Westminster Citizens Police Academy

Driving a Police Interceptor
Graduation Night
K9 demonstrations.
More K9 demonstrations.
More K9 demonstrations.
District 17 DA Brian Mason
Doing tests while in protective gear for drugs.
Protective gear worn when doing drug investigations in containmenated homes.
In the Crime Lab doing fingerprint dusting.
Various types of taser weapons
One of the students volunteered to be tased. A braver man than me!
Removing the taser darts from the volunteer. OUCH!!
Room to Room Search Discussion
Traffic Stop Demonstrations
SWATT armored vehicle.
Myself wearing some of the gear SWATT wears. Boy was it heavy.
A few of the weapons SWATT uses.
SWATT commander throwing a flash-bang canister. Man was it load and you could feel the shockwave.
The SWATT commander discusses the after-effects of the flash-bang.