Chapter Two Preview: The Divine Devils

Here is the second chapter of the new book:

The Divine Devils

Chapter 2

Morning light filtered through the curtains of the hotel room, casting a beam across the queen-sized bed where two bodies slept. From his back, rose a naked Hunter Divine, his head pounding from a hard night of drinking, cloudy memories littering his mind, bits and pieces he couldn’t grab hold of. He shook his head to clear what cobwebs remained, finding his equilibrium before standing and walking over to the curtains. Taking a gander outside, the bright sunlight hurt his eyes, noticing the day was well underway, the clock by the bed showing in bright LED red—9:17.

His forty-three-year-old body felt stiff, a few scars and healed broken bones from the life he’d led made his first movements each morning challenging. Opening the curtains further, unworried if anyone saw his bare body, he reached both arms above his head and stretched as much as he could trying to loosen up. A fact which seemed harder to do with the beginning of each day of his complicated life. His mouth felt dry and his body dirty from a long night of vigorous sex with the still sleeping woman, whose name escaped him. They had meet in a bar a few blocks from the hotel, frequented by a younger up-scale crowd, the twenty-two-year-old female looking for an older man to hop in bed with. Hunter didn’t really care to find out the reason for this, he just enjoyed the attention her young body gave him, her insatiable desire driving his. They would likely never see each other again, but that was fine with him. It was a physical requirement fulfilled and one he happened to enjoy, even if there was a nagging guilt the next morning. The day would come when he would need to clean up his act and stop his licentious behavior, but that day seemed distant.

Hunter walked into the bathroom to relieve himself and then took a long look in the mirror, the redness in his eyes burning back at him via the silver backing. He didn’t like what he saw and hadn’t for some time now, his life turned upside down by a powerful US Senator. He’d taken work where he could find it, living from hotel to hotel, moving around wherever his employment took him. Once a US Marshal, that life had been forcefully taken away when someone he was protecting had been murdered. The guilt was still there, the memories while awake or asleep, still haunted him, buried beneath the drinking, drugs and one-night stands with whatever female he could find. He had money to move around, but even that wasn’t endless. When that day arrived, he would have to face the facts of what his life had become.

Houston was his temporary home now. The job finished; the fee collected for roughing up someone who had threatened his client. The point was made, the problem solved. His knuckles were still sore from the strategically placed shots to the man’s body. A far cry from the work he’d done in the past, which was satisfying, contrary to his current work that provided little joy. It paid well and kept his mind occupied and away from his troubled soul.

He walked back into the room and found a joint on the table, lighting it up, the no smoking sign staring him in the face. The substance was not legal in Texas, yet it didn’t stop the woman from having a couple in her purse which added to the festivities of the night before. Taking a long draw Hunter held it in before releasing the smoke, the stimulate helping to juice up his mind and body, a temporary mask for his physical and mental pain.

As he stood drawing on the smoke he heard stirring on the bed, the young naked blonde-haired college girl, twisted in the sheets, slowly rising. Scratching at her backside, she walked over to Hunter grabbing the joint from his hand and taking a draw, holding the smoke in for a long time before exhaling. He gazed at her, remembering the curve of her body, the smell of her perfume, but not much else. She was another roll in the hay he would soon forget about.

“Damn that feels good,” she said handing the spliff back to Hunter. She put her hands on his dark backside, giving his butt a squeeze. “Your ass is supreme too.”

She then walked into the bathroom, closing the door for an unknown reason, since there’s little they hadn’t shared the night before. Hunter took another draw and went to check his cellphone finding one message that had been left last night. He’d been too busy screwing to notice someone had called. The number was unknown to him, area code 719—a Colorado prefix—but he still listened to the message. It could have been a job, which he needed as he had no new prospects on the horizon and he would need all the money he could get before what he had dried up.

Pushing the call button to his voice mail he put it up to his ear, and when he heard the familiar voice his eyebrows raised, attention peeked.

“Hunter, it’s Paige Hawkins, though you may remember me as Paige Sellers. I know it has been a while since we spoke but I need your help. Someone tried to kidnap my daughter and son today.” She paused, sounding upset, trying to compose herself. “Sorry, I’m shaking because I’m scared. This is the second time they have tried and this time one of the men on our security team was killed and two others injured. I feel like I’m begging…but I really could use your help as I have no idea who else to turn to or why someone wants my kids. I’m worried to death.” Her breathing sounded labored during another pause. “Can you please call me right away? I realize we have history together, but I don’t have anyone else to turn to. I know you have the skills to protect them. I’m willing to pay whatever you want, which I’m certain you know I can afford. I implore you to call me back. Please Hunter I don’t know what I’d do if I lost them…thank you.”

Hunter knew the voice and knew the name, and yes they had a history, though not one that ended happily. A lover from his distant past that added to his internal ache. More regret about one more mistake he’d made, part of a long list. A wish he could turn back time to correct.

He thought about the request for a minute and then hit the save button. He would have to think long and hard about this. He could use the work and she had the financial resources to pay well. Money was a temptation that was difficult to turn down no matter the trepidation he felt at the prospect of seeing her again. Hunter put the phone down on the table and took another draw on the joint, not much of it remaining, before blowing it out the open window.

The blonde-haired woman came out of the bathroom, still naked and walked up behind Hunter. She pushed her body up against him, her arms wrapped around his waist before her hands rubbed his washboard abs and defined pecs. His physique a product of a rigorous daily workout routine that matched his sexual thirst.

“That was one hell of a night, Daddy-o,” she cooed into his shoulder. “I don’t think I’ve had so many orgasms in one evening. You sure do know your way around a woman’s anatomy.”

Indeed he did. He’d had a lot of practice throughout the years, though rarely with the same woman and never more than a few times. It was important to him to make sure to provide the pleasure they longed for, while keeping his distance from the ties of a relationship. He loved their body shapes—big and small, tight and curvy. Their smells and tastes drove his desire to satisfy them, knowing they would return the favor. A passionate moment in time inside them to escape his demons.

“You know your way around the male anatomy,” he replied, feeling satisfied but fuzzy on the details of what they did.

Her hands started travelling downwards, checking to see his response to her body against his. She got the answer she was looking for.

“Oh my. Even after all that screwing last night you still can get it up. Maybe we can start the day out right.”

She started kissing his back, her lips trailing along his shoulders, ignoring the scars, down his right arm, all the while her hands were stroking him. Hunter’s eyes closed, feeling his heartrate increase, desire swelling to a fevered pitch. He turned around, feeling energized with lust. Grabbing her face, he kissed it with a fiery passion, that left her weak kneed.

“Take me,” she cried out.

“I can’t,” he said, remembering one aspect of the night before. “We used the last condom on our final fuck. Best to play it safe.”

“I’m on the pill if you’re worried about knocking me up,” she uttered.

That wasn’t his main concern, getting an STD was a bigger issue. He’d been infected a few years back after a drunken night of debauchery. The discomfort remaining several weeks until a diagnosis and antibiotics cured the infection. Ever since then he had been more careful. It was not pain he ever wanted to repeat.

“Good to know, but I still like backup just in case.”

She looked up at him, a wildfire in her eyes. “How about we try a position that doesn’t require a condom and is one of my favorites.”

Her mouth began kissing his neck, then his chest, nipples, abs; downward she went making her horny thoughts evident, before spinning his body around and pushing him on the bed, climbing on top in a reverse position. It would seem Hunter would delay, at least for this morning, cleaning up his incessant behavior, bringing on one final dose of orgasmic pleasure for them both.