Private Eye Jarvis Mann is Back

It’s a new year, which means a new book. I’m pleased to announce the text is finished for the release of the ninth book in the Jarvis Mann Private Eye series, Lethal Blues. I’m setting the eBook release for March 1st. The release date is pending on getting the cover finished, as my cover artist has had health issues. But I’m crossing my fingers that this date will be met, with the paperback to be released shortly after. You will get a preview of the new cover in the coming weeks in this newsletter.

In the meantime, I’ve posted previews of Chapter One and Chapter Two to whet your appetite. And here is the synopsis for Lethal Blues:

I’ve begun reaching out to my stable of early readers to post reviews of Lethal Blues. If you were an early reader for me in the past, and don’t hear from me, be sure to send me an email and I’ll get back to you. Those early reviews are important for the book upon release. And I do plan on doing a pre-release price on the book. At this time I haven’t decided on what the price will be, so stay tuned. And I’m also planning on running a special deal on the first box set of the Jarvis Mann Series around the release date. Watch for news on this as well.

Now that the writing on Lethal Blues is completed, I’m spending most of my writing time on the next Divine Devils book. I’ve written around 20 chapters to date, and my plan is to hopefully have it out in time for the 2023 holiday season. This will be book 4 and will likely conclude the series. Though one never knows for certain. Depending on the length of the story, a 5th book might be necessary. For now, be sure to pick up the first three books in the series: The Divine Devils, Fallen Star, and Sold Souls. All are available on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited. Here are a few 5-Star reviews I’ve received for each of the three books in this award-winning series.

The Divine Devils: What a fantastic start to a series. This book had me glued with suspense, mystery, edge of seat danger, loads of action and intrigue. The writing just draws you in, and it’s almost like watching a movie. The characterisation is spot on and I was vested from the beginning. I am so looking forward to following this series
-Rayne’s Reviews

Fallen Star: This is a very action-packed book. The characters are solid and the plot is strong and intense. I especially enjoyed Hunter’s character and his crew. They definitely handled everything and got the job done. The story is very realistic and is a definite page-turner. Awesome read! – La Toya

Sold Souls: The dynamic plot is fast paced, and the story arc is both gripping and gritty. Sold Souls is another R. Weir tale that I highly recommend. – Julie

If you’re interested in a paperback version of any of my books and would like them signed, I do still have the deal going where I will ship the books at their regular price, with free shipping (US Shipping Only). The books range from $5 to $15 in price. You can now place your paperback book order via my website through this form.

And I still have a few of those damaged copies of The Divine Devils, which I will give away free, with only a $5 shipping cost (US Shipping Only). Several of them have only minor issues, like a bent corner or a little dirt on the edge of the book. And I will send you the best of what I have remaining. You can place an order via my website. Just look for the Damaged Book section at the bottom of the form.

A reminder the next event I have will be at the end of March. Readers Take Denver will have over 100 authors in both the Romance and Thriller categories. It will be held in downtown Denver at the Grand Hyatt. You can find out more information and buy tickets to attend via their website. And I have a pre-order form you can access to order books in advance via this link which can be picked up during the two author signings on Friday and Saturday.

Here are more free eBooks via Prolific Works which you can download. The first is Mysterious Figures – Mystery and Thriller GG with 21 eBooks which will run until Feb 14th. You can find them via this link.

The Woman in the Library – Thriller & Crime Giveaway with 8 free eBooks available until Feb 28th which you can find via this link.

Partner In Crime – Cozy Mystery GG runs until Feb 28th with 20 eBooks you can find here.

I get many nice emails from readers who’ve bought and read my books. One I received this last week I’ll share.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the Jarvis Mann PI books, they were all amazing. I bought the set of books at the Mollie McGee show in Longmont 2022. It was a pleasure meeting you and was impressed that you signed every book for me. Thank you for that!
I read the books one right after the other, they were so good!!! I am now looking forward to buying and reading The Divine Devils series.
Keep writing books so I can keep reading them
A fan

Thanks to Laura for the kind email. And thanks to all of you for supporting my work. It’s wonderful to know all the hours spent are worth the work to entertain readers.

My newsletter numbers continue to grow. Welcome to everyone who signed up these past months. Those who sign up are offered a free eBook version of Tracking A Shadow. If you didn’t get the offer, email me and I’ll send it over to you right away.

Here is a short teaser from Lethal Blues as an added bonus for you to enjoy:

None of your f***ing business,” yelled Blondie.

Even in the noise of the pub people turned around, wondering what was going on. Too many witnesses being my best defense.

“Are you two still working for Powers?” I had my hands on my hip. One near my gun just in case.
Blondie repeated his last statement. Apparently, it was two for one happy hour time.

“I suspect you still do, unless he canned you for getting your assed kicked by me.” I opened my coat to show them my gun. “I know you two are armed. So am I. Let’s keep it civil as I don’t want anyone in this place to get hurt. If Powers is looking for this girl, I’d be happy to discuss it with him and only him. I might have information that will prove useful.”

Flattop looked me up and down. “Maybe he can be of some use.”

After a moment of contemplation, Blondie nodded. “How do we get hold of you?”

I pointed my finger at my back pocket, making sure they understood I was going for my wallet. I pulled out a business card and set it on the table next to me. “He can call my business number, and we can arrange a meeting.”

“We’ll pass on the info,” said Blondie. “But that don’t mean we won’t be looking to even the score down the road.”

I started walking backwards, holding my hands up, trying not to trip over anything on the way out. “I’m all about love and peace these days, gentlemen.” I made the front entrance and blew them both a kiss. I don’t think it lessened their anger toward me in the least bit.

And finally, a quiet moment with Kim and Dakota relaxing with the dogs.

Have a joyful week of reading!!

R Weir


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