Vacation Time

I’m a little late getting this month’s newsletter out, as I’m still getting caught up after our family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota. A vacation which now is becoming a yearly event for us. This year we stayed in a different RV resort in Spearfish. A beautiful facility with large sites, green grass, a huge pool, and two hot tubs. A large herd of adult and baby buffalo just down the road. We had a great time spending eight days, seeing a lot of sites in the area. Here are a few pictures from our vacation.

While we were in South Dakota, Kim and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. My, how the time flies. Kim is a wonderful woman, who has been supportive of my author journey from the beginning. I’m a lucky man!

I was also in South Dakota for the Wild Deadwood Reads event. This was the fifth year of the event and had over 90 authors selling their books. It was another great time where I got to talk with other authors, many I consider friends, as well as readers. My plan is to return again next year.

I’m proud to announce Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book 2 is up for the 2022 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award in the Thriller category. The first book, The Divine Devils, was the winner in that category last year. I will be at Killer Nashville August 18-21st where winners in all the categories will be announced. It will be a fun time in a wonderful city. If you’re interested in going to the event you can find out more here.

The latest book in the Divine Devils series, Sold Souls continues to receive excellent reviews. Here are two new ones:

It’s one of those embraceable stories. A definite attention grabber, so much I couldn’t put it down. Both thrilling and intriguing, all the way to the end – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

I love this series because Mr Weir weaves a story that truly takes hold of your emotions and won’t let go. He weaves a story that is reality and fiction all rolled into one. His world building of the story and characters create a top read – Shelly

You can find Sold Souls: The Divine Devils Book 3 on Amazon in eBook, paperback, or via Kindle Unlimited. Add it to your reading list today.

My free giveaway during the first week in June, of The Divine Devils, allowed my award-winning book to reach #2 on the Crime Thrillers Amazon Bestseller list and as high as #44 on the overall Amazon Bestseller list.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the book. I’ve been getting lots of new reviews for The Divine Devils. If you’ve read the book I’d love it if you posted a review on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Bookbub. Here are two recent reviews:

Excellent intrigue as the good guys and gals try to overcome the most brutal evil. Prepare to lose some sleep – Jan

Oh my… I can not express enough how amazing this book was to read. I have not read a good dectective, suspense, murder mystery book in long long time. I am always on the hunt for new authors to read their books. Out of the blue one day I came across this author selling his books. I thought what the heck and purchased two books. Oh my… the best decision I made and worth every penny. This book had me at the first chapter wanting to know how this was going to play out with all the characters. I was half way through the first book and had to make sure I was going to be able to purchase the third book when I am finished with the second. Take a chance on this author, I promise you won’t regret it – Cooper

For July I have only one event scheduled, which will be outdoors at the Denver Makers Market in Centennial Colorado on July 30th. Be sure to stop on down and say hello. There will be over 100 vendors selling their wares. Be certain to add the event to your calendar and stop on by.

This month we have more Prolific Works free eBooks for you to check out.

Sun Down Motel – Thriller & Crime Giveaway has 13 free eBooks, available until August 21st via this link.

Conspiracies and Criminals – Mystery and Thriller GG have 19 free eBooks to check out until August 2nd via this link.

Mystery Giveaway has 20 free eBooks available starting July 15th, running through August 15th. You can find those books via this link.

Stayed tuned for next month’s newsletter as I have exciting and surprising news on the next book I’m working on. My hope it will be out by the end of the year.

Thanks again for reading. Be sure to share with all your book-reading friends. If they sign-up to receive the newsletter, I give them a free eBook, Tracking A Shadow, from my Jarvis Mann PI series.

All the best to you and your family!!

R Weir


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