Lethal Blues Release Date March 10th

This is a special addition of the newsletter to announce the finalized release date of March 10th for the eBook Lethal Blues: A Jarvis Mann HardBoiled Detective Mystery Novel. The 9th in the series is now available to purchase at the pre-order price of $2.99 on Amazon, which is a $2 savings over the $4.99 release price. You can check out pre-views of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Lethal Blues on my website. Below is another snipnet from the book not included in the chapter pre-views.

Back at the Mustang, Dennis looked over the wet roof at me. “The day before he disappeared, he was here. Does that tell us anything?”
“It means something, I’m sure. Another piece to the equation, though they aren’t fitting together to give us any concrete answers.”
“Is that normally how your cases go?”
I laughed and nodded. It often seemed until the threats and shooting started, I rarely had answers. It was another fact of being a private eye I’d keep to myself for now.

I’m waiting to get the paperback proof of Lethal Blues to approve, which will arrive this week. Once I approve it, the paperback will be live on Amazon and I’ll order copies for me to sell directly, which will take a couple weeks to arrive. The price to receive them direct, will be $15 with free shipping (US Only). And of course I will sign them. You can order Lethal Blues via the form on my website, along with all my other books.

Here is the eBook cover for Lethal Blues for you to check out.

And here is the paperback cover:

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, with the releae of Lethal Blues I’ll be running a free eBook promo from March 10th through March 14th for the Jarvis Mann Private Detective Series Box Set: Books 1-4 which is normally $7.99. This boxset is over 600 pages featuring the first four books in the series: The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, Tracking A Shadow, Twice As Fatal and Blood Brothers. All four books averaging over 4.1 Stars on Amazon and Goodreads. And while you’re at it, you can download the second box set for only $9.99. That is over 1000 pages of Jarvis fighting the bad guys, which includes: Dead Man Code, The Case of the Invisible Souls, The Front Range Butcher and Mann in the Crossfire. Set your calendars as a reminder so you don’t miss out on adding these to your Kindle.

That is all for this special addition newsletter. I’ll be emailing the next one out on March 9th, as a reminder of the free Jarvis Mann Box Set promo and in advance of the release date for Lethal Blues.

All the best!!

R Weir


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