood Reads Author Book Signing. It was a fantastic time with lots of events, as well as the book signing where I sold out all of my Divine Devils paperbacks. We had great weather and huge crowds including drawings for over 40 raffle baskets people could win. All for the local Shiloh Rescue Ranch End of Life/Sanctuary facility for older slaughter bound horses. We got to meet many amazing people and enjoy the sights of the area. Unfortunately, we could only stay four days. Next year we hope to spend a week. Here are a few pictures taken at the event and there are more on my website.

One of the raffle baskets was a Little Free Library designed by my wife Kim and built by her and her father, Danny. It was designed like the Deadwood Trolleys that ride around town. It was a big hit and won by a couple who had drove all the way from Minnesota for the event. The wife was so excited when she won, the Little Free Library coming with over 20 books donated by myself and other authors at the event.

I’ve got more events I’m booking, looking forward to a busy next couple of months, working in a family vacation or two. All the rest are here in Colorado, but I’m watching for others outside the state that make sense for me to attend. To date, I have the Expect Miracles 5K Run Vendor Fair on August 7th at Westminster City Park. Then I’ll have three events in a row in September, including the GoodGuys Car Show Craft Fair in Loveland. I always have the latest events I’m doing in the sidebar of my newsletter and on my website.

This month there are several Prolific Works free eBook giveaways to check out.

Under Lock And Key – Mystery and Thriller GG runs until July 6th and features 66 books to add to your eReader. Check them all out here.

A Study in Scarlet – Mystery & Crime Giveaway starts today and runs until September 1st featuring 8 ebooks. You can find there via this link.

July Goodies Galore! starts today and runs until July 1st featuring 29 eBooks. You can find all of them here.

Pieces of the Past – Mystery and Thriller GG starts July 13th and runs until July 27th currently featuring 29 eBooks. You can find those books after the 13th here.

Clandestine Meetings – Mystery and Thriller GG begins July 20th and runs until August 3rd currently featuring 17 eBooks to check out. You can find them starting July 20th via this link.

That is all for now. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, drop me an email. I’m always looking for feedback on topics of interest to write about in the newsletter.

I hope everyone in the US has a safe and pleasant 4th of July. We’ll be traveling in our motorhome enjoying the great outdoors. Be sure to bring a book along on your vacation to read. Always a good, relaxing way to pass the time.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!!

R Weir

Heading to Deadwood

A quick newsletter, for I have a lot going on this next month. Besides working on my latest books, we are heading to Deadwood South Dakota next week for the Wild Deadwood Reads Author Event. When we get back I then will be busy helping our daughter Dakota to move back home from Laramie Wyoming where she is going to finish up her college degree online. After that there is our 4th of July vacation. Busy, busy, busy! Which is wonderful since we’ll be out an about, which is much better than last year where much of our time was spent at home.

With the trip to Deadwood, we’ll be driving our Class C Motorhome. This is a new unit we bought in January of 2020 but didn’t get much of a chance to use with the COVID restrictions. This will be our first big trip, towing our CRV behind it. We’re hoping all goes well as it’s a 365 mile trip which will take about 6 hours to complete. Once there we’ll be busy traveling around the Black Hills area to see the sights. And we have four events for the Wild Deadwood Reads we’ll be doing. It should be a good time for Kim and I.

I’m still waiting for the first round of edits to come back from my editor on Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. She is getting close to having back to me, which means I’ll be spending nearly all of my spare time working on it with hopes it will be ready for release later this summer. You can read the first chaper of the book on my website via this link. For now book three continues to come along, with nearly 60k of words written, with ideas forming for book four. And I’ve been thinking about another Jarvis Mann book if I can come up with the right storyline to bring him back.

I have been working on two boxsets for the Jarvis Mann PI series. One with the first four books, the second with the last four. All at a special price. Right now I’m fighting with Amazon on getting them released, for they don’t like the title I’m using, saying it’s confusing and used by another Author. Which is nuts since I own the Jarvis Mann Detective Series title. More knownsense from them that I hope to finally get resolved. In the meantime here is a teaser graphic for the boxsets.

There are no new Prolific Works giveaways right now. But there are two starting in the next couple of weeks you can check out when they go live.

Jump into June with the BIGGEST ever Giveaway starts June 19th and runs until June 30th. It currently features 70 free ebooks to check out via this link.

Under Lock And Key – Mystery and Thriller GG starts June 22nd and ends July 6th. This giveaway currently features 59 free eBooks to can check out via this link.

That is all for this month. Those of you who are traveling to Deadwood be sure to stop by my table and say hello.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!!

R Weir

Chatting with Book Clubs

Checking the calendar, it was hard to believe another month had gone by. Meaning I needed to put together this newsletter. Time seems to be moving at a fast pace now that many restrictions here in Colorado have been lifted. Much of it due to the fast pace of vaccinations helping to slow the virus down. I received my second shot two weeks ago, happily with no side effects. Thrilled to have some immunity to the virus, though I’ll still be wearing my mask when out in crowded environments for the time being to be cautious. But its good life is getting back to some semblance of normal.

One of the fun aspects of being an author is talking with readers, something I’ve missed over this last year with all the restrictions. The world holding more virtual events, using Zoom, Skype and the various Google video conferencing options. If you have a Book Club who meet to discuss books, I’d love to have a meeting with your members. Either virtually or in person if you’re local here in Colorado. I’m happy to provide free eBooks for your members to read and discuss, in either of my two series. If you’re interested send me an email. I’m always available to make time for potential fans or new fans of my work.

As I wait for news from my editor on book 2 in The Divine Devils series, I continue to work on book 3. The story coming along at a quick pace, nearing 50k words written. Hunter and his team working with a past enemy against a brutal enterprise, which is all I’ll tease for now.

Before book 3 will be book 2, Fallen Star. The story finding the Divine Devils helping a Hollywood Starlet out of an adult jam, sending the team to Reno Nevada. I have a preview of the book now posted on my website. Chapter 1 a short glimpse of what the book will entail. You can find it here. I plan on adding more chapters for you to get a taste of in the near future.

I recently did a couple of podcasts to promote and talk about my books. The first was with Michael Brightside where we spent close to two hours chatting about a little bit of everything. You can check it out here.

Next I did an podcast with Pat Rullo on Speak Up Talk Radio. In this 15-minute interview we covered The Divine Devils book one and two, my writing process, and the Jarvis Mann PI series. All of it tied to The Divine Devils winning the Firebird Book Award in three categories: Crime, Mystery and Thriller. You can give the interview a listen here.

Another wonderful 5-Star review for The Divine Devils from InD’tale Magazine. You can check out the full review here and the entire magazine via this link. Here is a portion of the review:

From the very first page, this book is absolutely intense! This unique story with its huge variety of expertly written characters will keep readers on the edge of their seats as it races forward with a fast moving plot and in depth descriptions. A few laugh out loud moments provide some comic relief from the darker, twisted moments, which brings a good mix to the story. Hunter, a hot-blooded male, is not without his faults, which gives him an unexpected and enjoyable depth. There are also several interesting plot arcs involving his character. R. Weir has written a book with a unique story that leaps off the page, almost like a movie. Don’t miss this nail-biting and exhilarating action packed suspense! Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick

If you’ve read The Divine Devils, be sure to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Or if you prefer, you can email me your thoughts on the book and I’ll share them in a future newsletter, with your permission of course! If you haven’t read the book, be sure to add it to your reading list. You can get it on Amazon in either eBook, Paperback or via Kindle Unlimited. And if you want a signed paperback, reach out and I can sell you a book plus shipping and mail it to you.

Besides the event listed above I’m attending, I’ve received news about a couple of future events which are being held locally, including one in the city of Westminster in August. There should be more options to gather with the loosening of restrictions and I plan to do as many as possible. You can always find the latest info on events on my website and they’re listed on the right side of each newsletter. If you know of any other events coming up, let me know. Even if they are outside of Colorado, I’m interested in checking them out to see if it will work for me. One on one exposure to my books is the best marketing tool I have.

This month we have only three Prolific Works free eBook giveaways to promote. The first, And Then There Were None- Mystery & Crime Giveaway runs until June 1st and features 19 eBooks to check out. Find them via this link.

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And finally Among The Trees – Mystery and Thriller GG which starts May 18th and runs until June 1st currently featuring 48 eBooks to mull over. You can access these choices starting May 18th at this link.

That should wrap up this month’s newsletter. If you have any questions or want to just chat don’t hesitate to send me an email. I always love talking with readers about most anything.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!!

R Weir

Where Ideas Come From

I’m happy to say I got my first COVID shot two weeks ago. It was the Pfizer version, and I had no side effects. I will be getting my second shot in less than two weeks, happy to have some protection from the virus. I will still be wearing a mask for some time, as I want to protect myself and others when out in public places like the supermarket. But here’s hoping we can all store away our masks and not have to worry about them for many years.

Thanks to the heavy snow we received in March, our dry soil absorbed a lot of moisture. With a bout of warm weather our spring bulbs started to pop, giving us some beautiful colors in our garden as you can see by the pictures below. How has the weather been in your part of the world? Do you have any garden pictures to share? Send them off, as I’d love to see them.

I’m often asked where the ideas for my books come from. To be honest there is no simple answer. Take for instance the Divine Devils series. I knew I wanted to do a suspenseful series featuring a team hired to help people. A group who would cross over between good and evil to get the job done. This led me to the title of the series, The Divine Devils. The last name being for the main character, Hunter Divine. From there I pieced together a simple plot where two kids were in danger of being kidnapped. The rest of the plot developed as I wrote the story.

This is true of the next book in the series, Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. Taking place nearly a year after the first book, Hunter and his team are hired by a well-known tv and movie star. The woman being blackmailed after an adult indiscretion. A basic story idea, which developed as I wrote it. Taking me places I never imagined when I first started writing. My stories through the years writing themselves as I went along. A process I don’t completely understand, but it works for me. Rarely do I outline in advance. Much of the writing coming in spits and spurts, until the story is complete.

I’m still waiting for final feedback from a couple of my beta readers and the first draft of corrections from my editor on Fallen Star. I heard from one beta reader, saying she thought this book was better than the first one, which she loved. Once I get the first round of corrections from my editor I will be working hard on those suggestions. This normally takes me 2-4 weeks to complete. Those changes going back to my editor for another read through. A long process but well worth the effort to get the book finalized.

My cover designer, Mia, was seriously sick and in the hospital with COVID. Finally getting home after a two week stay. She experienced more complications shortly after returning home but now is feeling better. All of this delaying work on the cover. I should have a few proofs from her for the new book, as well as the covers to the box sets I’m going to put together for the Jarvis Mann PI series, in the next couple of weeks.

While waiting I’ve been busy working on the next Divine Devils book. A working title of Caged Souls: The Divine Devils Book Three. A storyline I’ll keep to myself for now, but one that will be intriguing to write. To this point I’ve already written over 32k worth of words. The plot coming together quickly.

For any new newsletter subscribers, be sure to check out my Jarvis Mann PI series. The first book, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is always free on Amazon. Those subscribing to my newsletter get the novel Tracking A Shadow for free as well. There are 8 books in all in this well reviewed series. All the books bestsellers on Amazon. You can find all of my books via this link, including The Divine Devils, featuring former US Marshal Hunter Divine.

If you don’t like to buy from Amazon, you can purchase all the books direct from me. Just send me an email. I also sell cool t-shirts with the Jarvis Mann or Divine Devils logo on them. Just reach out and we can work out the cost, including shipping. US customer only unless you can afford the crazy shipping costs!

No new info on any book events or craft fairs, with only two scheduled to date. Covid cases had settled down here in Colorado allowing some of the restrictions to be lifted. But cases have started to rise again, so we’ll see what the summer brings.

This month there are more Prolific Works free eBook giveaways. Be sure to check out all the free books available:

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That will be all for this month. Thanks again for reading and sharing this newsletter. I will have further news on Fallen Star next month. In the meantime, curl up with a friend and read a good book.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!!

R Weir

Snow, Snow and more Snow!!

A big storm hit us here along the Colorado Front Range this last weekend as you can see by the pictures above. Rain first followed by two feet of heavy wet snow that is like shoveling buckets of water. Drifts three to four feet high that will take a while to melt. This storm reminding me when I first moved to Colorado in 1982. That year at Christmas we had one of the all-time worst snowstorms for the Denver area, with over 25 inches where I lived, with drifts to the top of the roofs of many houses. I was driving a 1976 Firebird at the time and it was completely buried under the snow, where you couldn’t find it. From the photo below you can see someone walked over my car to jump a fence.

These storms bring down a lot of trees, since the snow is so heavy, which was the case on this October 2002 Storm. I was up early that morning at around 7 a.m. looking out our kitchen window, watching the snow come down, when I heard the Russian Olive tree crack and split in half, falling into our driveway and nearly crushing our Chevy Trailblazer. Happy it didn’t fall on our house. A big mess to clean up, but my wife was thrilled the tree was gone, for she hated Russian Olives since they’re so messy.

The biggest storm happened in March of 2003 getting 36 inches of wet snow in Aurora. The biggest challenge for our dog at the time, Ashley, getting around the backyard with so much snow. I had to make a path just for her to go outside and take care of her business. She even escaped out of our garage while I was shoveling, running around our Cul de Sac. I had to chase her down and carry her back to our garage, trudging through the deep snow. I collapsed, exhausted trying to get my breath from the effort. Though our daughter who was 3 at the time had a blast making a snowman.

I’m happy to say after a couple of rewrites, I’ve sent off my latest book to my beta readers for feedback. This is the second book in the Divine Devils series, titled Fallen Star. My proofreader/editor is anxious to get started, so I’ve sent it off to her to begin her magic. This puts the book on track for a release this summer, if there are no major hiccups. Here is a quick rough synopsis of the book:

Megan Getz lived in Hollywood royalty
A Tinseltown celebrity of a long-running sitcom
Being extorted because of an adult indiscretion
Attempting to cover up her perilous life
Hiring the team of Divine Devils
Hoping they’ll free her from the blackmail bonds

Hunter Divine and his crew going undercover in a Reno Casino
Digging deep to reveal those running the scam
The simple case exploding all around them
Drugs, prostitution, murder, and mayhem being the norm
Dragging Hunter and his crew into a hotbed of danger
In a doomed attempt to rescue the pretentious Fallen Star
Leading The Divine Devils down a lethal road they may not survive

Discussions have already begun with my cover designer, and she is thrilled to get working on the cover, telling me she has some great ideas. I’m also working on creating eBook box sets for the Jarvis Mann PI series. There will be two box sets, one with the first four books, and the other with the last four. I’ll need new covers for the boxsets, which Mia will create. And each boxset will come at a special price. I hope to have those available this summer.

My character focus this month is on another of the Divine Devils, Cameryn Stone. The large 6’4″ 230-pound man with lots of tattoos. A biker who likes to wear leather when riding, his long hair twisted into a ponytail. I wanted Cameryn to be outside the norm of what people perceive of a biker, the man enjoying culture and art, while loving to read books, and real paper books, not on a Kindle. He currently enjoys reading biographies and the Bosch series by Michael Connelly. He’s tough, hardnosed and a faithful friend to his teammates, going the distance to get the job done.

No events scheduled this next month, but I have hope by the summer life will get better, The COVID vaccine giving us a chance to gather again. I’m on the list now to get mine, my wife getting both her doses since she works in healthcare. It will be wonderful to see faces again no longer hiding behind masks once much of the population have been vaccinated. Thanks to all the healthcare workers getting us through this horrible pandemic.

There is only two active Profilic Works eBook giveaways. But there are two more that start later this month which I will include the links to.

Currently active is Dial M for Murder – Mystery & Crime Giveaway featuring 23 free Ebooks to check out until April 1st. You can find them via this link.

Whodunit Extraordinaire! is active and running until April 30th with currenlty 5 free eBooks Check them out via this link.

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Dead In The Water – Mystery and Thriller GG giveaway starts March 23rd and will feature an unlimited amount of free eBooks and runs until April 6th. Go to this link to check them out after March 23rd.

I will sign off, as I need to get back to shoveling snow and working on The Divine Devils Book 3, which I’ve begun, while waiting to hear from my beta readers and editor. Share this newsletter with your book reading friends. If they sign-up I will send them a free eBook of my Jarvis Mann PI novel, Tracking A Shadow for their reading pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat via email. Stay safe, happy and healthy!!

R Weir

Plot Struggles

The new year is upon us, and I have hope it will be better than 2020, though it has started out rocky on many fronts. The virus continues to rage on, making it challenging to go out beyond our home. We had a death in the family, my wife Kim’s grandmother passing away. She was 94 and in declining health, so she had a good life. We were able to attend her funeral despite the COVID restrictions. She was a big fan of my books, wanting them all and reading many up until the end when her eyesight failed her. Our daughter spent time with us at Christmas, which was nice, but other holiday gatherings were limited to video chat, as many in the family are older with health issues. With the vaccinee I hope come this summer we’ll be able to gather again without fear of getting sick. Patience is difficult in these trying times, but we persevere with hopes life will return to a more normal.

I’ve been working hard on the next Divine Devils book Fallen Star, winding down to the conclusion with 149k words written. This has been a more challenging story to write, with plot struggles to get the story correct. As I’ve mentioned here before I’m generally a seat-of-the-pants author, letting the story write itself in many ways. This plot started strongly, but then became more challenging the further I got into it. I hit a wall I normally haven’t experienced when writing deciding where the plot was headed leading up to the finale. I do believe I got the story back on track but will have some rewriting to do after I finish the first draft, which I hope will be in the next few weeks. This book will delve in depth into the backgrounds of all of the main characters. And we’ll get deeper into the mystery that cost Hunter Divine his job as a US Marshal.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already be sure to read book one, The Divine Devils which introduces Hunter Divine and his team of devils trying to prevent the kidnapping of a lost love’s children. It’s available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback and via Kindle Unlimited. Or you can buy the paperback direct from me and I’ll sign it. Send me an email if you’re interested in autographed copy.

If you’d read The Divine Devils, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads if you frequent that sight. Reviews for many authors are becoming more difficult to get, so a review is critical, especially for Indie Authors. They help me in many ways with the Amazon algorithm and I enjoy reading all of them. Here are a couple new reviews:

A Gold Medal Editorial 5-Star review from Readers Favorite.
Author R. Weir has crafted a highly suspenseful work of thriller fiction with this unusual presentation of crimefighting and all-out action against a twisted, evil foe. One of the things which impressed me most of all was the characterization of Hunter Divine, who goes beyond the simplistic stereotype of a damaged former hero and offers us a deeply empathetic soul and a powerful psychological profile of a man with something to hope for. The plot unfurls with fantastic pacing, delivering plenty of cinematic action scenes with vivid descriptions, but perfectly balancing these out with intelligent exposition and tense moments of calm before the storm. Overall, I would highly recommend The Divine Devils for fans of slick action novels with sharp edges, as well as those who appreciate an intelligent plot and a well-crafted hero with plenty of highs and lows.

I’ve always been a fan of Weir but this was by far my favorite! I’m looking forward to a long future with this new series of kick-ass heroes! Well done! – PurpleHaze

Trying to figure out who the guilty party is while Hunter and his team place their lives on the line – will have you eagerly turning the pages. An exhilarating and at times humorous read, it is by far a novel you can’t put down. Loved it – Amazon Customer

Recently I received an email from a reader of the newsletter mentioning she was interested in The Divine Devils, but was worried the book delved into the Supernatural, a genre she didn’t enjoy. I responded telling her the book is a Mystery/Suspense/Crime/Thriller and didn’t have any Supernatural elements to it. Something to be aware of if you’re on the fence about purchasing this book. If you ever have any questions about my books or writing in general don’t hesitate to email me. I love hearing from everyone.

Each month I’ve been highlighting the characters of the Divine Devils team. This month it’s Keoki Palakiko, a former Navy technician who has an aversion to technology. Not trusting since he worked using tech while in the Navy, knowing the cyber trail you leave behind. He doesn’t own a cell phone, landline or computer of any kind, while living in Maui. His wife, Malina his whole life, though he leaves from time to time to help Hunter with cases. Another tough team member the others can trust to do what is necessary for their clients.

With the new year still up in the air on events, right now I have only one scheduled, that being in Deadwood South Dakota in the middle of June. We got our RV reservations set and we intend to take the trip even if the event is cancelled. Hopefully more events will get scheduled and I suspect many will be held outside this year which I’m prepared for. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces will be a joy after a year or so of smiles being hidden behind masks.

There are more Prolific Works free books you can check out. The free service you can join, designed to get indie authors works in the hands of readers in hopes you’ll buy more of their books. Here are three you can check out:

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I’ll make a quick pitch about my Jarvis Mann book series. There are 8 books in all, the first, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, always free to download on Amazon. The rest of 7 books also available on Amazon in eBook, paperback and via Kindle Unlimited. And anyone signing up for my newsletter will receive a free eBook version of the second book Tracking A Shadow. If you signed up and didn’t get the eBook from me, be sure to email me and I’ll get it sent over right away.

It’s time I get back to writing Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2. I’m hoping to have a few small previews of the book in the coming months when I feel confident it’s nearing completion. I maybe looking for additional beta readers to provide feedback. If you’re interested be certain to email me.

Thanks again for reading and being a fan of my work. Stay safe, happy and healthy in this joyous New Year.

R Weir