Books Make Great Gifts

I’m late getting out the newsletter this month since I was working an Information Technology temp job to make a little extra money for this holiday season. It’s been a rough year, since a chunk of my sales are for paperbacks, sales happening at holiday season craft fairs and events. And I normally see an uptick in sales of eBooks after those events which I’ve lost out on this year. Since nearly all of them were cancelled, my sales have been slow to say the least. Disappointing but certainly understandable with the virus running rampant throughout the country, affecting all of us both financially and mentally.

With the holiday season upon us, I would like to plug books being a wonderful gift for those you’re shopping for. Whether it be physical books or eBooks, reading has been popular with all the lockdowns many of us are experiencing. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, reading can take our minds off current events, sending us to worlds outside our own. If you have a voracious reader friend or in your family, be certain to check out books, especially the books in my Jarvis Mann series and the new Hunter Divine book.

Speaking of Hunter Divine, if you haven’t already be sure to check out The Divine Devils which I released in October. This latest action, suspense, thriller features former US Marshal Hunter Divine and a team he puts together to prevent the kidnapping of two teenage children of a past love. It’s full of intrigue, mystery and touch of lusta book I hope you won’t want to put down. Below are a couple of new 5-Star reviews.

This book in particular, took me on an intense adventure and one that I very much enjoyed. The story is so complex, yet it’s easy to follow right along side our hero. There’s so much suspense and action, so I thoroughly enjoyed that. The story flows so well and kept me on the edge of my seatBrandi

The Divine Devils has clever twists and turns and more than just a few surprises. The story’s execution is so well scripted, the reader will feel as though you are watching a movie play out in front of your eyes as R. Weir unveils the unexpected and doesn’t hold back. A definite well written and fully entertaining novel. The Divine Devils—read it! – Lindie

You can pick-up The Divine Devils on Amazon, in either eBook or Paperback. And it’s available on Kindle Unlimited. Or you can purchase the paperback direct from me and I’ll sign it. Just reach out to me via email and I’ll work with you on the cost. This would be true as well for all the Jarvis Mann PI books. All available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback or via Kindle Unlimited. If you’re looking for a signed paperback drop me a line.

I’m still hard at work on the second book in the Divine Devils series, the tentative title: Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. Not certain if I’m sold on the title yet, but we’ll see what other options come to me as I continue to develop the storyline of the latest adventure of Hunter and his team. I’m planning on adding a couple of teaser’s to the new book in future newsletters.

With this month, I’ll feature other character from the new book. Shen Lewison in another member of the Divine Devils team, who had met Hunter years earlier while working a case for the US Marshals. The two not hitting it off at first, leading to a short physical confrontation, eventually leading to a professional association. Shen is a martial arts expert, running his own training studio out of Phoenix Arizona. Though small in stature, he is tough, using his martial arts skills and weapons with precision. Preferring them instead of using a gun. He is a diverse character, like the others on the team, who won’t back down from a challenge, even from those who hold his size, ethic background and sexual orientation against him, Shen being a gay man.

The last event I was able to do this year was at a church in Lakewood Colorado and outside under my canopy. Though traffic was light, the pandemic shutdowns keeping many at home, I did enjoy getting outside on a warm day, especially for early November. A great time smelling the fresh air and talking with people about books and life in general. Let’s hope 2021 allows us all to enjoy the outdoors and life as we’re used to.

It’s a quiet month in December for Prolific Works book giveaways. There is only one and it starts next week. Super Sleuth – Mystery and Thriller GG begins December 22nd and currently features 57 free eBooks for you to check out. You can access them via this link beginning the 22nd and ending Jan 5th.

I’ll wrap up this month by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I hope you all finish out the year with family and friends, even if only via Zoom or Skype. Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

R Weir


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