First Drafts

I’m happy to announce I’ve completed the first draft (read below) of my next book, Lethal Blues: A Jarvis Mann Detective Mystery. I’ve started working on a few rewrites, and have reached out to beta readers for feedback. I hope to have this book in my editor’s hands by the end of the year to work on getting it finalized. Along with starting the process of getting the cover completed with my wonderful cover artist, Mia. I do plan on posting a preview of the new book on my website. Look for more about this in the next newsletter. As this process plays out I will continue work on the next Divine Devils book which I plan on having out by the end of 2023. I will keep you up-to-date on the progress. The working title is: Divine Retribution.

When writing a new story, a first draft is where all authors begin. I generally write at the beginning and go straight through to the end on the first draft. Though there are times I will write the ending before I finish the rest of the book if a solid idea comes to mind. For me the first draft oftentimes is modified as I write the book, since I write in streaks, and might not write anything for a week or more. When this happens, I go back to the beginning, read what I’ve written, and do some rewriting in the process. This gives me a refresher on the story to continue. And keeps me on track when it comes to the plot, since I don’t outline. I believe this is an odd way for an author to write, but it works for me. So when I say my first draft is done, it’s really more like a second or third draft. Then once that is finished, I go back over it again, doing any necessary corrections before sending it off to my beta readers for their feedback. Overall each book takes a great deal of time to create before it’s ready to be released. Normally 6 to 9 months, though at times nearly a year depending on the length of the book.

November was a big month for me at the events I did. Lots of book sales and new sign-ups to my newsletter. And I gave away prizes at each event for those who stopped by my table. Here are the winners of the $10 Amazon Gift Cards for the November events. All of them have been contacted to receive their prize.

Smoky Hill High School: Emily

Nativity of Our Lord: Sandy

Mollie McGee’s: Jace

Douglas County Fairgrounds: Laura

When I do these events, I try to get some pictures of those who are buying my books. Many times I get so busy at the table I forget. We did get a couple shots that I’ll share. Though there were many others who bought my books. If you did and you want to send me a picture of you and the book(s) please do and I will post them on the website and even share a couple in future newsletters.

Here are the final three events I’ll be attending to finish off the holiday craft fair season. I hope to see lots of smiling faces and book buyers..

I will only be at the December 9-11th Firsthand Market

I finished the Westminster Citizens Police Academy a few weeks ago. The 11 week course is one I highly recommend people take to get better acquainted with your local police department. I’ve added more pictures and a couple of videos to my Fun Stuff folder, including a video of a flashbang stun grenade going off. And believe me, you don’t want to have one going off near you. Here is a picture of the graduating class. Congratulation to all of you. It was really fun getting to meet everyone.

Speaking of the Fun Stuff menu on my website, I’ve added more photos of fun stuff going on in my life. This includes photos from the Goodguys Car Show, Pets, Yard Work, and more. I will continue to add more photos to the menu. I hope you’ll keep checking them out.

As we near the holiday season, I ask you to consider purchasing books for those friends and family members who love to get lost in a story. The gift of reading is a wonderful surprise, especially a paperback signed by an author. If you can’t make it to my events and would like a signed book for yourself or someone else, email me and I’ll work on getting it sent to you or even meet you somewhere here in town if you live in Denver Metro area. You can purchase any of the Jarvis Mann PI or Hunter Divine books from Amazon, as well as direct from me. Thanks for the support you provide me when buying one of my award-winning stories.

As for Jarvis and Hunter, here is a link to a short story I wrote where the two of them meet for the first time at the Private Eye Tavern. Be sure to give it a read.

This month there are several Prolific Works free eBook giveaways to check out.

A Super Sleuth – Mystery and Thriller GG runs until December 13th with 18 free eBooks you can access via this link.

Mystery and Thriller Giveaway November runs until November 30th with with 29 free eBooks to download via this link.

Mystery Reads runs until December 31st with 39 free eBooks you can find via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… is running for the next couple of years with 54 eBooks to download via this link.

I will wrap up the newsletter with best wishes to all of you this holiday season. I hope you get to spend it with loved ones and friends. I wish peace and happiness to all of you around the world.

All the best!!

R Weir


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