The Reviews Are In!!

As I’ve mentioned in the last couple of newsletters, WordPress my website company changed the editor for my newsletters. I create the newsletter on my website, then use Mailchimp to send it to all on my subscriber list. With this new format I’ve been getting odd results. At times the text is really small and the graphic pictures I use are huge when viewed. While other times it displays with no issue. It seems to depend on the application you use for reading your email. I personally use Thunderbird on my desktop computer and Bluemail on my Android phone and tablet. Results between those two have been mixed. At times displaying properly and other times being hard to read. I’m now working with the new default setting WordPress has provided to see if it displays better across the various platforms people use for reading their email. My testing has shown that the problem has now been corrected, or so I hope. Yippee!! If you’re still having issues be sure to let me know by sending me an email and include what email client or application you use to read your email in. I certainly don’t want to make reading my newsletter a chore. And I don’t want to send them without some graphics in them, which I believe makes for a boring newsletter. Below is a graphic for my new book, The Divine Devils, which should now display in the proper size.

With the release of The Divine Devils I’ve been monitoring my sales. To this point they’ve been a little disappointing, not living up the sales on my last couple of Jarvis Mann PI books. I’m not certain why, as I’ve been pushing it hard via various social media. If you’ve been on the fence about my new book, I’d love to hear why you’ve not purchased it yet. Is it the cost? The content? The current state of the world we’re living in? Maybe the previews I’ve provided didn’t convince you to buy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I’d love to get this book onto as many Kindles as possible.

With the release I’ve received several early reviews, all of them wonderful being 4 and 5 stars. Here are parts of a couple of them which might help you decide if you’re on the fence:

This book is full of intrigue, suspense that had me trying to figure out why someone was trying to get the kids and if they were going to be successful. It is a very intense read. I was completely hooked from page one until the very end – Tina

As the story progress it will keep you in the dark on who the abductor is and what their agenda is. The characters from the bad to the good are multi dimensional and all interesting and different. When I read suspense/mystery I want to be kept guessing and this book did a great job. The team trying to abduct the children will stop at nothing and this kept the story interesting. A read that is intense, full of action and suspense. I was holding my breath through many of the chapters – Shelly

This book is a very good, nope it is just plain awesome and I really do recommend you get your copy today as I don’t want to spoil this phenomenal plot for youB.K. Maxwell

The Divine Devils is available on Amazon in eBook ($6.99), paperback ($15.99) or free via Kindle Unlimited. Or you can purchase the paperback direct from me for $12 plus shipping (US only please). And I’ll be certain to sign it and leave a personal note for you. All you have to do is send me an email and I’ll work on getting it to you ASAP.

Last month I mentioned I would highlight a character in one of my books each month. This month will be Athena Nasso, an integral part of The Divine Devils team. A woman Hunter met while still a US Marshal, the two sharing an intimate relationship which didn’t end well. Still they work together, Athena often with sharp tongue pointing out Hunter’s weakness for women and unwillingness to commit to any type of long-term relationship. I created her to be a strong, independent woman, working with high testosterone males she could hold her own with. A free thinker willing to take charge when called upon. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I believe is a well-rounded character.

Two other events, one in October, the other in November have been cancelled. To date I still have three others I’m keeping my fingers crossed will be held. Though with the rising COVID cases in the state of Colorado, I’m beginning to believe they won’t happen. One will be outside in November at a church in Lakewood Colorado. I’m hoping the weather will be good for that time of year, though cold air and snow struck the state this past weekend. Though it was a godsend for the fires ranging in the state. You can always find the latest events I’ll be doing on the bottom right of the newsletter or on my website via this link.

I have another month of Profilic Works eBook giveaways you can check out.

October Action, Crime, and Thriller GREATEST EVER giveaway runs until October 31st and features 37 free eBooks to check out via this link.

Dark Places – Mystery and Thriller GG giveaway runs until November 3rd with 47 free eBooks you can find via this link.

Trick-Or-Read – All Genre GG giveaway runs until November 6th with 83 free eBooks you can access via this link.

Criminally Good Reads – Mystery & Crime Giveaway runs until December 1st with 11 free eBooks you can check out via this link.

I’ll wrap up today with a reminder to those of you in the US to be certain to vote by November 3rd. It doesn’t matter to me your political leanings, just be certain to participate and vote. Especially your local elections which in reality are even more important than the national elections.

Thanks again for reading and sharing my newsletter. As we go into the upcoming holiday season I hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy.

R Weir


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