Release Day for The Divine Devils

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, WordPress changed the editor I use to send out the newsletter. I had a couple people mention this new format was hard for them to read in their email. I’ve modified the format of this newsletter, hoping it displays better. If those of you who had issues and are still experiencing problems with this version let me know by emailing me. You can always read all of my newsletters on my website via the blog link.

Today is release day for The Divine Devils. Creating this story has been a long process taking about a year to complete. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, creating a new set of interesting settings and characters, especially the lead, Hunter Divine. Stepping outside the comfort zone of my previous work in the Jarvis Mann PI series, this story is written in third person, a totally different style than the first person of my snarky private eye. With third person you get to see all aspects and angles of the story lending to a different type of storytelling. It was great to stretch my writing skills and I hope I’ve accomplished what I was searching for in this book.


For those who’ve not been following along as I’ve hyped this new book, Hunter Divine is a former US Marshal trying to get by in life taking crappy jobs after losing his federal career thanks to the death of the son of a US Senator who was killed on his watch. Drowning himself in a world of booze, drugs and one-night stands, he receives a call from a past love, wanting to hire him to protect her two kids from being kidnapped. With a chance to redeem himself Hunter jumps at the job, putting together a team to protect the kids and the parents from an unknown evil trying to snag them. Diving him deep into the clutches of a brutal man with a vengeful agenda. The mystery suspense thriller exciting and tense to the very end.

Besides Hunter, there is his team of Devils, willing to do what it takes to protect these kids. With Athena, Cameryn, Shen, and Keoki, the group forming a bond to get the job done. I plan in future newsletters to highlight each of these characters, my thought process how I came up with them and each of their unique characteristics. And I will go back and pick characters from my Jarvis Mann PI books to cover in detail as well.

You can still get the $3.99 pre-order price of The Divine Devils through the weekend, as I extended the sale. After Sunday the price will be $6.99. This will be the best time to get the eBook. If you’re still on the fence you can check out the first three chapters on my website via these links: Chapter One, Two & Three.

Last week I did a small craft fair in Loveland Colorado. Though traffic was lighter than I hoped, the virus concerns keeping people home, I did sell a few books, including three copies of The Divine Devils. While my wife sold a bunch of her face masks. Thankfully I’ve been able to schedule three other events coming up in November & December, with one other possibly in October. Be sure to check out the sidebar of the newsletter for dates and times. Here is a look at our table at last weekend’s event.


At these events besides books we also sell handmade bookmarks and soaps my daughter makes, along with masks and t-shirts. Anyone interested can email me and we can work out the costs. I plan on adding pages to my website in the future to promote and sell these items. Here are a couple of examples:


For those who signed up for my newsletter I do giveaway a free eBook version of my Jarvis Mann PI  novel Tracking A Shadow. If you didn’t get this eBook send me an email and I’ll get it sent out right away.


There is one new Prolific Works eBook giveaway I’ll share with you. Action Thrillers and Crime runs until October 15th and features 10 free eBooks for you to check out via this link.

That is all for now. One last plug to pickup The Divine Devils, the eBook only $3.99 through Sunday. Or you can purchase the paperback via Amazon or directly from me. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it there as well starting today. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Thanks again for reading. Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

R Weir


2 thoughts on “Release Day for The Divine Devils

  1. Randy, Congratulations on your new release. I wish you much success. I like your table display and marketing efforts. Cheers!Maggie

    Maggie KingAuthor of mysteries set in VirginiaWebsite & Blog: Twitter: @MaggieKingAuthr Facebook: MaggieKingAuthor


    1. Hello Maggie. Good to hear from you. It’s always exciting on release day after all the hard work. Thanks for commenting. Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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