Sold Souls Release Day, Plus Bargain Prices

Wednesday, June 1st, is a big day for several reasons. The first is the release of my 11th book, Sold Souls: The Divine Devils Book 3. This story of Hunter Divine and his team of Devils, delving into the hellish world of human/sex trafficking. A case in which some of them may not survive. Here is the long synopsis of the story.

The brutal world of human trafficking. Where underage children are bought, sold and sexually abused by their deviant owners. The victims traded around, used up and spit out as if their lives were meaningless. A lethal adversary approaching The Divine Devils with a scary proposition. Locate and free her sister from the tortured shackles.

The foe hiring The Divine Devils to assist in tracking her down. Hunter and his team fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. Infiltrating the heart of the intricate web this organization has created. Following a brutal, deadly road to free these Sold Souls. Before they all perish at the hands of their savage masters.

Here are a few new reviews I’ve received for Sold Souls, including a glowing 5-Star editorial review from Readers’ Favorite:

I loved Sold Souls. Author R. Weir had me hooked from the very beginning. The first chapter and the insight it brought about Valerie’s life were traumatic and inviting at the same time. The story picked up momentum from there and the action was introduced from the get-go. I thought Hunter would be all over the case, and Athena would need some convincing, but it was the other way around. The author held nothing back when showing the depravity of the sex trade/human trafficking world. The pace was perfect and provided plenty of opportunities for Athena, Valerie, and Hunter to figure out their next move before the author surprised readers with a new twist. The last chapter was astonishing. I was not expecting it, and neither was Hunter. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next novel! – Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The latest Hunter Divine novel is an action-packed page turner. Author R. Weir easily hooked me early on with the story of human trafficking and child abuse. While some of the content could be referred to as triggers, this story is really about looking beyond past differences to overcome that evil. I enjoyed that former nemesis, Valerie, comes to Hunter and his team for help. The author gave both of these characters depth by showing their vulnerabilities and softer sides juxtapose to their gritty, street-wise behavior. R. Weir truly made his characters feel like people instead of stereotypes. The dynamic plot is fast paced, and the story arc is both gripping and gritty. Sold Souls is another R. Weir tale that I highly recommend -Julie

I must say I’m really liking the two stories going on within the book and now they seem to be intertwining. I think it just adds more intensity to the book. I literally was on the edge of my seat while reading scared that something bad was going to happen to the main characters – Tina

This one was a show stopper I could not put it down. It was dirty suspenseful, scary and elegant all at the same time Regina

I’m continuing the eBook pre-order pricing of $3.99 on Amazon through June 5th for Sold Souls, along with two other deals on the first two Divine Devils books. Book one, The Divine Devils, is FREE on Amazon (normally $6.99) starting Wednesday, June 1st, running through June 5th. A fabulous deal on this award-winning book that introduces Hunter and his team of Divine Devils. Here are a few of the wonderful 5-Star reviews:

Author R. Weir has crafted a highly suspenseful work of thriller fiction with this unusual presentation of crimefighting and all-out action against a twisted, evil foe. One of the things which impressed me most of all was the characterization of Hunter Divine, who goes beyond the simplistic stereotype of a damaged former hero and offers us a deeply empathetic soul and a powerful psychological profile of a man with something to hope for. The plot unfurls with fantastic pacing, delivering plenty of cinematic action scenes with vivid descriptions, but perfectly balancing these out with intelligent exposition and tense moments of calm before the storm. Overall, I would highly recommend The Divine Devils for fans of slick action novels with sharp edges, as well as those who appreciate an intelligent plot and a well-crafted hero with plenty of highs and lows – K. C. Finn with Readers’ Favorite

This was such a great sit on the edge of my seat kind of story. This book was full of action, suspense, great characters and so much more – Candy

I absolutely LOVE this book!!!! I definitely can not wait to read the next book in the series. The Divine Devils by R. Weir is going to be a very addictive series – SweetKrissy

The next bargain is on book two, Fallen Star. This book will be priced at $3.99 (normally $6.99) on Amazon from June 1st to June 5th. Hunter and the Divine Devils going to Reno and Lake Tahoe to help a movie star who is being blackmailed. This book is up for several awards in 2022. Here are a few of the glowing 5-Star reviews:

In the intense novel Fallen Star by R. Weir, the Divine Devils are back for another case. Reno is exciting and glitzy without the Divine Devils, but when they gather in one of the most entertaining towns on earth, you can expect nonstop danger, action, and romance. Colorful fight scenes, lots of intimate encounters, and engaging subplots woven throughout the main story make this book unputdownable. At times I got frustrated with Hunter’s attitude, but his loyalty to his team kept me from totally abandoning hope for him – for now. The characters and settings are vibrant and beautifully fleshed out, and the storylines are expertly drawn together, forming an astounding conclusion – Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Another fast moving action packed book by Weir. Hard to put down this book. Looking forward to the third book – Shannon

I actually found myself talking to Hunter in this book. Telling him “don’t do it”, “don’t go there”, “you’re going to get shot”. That’s just how involved I got in this book as I read along. It got very intense. I can’t say enough good things. It’s a definite page turner and a must read – Tina

All and all great deals, where you can get all three books in the Divine Devils series for less than $8. I’m hoping with this promo I can move all three books into the Amazon Best Sellers list. A great chance for everyone to download and add the series to your Kindle, for edge-of-your-seat reading.

I have only one event in the month of June, but it’s a big one. I’ll be going to Deadwood South Dakota for the annual Wild Deadwood Reads Author and Reader event. This will be the fifth year of the event, one I’ve attended from the beginning. There will be over 70 author’s there selling their books, including yours truly. This is a fun event to do, and a great vacation for myself and Kim. I hope to see lots of smiling faces, both new and old. And I’ll have all my books to sign and sell.

More Prolific Works free eBook downloads to check out. First is Left You Dead – Mystery & Crime Giveaway with 26 free eBooks to check out until June 10th via this link.

Next is Mystery Reads with 51 eBooks free to download until June 30th via this link.

Crazy for Cozy Mysteries which doesn’t start until Jun 10th and runs until July 10th with lots of free eBooks to download via this link when it goes live.

I will wrap up this newsletter with one last plug to get all three books in the Divine Devils series, these wonderful prices available from June 1st thru June 5th. The Divine Devils will be free on Amazon, with Fallen Star and Sold Souls at the bargain price of $3.99. Over 1300 pages of thrills and suspense for less than $8. Please share this with everyone you know, so I can rocket the series to the top of the bestseller lists.

Thanks again for reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week!!

R Weir


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