Changes in Kindle eBook Format

In an effort to simplify the work I need to do when someone signs up for my newsletter, I set up an automation function in my Mailerlite system to automatically send an email. Users who sign-up for my newsletter are offered a free eBook version of my Amazon Bestselling Jarvis Mann PI novel Tracking A Shadow. Sending these emails automatically will save me a lot of time over the manual way I used to send them. Unfortunately during the testing process, I accidentally sent a test email to all of my subscribers. OOPS!! This mistake though had some positive results, as many of my subscribers, several hundred total, reached out about receiving the free eBook. Which was a wonderful consequence of my mistake. My hope you’ll read the book, leave a review and hopefully buy more of my books. Giving away books does cost me, but in the long run, if Tracking A Shadow is a good enough book, then I get sales on the back end of all my other books. Increased sales are what all indie authors are striving for!

Through the years, Amazon and their Kindle eBook readers have used a proprietary eBook format, MOBI. This past year Amazon dropped that format, moving to EPUB, which is more of the standard across the industry. When I offer the free eBook, I give you choices of three formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. If you are using an older Kindle device, MOBI is the format you should ask for. Most newer Kindles and a few of the older ones, received an update recently to accept EPUB. If you aren’t certain which to choose, I would start with EPUB or even PDF which most eReaders will open. Since I’m exclusive to Amazon, if you don’t use a Kindle device, I’m always happy to sell you eBooks direct from me, in a format that will work on those other devices. Just reach out via my email and we’ll work out the details to get you the proper format to read my stories.

I am currently in the middle of an 11-week course at the Westminster Citizens Police Academy. I actually started the course two years ago, right around when COVID hit and they had to cancel it mid-way through. They opened it up again and offered me the chance to start over, which I happily accepted. Here is a link to some pictures I’ve taken while participating in the Academy. Much of the nuances I’ve learned about police work two years ago got worked into my Divine Devils series. Now with starting over, I’m learning even more, which will be used in the next Jarvis Mann PI book, specifically related to the main storyline. Portions of which I will be making a couple of modifications, including the title of the book. The new title being: Lethal Blues. From that, I’ll let you guess for now, what the storyline will entail. More details to come in future newsletters.

A new menu I’ve added to the website, Fun Stuff, will include items like the Citizens Academy, as well as work I’m doing around the house, inside and out, new additions to the family, and other activities. These items I will be adding over time to give you more about what is going on in my life. I hope you’ll check it out.

I recorded two podcasts this past month with a couple of great interviewers, where we talked about books, writing, and marketing. The first was a video podcast with Jennifer Richardson with Pines & Plains Libraries located here in Colorado. You can view the YouTube video via this link. The second one was with Kathrine Hutchinson and is audio only and can be found via this link on Spotify. Please give them a listen.

This past weekend I finished four straight weekends of events, all of them successful, including my biggest one-day sales ever. I sold a lot of books, talked with a lot of people, had many sign-ups for this newsletter, and gave away a few $10 Amazon Gift Cards as prizes. Here is a list of the winners:

Goodguys Car Show (Two winners): Val and Melissa

Broomfield Days (Two Winners): Carla and Bonnie

Eastridge Rec Center (One Winner): Aaron

Fall Festival at Adams County Fairgrounds (One Winner): Tamsen

All the winners have been contacted and received their gift cards. I will be giving away at least one $10 Amazon Gift Card at each event I do through the end of the year. So be sure to come out to one of the events for a chance to win.

Speaking of events, I have two more coming up in October. Starting with Mollie McGee’s which is always a busy two-day event.

Then the following weekend I’ll be at the Family in Christ Community Church for two days. This will be the first time I’ve done this event. I’ll be looking forward to talking to many new people.

Another round of free eBooks is available from Prolific Works this month for you to check out and download.

One of Us Is Lying – Thriller & Crime Giveaway runs through November 18th and includes 11 eBooks to download for free via this link.

Mysterious and Thrilling October runs until October 31st with 25 books to choose from via this link.

Mystery and Thriller Giveaway also runs until October 31st with 28 books to check out via this link.

If you’re enjoying my books, please be sure to visit my Amazon Author Page to purchase eBooks or Paperbacks of both my series. Or you can contact me via email to get signed paperbacks at a great price plus a nominal shipping fee. Signed paperbacks make wonderful and surprising holiday gifts for loved ones and friends who love to read. In the Jarvis Mann PI series, there are 8 books total, while in the Divine Devils series there are 3 books to date. With several award winners, including The Front Range Butcher, The Divine Devils, and Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2. You can add them all to your reading or shopping list today.

I will wrap up this newsletter with a welcome to all the new subscribers I’ve talked with these past 4 weeks. I hope you enjoy the content and I love to hear from you if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just to chat. I can be reached via this address. My email box is always open.

Thanks again for reading. Be sure to share with anyone you feel would be interested. If they sign-up they’ll be offered a free eBook, no strings attached. Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

R Weir


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