Lethal Blues: A Jarvis Mann Mystery Detective Novel

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Blue Pills flooding the streets of Denver
Fentanyl ruining lives; friends and loved ones dying from the synthetic opioid
A football star in search of answers to why one friend is dead and another missing
Dennis Gash reaching out to Jarvis Mann whose gumshoe days are in the past
The case drawing him out of retirement and into the fray he thought he had left behind
Jarvis rolling up his sleeves, flexing his muscles, and strapping on his 9mm
Hunting for answers, digging deep into the depths of the Lethal Blues
Going up against dangerous drug dealers and gangsters
Who only care about their addictive merchandise and protecting their profit
Where death sits around the corner waiting to claim all who dare to challenge them
Jarvis ready to go mano a mano to protect his client from certain death!