Changes Coming

I’m a little late getting out this email, as I was on a roll working on the next book in the Divine Devils series, the working title, Sold Souls. Happy to announce that I’ve finished the first draft and have the story in the hands of my beta readers. Still a lot of work ahead, with more rewrites and then off to my editor. But I’m hoping it will be ready for release by late spring or early summer.

I have some changes coming as well. You will notice the design of this newsletter is different than in the past. Mailchimp, which I’ve used since the beginning, raised its rates again, making it too expensive to use. I’ve now moved to MailerLite, which is about half the cost and provides me all the features I need. All of my subscribers automatically moved over with a few clicks. New subscribers who come to my website receive a pop-up window where they can subscribe as before. Testing of the newsletter has been without issue, but this first major send will be the ultimate test. If you have any issues opening and reading it, let me know.

With the new newsletter service and design, I now have a new email address. This one incorporates my RWeir domain. This should be used going forward for any communications and should also help with the newsletter getting caught in spam filters, as the free Gmail address I previously used is prone to. Links for the email are at the bottom of each newsletter and I normally include them at least once in the body. Email me if you have any questions.

Other changes coming include on my website. This includes ads now on the site, which I’m still experimenting with. These ads allow me to earn revenue to help pay for the website. If you go to the site, check them out and see what you think. I also plan on doing a redesign of the website. This will take time since I’ll be doing it mostly on my own. I’m not a web designer, but with the template designs WordPress provides I’m hoping it will be a smooth process.

I’ve been so busy these past couple of months, I forgot to mention a video podcast I did with Author April Thomas, where we discuss many topics about being an author. I had a great time with her, so please check it out on YouTube.

I also got to do a guest post on Author Lois Winston’s blog. There I wrote a short story where Jarvis Mann and Hunter Divine, the two main characters of my books series, meet. It was a fun little story that I will add to my website in the future. But for now, go to the blog and give it a read.

Those of you who’ve read my latest book, Fallen Star, may have noticed a character crossing over from the Jarvis Mann series, into Hunter Divine’s world. The sharply dressed, ladies man lawyer Barry Anders, who was prominent in several of the Jarvis stories, makes an appearance to bail out Hunter. The possibility of more characters of the two series, crossing over in the future. Be sure to check out Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two, along with the award-winning, The Divine Devils. Both books are available in eBook, paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited. Here are two new 5-Star reviews for Fallen Star:

Another blockbuster story starring Hunter Divine and his team of Divine Devils. I loved book one and this book -#2 was another fantastic read. The team is assigned a case involving blackmail of a actress only to stumble upon a casino criminal enterprise with ties to drugs, murders and blackmail. Hunter is also working on a case from his past life with the US Marshal Service. I hope a Book #3 is in the works – Charlene

Another great read from author R. Weir. Some interesting characters and plenty of action.
Can’t wait for the next in the series, especially following the teaser – Ken

My editor of Fallen Star, Tina Susedik, is also an author of many books. Today I’m giving a plug for an anthology book she and several other authors wrote, Hope Harbor. All the proceeds of each book purchased are donated to Operation Underground Railroad, which is an organization that rescues and works with exploited and trafficked people. It’s a great cause, so please check it out on Amazon.

This month there are two Prolific Works giveaways to find free eBooks to add to your reading list. The first is Nowhere to Hide – Mystery & Crime Giveaway with 26 books to check out until March 30th. You can find them via this link.

Gone Missing – Mystery and Thriller GG begins on Feb 15th and runs until March 1st, with 19 books to explore via this link.

Last month I talked about the devastating fires here in Colorado. Over 1000 homes were destroyed with more than 200 badly damaged. Again I hope you’ll donate to this cause via this link for Boulder County Wildfire relief or you can donate time and materials via this link. Those of you who already did, thank you so much for helping. As a gesture of thanks for anyone donating, I will offer a free eBook from my catalog of books, including the box sets in the Jarvis Mann series. Just email me to let me know you donated and I’ll get the eBook sent to you right away.

Thanks again for reading and sharing my newsletter. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers in the world. I hope you get the opportunity to snuggle up to those you love and share a good book.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!!

R Weir


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