Developing the Story

I’m squeezing in this newsletter right after two successful events, including Mollie McGee’s in Longmont where I sold the most books I’ve ever sold at a two-day event. Both craft fairs provided me lots of new signups for this newsletter. Welcome to all of you! Starting November 5th, I will have 7 straight weeks of events, many two days long and one even three days. I will be pretty busy right up until before Christmas. This means my desire for getting the next Jarvis Mann PI book released by the end of the year likely won’t happen. I will shoot for the first quarter of 2023 with the next chapter in my private eyes life. I promise this exciting and tense new book will be worth the wait.

When working on my books, I often only start out with a basic storyline and usually a working title. As with many of my works the story develops during the writing process. There are times when it comes out as I originally imagined it, while most times it evolves to become different than I expected. Even I can be surprised by the twists and turns the plot can take! My latest book, the title which I teased last month (Lethal Blues), has evolved in many ways. The story of a simple death and disappearance of two friends, those dramatic events steering Jarvis into a serious issue that might cost him and his client their lives. Bringing back characters from the past, while introducing new ones. The serious nature of the storyline laced with much of Jarvis’ snarky humor and tough demeanor. The shoes of this character, one I enjoy walking in again.

I recently passed 800 reviews on Goodreads, with an average of 4.34 stars for all of my books. While on Amazon, I’m now over 700 reviews with an average of 4.1 Stars. Two of my books with over 100 reviews, a third nearing the magical 100 mark. It’s wonderful to see and read reviews on all my books. But I can always use more so please post a review when you finish reading. The feedback, both good and bad, is much appreciated.

Here are a few of my most recent 5-Star reviews coming for the three books in the Divine Devils series:

The Divine Devils: The twists and turns kept coming as the book unfurls. What I loved the most was that is was so hard to put down. I am so glad that this is the beginning of a new series and I cannot wait to read the next book – Christine

Fallen Star: This book is so well written that it makes you really wonder if it’s actually real, and sucks you into the world of Hunter, falling into a world wind of secret’s, danger, drugs, extortion, blackmail that the divine devils have to face while helping Megan a Hollywood celebrity. Another amazing book by an amazing author, I cant wait for more – Jennifer

Sold Souls: Sold Souls is a thrilling, shocking, and memorable thrilling tale that will take its readers on a twisty turny journey – Aimee

And I love this recent review on one of my early books in the Jarvis Mann PI series, Tracking A Shadow, as she nails one of Jarvis Mann’s faults perfectly!!

This is my first Jarvis Mann book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Even though he has no clue about women, and there are some twists and turns because of it, I enjoyed following his investigation. It was definitely hard to put down – Susan

You can check out all of my books on Amazon or on my website. All are available in eBook, Paperback, and via Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve given away more $10 Amazon Gift Cards to those stopping by my table at my events last month. Here are a list of the winners and a thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat, talk books, sign-up for my newsletter and buy books.

Mollie McGee’s winners were: Susan and Deana

Family in Christ winner was: Sheila

As I mentioned starting November 5th I have 7 straight weeks of events. If you’re in the area stop by and say hello. I will list the November events below. And you can always find the latest event information on my website.

There are three Prolific Works Giveaways this month where you can check out free eBooks.

One of Us Is Lying – Thriller & Crime Giveaway with 11 eBooks in the Thriller/Crime genre’s available to find via this link until November 18th

Mystery and Thriller Giveaway November with 30 eBooks available via this link until November 30th.

Mystery Reads Giveaway running until December 31st with 39 books to check out via this link.

I’m down to the last couple of weeks of the Citizens Police Academy. I’ve learned a lot, had a good time, and even got to drive one of the Police Interceptors they use here in Westminster. You can see more photos on my Fun Stuff Page under the Citizens Police Academy section.

I will wrap up this newsletter with a shout-out to my daughter Dakota who turned 23 last week. My how time flies!!

Thanks again for reading and being a fan. Enjoy the rest of your week!

R Weir


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