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Great news. I’ve sent Sold Souls: The Divine Devils Book 3 off to my editor. Feedback from my beta readers was overwhelmingly positive, with a few tweaks made from their feedback. If all goes well I’m hoping for the book to be released in early June. The story delves into the perverse world of Human/Sex Trafficking, so the content is intense and at times can be disturbing. Hunter and his team of Devils digging deep, trying to find the sister of their client who was sold into the trafficking world as a teenager. A client who has a violent past with the Divine Devils. I have posted a tease for Sold Souls for you to check out here. This is a rough draft, so there will be a few typos and not the final content. But this will give you a taste of what the story is about. Give it a quick read and let me know what you think.

I’ve already started writing the next book in the series, piecing together about 13k words worth of the story. In this book, like all of my books, there will be a lot of characters. Some good, others evil, and those that toe the line between both. Character names are challenging to come up with. Finding ones that work well in the story. I recently was talking with a customer service agent on the phone, the woman telling me her name was, Phaedra. The greek meaning of the name: Bright. A name I found unique and one I told her I would name a character after in a future book. Which gave me a thought. Would readers of my newsletter like to have a character named after them in one of my future books. If you’d be interested, send me an email while giving me a reason why. And let me know if you’d like your character to be good, evil, or somewhere in the middle. Depending on the response I might pick more than one.

As I mentioned last month, I wrote a short story where Jarvis Mann and Hunter Divine meet for the first time. Titled A Divine Chat Over a Beer. I’ve now posted this on my website. Stop by and give it a read.

Last Saturday I did my first Craft Fair of the year, at Smoky Hill High School. This will be the first of many events I have scheduled for this year. The next is on March 26th at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora Colorado. You can always find the latest events I have scheduled on my Events page, or they will be listed in the Upcoming Events section at the bottom of each newsletter. I hope to see lots of smiling faces this year.

Smoky Hill High School Spring Craft Fair: March 2022

Thanks to one of the events I did in December, I was able to talk with one of the organizers, and she linked me to a local reporter, Luke with The Westminster Window newspaper. Luke did a short interview with me which you can check out here.

A few more excellent reviews for The Divine Devils and Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2.

Weir is a great writer with stories fast-paced and hard to put down even with sleep medicine. I slept less the three nights it took me to read it – Shannon

Author R. Weir hits another home run with Fallen Star, the second book in the Devine Devils series that features Hunter Devine as the main character. Hunter is a former U.S. Marshall turned P.I., and he is tough as nails. If you read between the lines, you can see that he also has a conscience. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a main character for this genre – Julie

Both books are available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited. If you’d like a signed paperback copy of these books and can’t make it to one of my events, reach out via email and we can work out getting a copy mailed to you.

Speaking of reviews, I’m always excited to read new reviews. Beyond someone buying the book, nothing thrills an indie author more than seeing a new review for their book. Over the years I have had over 750 reviews for all of my books. Not on the level of the big publishing house authors, but still good for an indie. If you enjoyed my books, or even if you didn’t, please take a minute and leave a review. They can be as detailed as you like or simple. A basic “I thought it was a fun read” is all that is needed. Posting them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and Bookbub are the major sites where people read reviews when shopping for books.

This month we have three Prolific Works Giveaways to highlight. Giving readers a chance to check out free eBooks to download from authors who write in my genre.

Nowhere to Hide – Mystery & Crime Giveaway runs until March 30th with 26 books to choose from via this link.

Ominous Omens – Mystery and Thriller GG begins March 15th and runs until March 29th. You can find the 7 books available via this link.

Mystery/Thriller Giveaway begins March 16th and runs until March 30th, with 30 books to choose from via this link.

I will wrap up another month with a hearty thanks for checking out my newsletter. Please share with those you know who love to read Mystery, Thrillers, and Suspense. Anyone signing up for the newsletter receives a free eBook version of my Jarvis Mann PI novel, Tracking A Shadow. A nice bonus to add to your eReader.

Stay safe, healthy, and Happy!

R Weir

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