Release Day: Lethal Blues

After several years of retirement, private eye Jarvis Mann is back in Lethal Blues. The eBook available tomorrow (March 10th). Those of you who pre-ordered will get the book automatically from Amazon. Those who haven’t can still order the book at the pre-order price of $2.99 until March 15th (And be available on Kindle Unlimited). After that date, the eBook will be $4.99. So take advantage of the special price. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in Jarvis’ latest case. And there will be a little teaser at the end for a future 10th book in the series. Here is the Amazon link for purchasing Lethal Blues.

I have a few early reviews of Lethal Blues to share and they have been overwhelmingly positive.

Jarvis Mann is magnetic. R Weir writes a thrilling crime investigatory tale with Lethal Blues. The minute I read the first Jarvis Mann book, I knew I would want to read more of his escapes, wit, and clear-headedness and a mind for solving crimes dropped in his lap. Mann is one hell of an investigator, and this one, all I can say is wow. The fight this time, is drugs. It relates well to the sign of our times, where opioids and fentanyl are killing people, and the addiction rate is rising, almost as high as its death rate. This book is part of the Jarvis Mann series, and this is volume nine. Though each book is its own case, I recommend reading all of them from the beginning. You get to see Mann go through his cases, you learn about his quirks, and intuition, and even some of his private life. Nothing ever goes as planned, and just when I thought Mann’s stories couldn’t get any better, I read this one. R Weir shows his character’s growth, and his own imagination that we are lucky he puts on paper for us to read and enjoy. Weir’s passion for his characters leap off the pages, and that is what a true storyteller can do. Sometimes you have to put the book down, just to take a breath. Lethal Blues is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

This was my first Jarvis Mann detective book. I’m hooked and now must go back and read the other 8 books in the series. Jarvis is quite a character. He reminds me of an old school detective with his sarcasm, witty comments and street smart demeanor. In the story, he finds himself forced out of retirement to work a case for an old neighborhood friend. The case assignment is to locate a missing person. As Jarvis begins looking into the case, he uncovers a suspicious hit and run death that might be murder. Throw in a few gang members, a suspicious drug stash and some unscrupulous law enforcement agents, and you get a recipe for a very good detective story – Charlene

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had missed reading Jarvis Mann P.I. books after Book 3. However, I was not disappointed. His life had obviously moved on and I was trying to piece together what had happened in between. There were clues though, enough to be able to read this as a stand alone. Exciting stuff reuniting old friends from the “Case of the Missing Bubblegum Card” with more sinister undertones. A great story of the lengths that good friends and family can go to in order to get someone out of a big hole that drug addiction has dropped them into. Three friends who left college and took different paths leading to one murder, the disappearance of another and the third friend employing Jarvis Mann to find out what the hell is happening. Once again he puts his life on the line as his P.I. adrenaline kicks in. I felt the plot was complicated and therefore a little bit confusing at times but this could simply be that I had lost the flow of the author as I was a few books behind. You feel the excitement, tension, frustration and sadness for such a subject. But then life is complicated and it’s easy to go down the wrong path. It is written in first person – the usual P.I. narrative – reminding me of the black and white P.I.movies which I love. A thrilling read and page turner. Highly recommended if you enjoy P.I. mysteries. I must read the books in between that I have missed and look forward to the next in series-Avis

Jarvis Mann has returned! He is just as gritty, snarky, and fearless as ever before. This case hits close to home as it involves the three boys, now young men, who were involved in “The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card.” What appeared to be a simple hit and run is more sinister as Jarvis delves deeper into the incident. He is pulled into the darkness that is the drug trade when looking for a missing friend. Jarvis meets some of the most antagonistic villains of his career in this convoluted case. A rogue fed with partners Rabid and Torrid have painted a bullseye on Jarvis’ back and they play for keeps. This case gets more and more intense as the story plays out.  All the characters in this menacing story are well fleshed out with back stories. The villains are seemingly untouchable, which makes for some major frustrations. There are some surprising elements in the drug scene and murder which one just can’t see coming. This novel has a lot of things going on at once, but it is easy to follow and enjoy. “Lethal Blues” is a story so awesome that once started, it cannot be put down! Belinda

I have received the paperback copies of Lethal Blues to sell to those interested. I will sign and mail a copy for $15 (US Mailing only please). Or if you live in the Denver metro area, I can meet you here locally if you don’t want to wait for USPS to deliver the book. You can order the paperback of Lethal Blues and any of my other books via the Order Form on my website.

Here are links to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Lethal Blues. And below is another little snippet from the book:

“Fentanyl is the latest in the long line of popular drugs,” Catalina noted. “Usage and deaths are sky rocketing. If I were you Jarvis, I’d leave this one alone. It would be sad seeing you dead.”
“It wouldn’t make my day either,” I added with a chuckle.
Catalina had joined the long line of people telling me I’d be smart in backing out, though I had rarely in my life made the smart choice.

As promised with the release of Lethal Blues I’m running a free promo for the Jarvis Mann Detective Boxset Vol 1 which will run from March 10th thru March 15th. I hope everyone will take advantage of this great deal and download the eBook which includes the first four books in the Jarvis Mann PI series: The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, Tracking A Shadow, Twice as Fatal, and Blood Brothers. Over 600 pages of snarky banter and fierce cases for Jarvis to solve. Please share this with everyone you know, so I can hopefully push the book to the top of the Amazon charts. Here is the Amazon Link for you to download the eBook and share.

And of course, you can add the Jarvis Mann Detective Box Set Vol 2 for only $9.99. Over 1000 pages which include books 5-8 in the series: Dead Man Code, The Case of the Invisible Souls, The Front Range Butcher, and Mann in the Crossfire. You can find Vol 2 via this Amazon Link.

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. I would love to see more reviews on all of my books. The best place to post them is on Amazon, but Goodreads and Bookbub are great places to leave reviews. Right now on Amazon I’m sitting on 99 reviews for The Divine Devils, and I’d love to get this over 100, which would join two other books of mine on Amazon, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card and Tracking A Shadow, in the 100 review club. If you have a spare moment please post on any or all of these sights. When I see new reviews I often share them here in the newsletter and on social media. Thanks so much for helping me out.

Speaking of reviews, here are a couple of recent reviews I received on a few of my older books.

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: With the wisecracks and narrative style this reminds me of all the interesting old time radio PI’s from the 1940’s and the story is told in an easy to read way that even for a short story managed to include a fair amount of detail – Kevin

Tracking A Shadow: The main character is likeable, the plot engaging and the narrative well presented. Much of the allure of the novel stems from its adherence to classic tropes of the genre. The author adds just enough post-modern vulnerabilities and sensibilities to make the story relevant to our times, but not so much as to deconstruct what draws us to the novel and keeps us reading till the end – Ralph

Twice As Fatal: I really enjoyed this book. A page turner! Christina

A reminder I will be at the Readers Take Denver Author Event, being held at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver. A large number of wonderful authors will be there covering both the Thriller and Romance genres. You can find out more on their website.

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One final reminder to order the eBook or paperback version of Lethal Blues. As well as download the free eBook of the Jarvis Mann Detective Boxset Vol 1, which will be free through March 14th. Even if you already own the first four books in the Jarvis Mann PI Series, I’d love it if you’d still download it, to move me up the Amazon Bestseller charts. And please share with everyone you know who loves to read.

Thanks for all of your support! Have a wonderful rest of your week.

R Weir


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