Tracking A Shadow Audio Book Now Available

For those getting my newsletter in their inbox via my marketing company, Mailerlite, now have to deal with a new limitation they added in the last week. Apparently when my newsletter is larger than a certain number of characters, it will cut off the email and put a Read More function to take you to my website to read the newsletter in it’s entiredy. Not ideal and one I’m not happy about. I will likely have to change marketing companines again, but for now I apologize for the inconvienence, since I didn’t discover this until after I’d written the newsletter. I will explore all options to get this resolved. In the meantime, please click at the bottom of the email the Read More link to read the entire newsletter. Thanks for your understanding!

With audiobook sales in the US of over 1 billion dollars per year, I knew I needed to get more of my books out for those to listen to. The challenging process of finding someone to properly narrate, with the right tone, pace, and voice. Using the ACX (Audible) system to audition producers gave me a wide range of voices. After listening to several auditions, I found what I thought was the best voice in Eric Priessman. I hope you agree, as Tracking A Shadow, the first novel in the Jarvis Mann PI series is now available as an audiobook via ACX (Audible), Amazon, and iTunes.

I’m hoping for some good sales for Tracking A Shadow, so I can go on and produce more of the books in the Jarvis Mann series, the next being Twice As Fatal. I’ve posted an audio chapter preview on my website for you to check out via this link.

The first short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum is also available, though sales haven’t been as good as I’d hoped. If you haven’t checked out the short story you can find it on ACX (Audible), Amazon, and iTunes

And I have a few free promo codes I can send anyone in the US or UK who are interested in listening to either of those audiobooks. Send me an email and I’ll contact you about getting the code to you.

I was hoping to have The Divine Devils Book One out in audiobook format by now, but the person I chose to record the book had several personal issues arise and had to quit the project part-way through the creation. So I’m starting from scratch to find another producer to get the book out, which is a priority being the popularity of my award-winning first book in the series.

I’m thrilled to announce the next book in the Divine Devils series: Sold Souls has a release date of June 1st. Editing is finishing up and the cover is nearing completion. In next month’s newsletter, I’ll have more information available, including pre-order pricing on the eBook, how to get a signed copy of the paperback, and an early look at the cover. You can check out two previews I have on my website. The Prologue and Chapter 1 are now available to give you a taste of what is in store in the new book. Be forewarned this book will delve into human/sex trafficking, so it will be an intense story.

I have many new readers of the newsletter joining us this month thanks to the two latest craft shows I attended. One at Cherokee Trail High School, the other at Falcon Bluffs Middle School. The picture above is from a wonderful lady who won a raffle drawing at Falcon Bluffs, where I donated one of my Divine Devils t-shirts and my book The Case of the Invisible Souls. She had stopped by my table earlier interested in my Jarvis Mann PI series and was fortunate to win the raffle. She then returned to purchase the rest of the series, which was wonderful. Thanks to her and everyone else who visited my table to chat at these two events.

Currently, my next event will be at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Brighton Colorado on April 30th. I have more events coming up throughout the year and will be adding others. You can always find the latest information on my website events page and at the bottom of the newsletter.

I did a short interview with the website CanvasRebel which was recently posted. The site is dedicated to helping artists promote their work. Please check it out via this link.

With spring, comes spring flowers. A few showing up in our gardens, which I thought I’d share to brighten your day. If you have pictures of your blooming garden, I’d love to see them.

Another month of Prolific Works free eBook giveaways for readers to check out. These books are in the same genres as my own stories.

Mystery Reads giveaway runs until June 30th and has 51 free eBooks for you to check out via this link.

Left You Dead – Mystery & Crime Giveaway starts on April 10th and runs until June 10th, with currently 17 free eBooks you can check out via this link.

Secret Messages – Mystery and Thriller GG starts April 12 and runs until April 26th, with 23 books you can find via this link.

I will wrap up this month with a plug for Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2. Available on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited. Or if you’re interested in a signed paperback and live in the US, reach out via email and I’ll get a book mailed out right away.

Here is a new 5-Star review on Fallen Star:

This is such a good book. It has so much action in it and I must say it does have a liberal rating of “R”. Hunter Devine and his crew which include woman invade Reno and what you can imagine when a crew like this in town does. He is there to get a job done and he and his crew will do almost anything to take the bad man down. Randy writes this series and his other ones so well that you almost are page turning as it is so good. Randy hit a home run with this! – Peggy

Thanks for reading and being a fan. Please be safe, happy, and healthy!!

R Weir


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