Bringing PI Jarvis Mann Back

With a cold, wet winter and early spring so far here in Colorado, it’s going to heat up this week and reach the lower 80’s. Hot, dry weather which seems to fuel more wildfires here in the state. I will be pulling out my garden hose to start watering, for it’s too early to turn on the sprinkler system, since we still can have freezing temps into May. We do have a few flowers starting to bloom on the side of the house. And we have another project on the front yard to remove more grass, and add mulch and water-wise flowers, to save water. This will keep me busy through spring, along with three events I have scheduled which I’ll talk about later. What type of spring project do you have to tackle? I’d love to hear about them, so drop me an email or send pictures. I’d love to share them.

This past month we made the plunge and upgraded our motorhome. This unit is a little shorter, but roomier inside with a large slideout. Our plan is to use it more and travel to other author events around the country. Our first big trip to South Dakota in the middle of June. Kim’s job allows her to work remotely, and this motorhome gives her more room to do so than our previous unit. Here are a few pictures I’ll share.

My new release, Lethal Blues has gone well, with decent sales, Kindle Unlimited reads, and fabulous reviews. The book brought back the private eye Jarvis Mann after several years. Those who have read the series know I left Jarvis in retirement after book 8, Mann in the Crossfire. My plan was to stretch as a writer and work on a new, gritter crime series, The Divine Devils. When I finished Mann in the Crossfire, I didn’t believe I would write any more books in the series. But after the intense third book in the Divine Devils series, Sold Souls, I needed a break. I had a solid idea that I thought worked well to bring Jarvis back. His personality is one I enjoyed creating, especially when it came to his snarky humor. That joy will lead to a 10th book in the series, which I teased at the end of Lethal Blues. A book I’ll begin writing once I’ve finished book 4 in the Divine Devils series, Divine Retribution. That book hopefully will be released later this year.

Lethal Blues is available from Amazon in eBook, paperback, or on Kindle Unlimited. Or you can get a signed copy of the paperback mailed to you for $15 (US Only) by going to this link. Here are two more wonderful reviews for Lethal Blues including a Gold Medal 5-Star editorial rating from Readers Favorite:

Reviewed by Andy Hutchings for Readers’ Favorite: I’ve recently had the pleasure of enjoying Randy Weir’s latest installment in the Jarvis Mann Detective series, Lethal Blues. The story follows detective Jarvis Mann as he is pulled out of his retirement after the roaring narcotics trade in Denver starts leaving a body count. As Jarvis begins hunting down the dealers and gang members responsible for the rise in fentanyl, he descends into a deadly world where the desperate and greedy will do anything to protect their product. Jarvis’ characterization throughout the story is sublime with layers of fascinating nuances, giving us engaging and thought-provoking insight into the harsh reality of the drug world and its dangers.

I found myself devouring each page as the tension and stakes got ever higher with each encounter. Randy Weir demonstrates a prose style that demands our attention and rewards us with excitement as original and unpredictable twists and turns draw us deeper into Jarvis’ world. As Jarvis meets both victim and perpetrator alike through his investigation, Lethal Blues paints a vivid and alarming portrait of the world of narcotics. This story is a credit to the mystery genre, with a complex web of people and their motives, of actions and their consequences, and of greed and the victims it leaves in its wake, all whilst portraying the underworld of Denver with stunning attention to detail that brings the action to life. A must-read for fans of mystery. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Shelly: “I flipped through the pages as I read and stopped occasionally, glancing out the window in search of danger. I wondered if any of my life stories would make for good reading. Or even could be created into a multi-episode series to be shown on one of the popular streaming platforms. My outrageous life and adventures made for stirring drama. But who would ever believe any of these situations could have happened to one person. Even when living them, I had a hard time believing the serial plotlines to my life.“

Well Jarvis Mann your life has made some great stories. Lethal Blue did not disappoint. Even though it seems Jarvis left the PI lifestyle behind but jumped back in with both feet when a friend needed him. Jarvis lets Dennis assist him but when they find the potent drugs are involved Jarvis doesn’t want Dennis involved.

This story has some dangerous villains. The pages are full of danger wherever Jarvis turns. It makes for some nail biting moments. You will be guessing until the very end. There were plenty of twists and turns. A story that will definitely keep you turning the pages hoping Jarvis or Dennis don’t get hurt. Then the ending ………. Is a horrible villain from the past going to reappear.

Last week I appeared on The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon. Amy is a big fan of my books and we talked about my writing journey and process. I even read an excerpt from Lethal Blues. You can check it out via this link.

I did attend the Readers Take Denver author event last month. I sold a few books and had several people sign-up for my newsletter. So a joyful welcome to all of you who are reading my work for the first time. Here are a couple of pictures from the event, including Harriet who purchased The Divine Devils. You can find more via this link.

I have three straight weekends of events starting April 22nd. Information is below and in the Events section of this newsletter or on my website. If you’re in the area for any of these events stop by and say hello!

This month’s Prolific Works free eBooks begin with Dead in the Water – Mystery and Thriller GG. With 22 free eBooks available until April 18th via this link.

A Book Club to Die For – Thriller & Crime Giveaway runs until June 3rd with 20 free eBooks you can check out via this link.

Starting April 18th is the Unknown Caller – Mystery and Thriller GG that will run until May 16th. Available on this link after that date.

Finally, I ran a promo providing a free eBook copy of the Jarvis Mann Detective Boxset Vol 1. I’m thrilled to say the promo allowed the boxset to hit #1 on the Amazon Hard-Boiled Mysteries Bestseller list and was as high as Number 31 on the overall Amazon Bestseller List. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the eBook. If you had a chance to read it, I hope you’ll post a review or rating on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. If you enjoyed Boxset Vol 1, I hope you’ll purchase the Jarvis Mann Detective Boxset Vol 2 on Amazon. Over 1100 pages, with four great private eye cases for only $9.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks again for reading this newsletter and my books. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments. I love to hear from everyone and I generally answer back within 24 hours.

Take care!!

R Weir


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