Fallen Star Release Date Set

After a much longer process than I wanted, I finally have a release date set for Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. November 1st is that date, with the book now available on Amazon at the special pre-order price of $2.99, a $4 dollar savings on the $6.99 release date price. This is the follow-up to the award-winning first book, The Divine Devils. In this book Hunter and his team are hired by a Hollywood TV/Movie Star to free her from an extortionist. The case turning into more than they bargained for. Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Megan Getz lived among Hollywood royalty
A Tinseltown celebrity of a long-running sitcom
Being extorted because of an adult indiscretion
Attempting to cover up her perilous life
Hiring the team of Divine Devils
Hoping they’ll free her from the blackmail bonds

Hunter Divine and his crew going undercover in a Reno Casino
Digging deep to reveal those running the scam
The simple case exploding all around them
Drugs, prostitution, murder, and mayhem being the norm
Dragging Hunter and his crew into a hotbed of danger
In a doomed attempt to rescue the pretentious Fallen Star
Leading The Divine Devils down a lethal road they may not survive

With the release date being set, I will reveal the cover for the new book, the design my by great cover artist, Mia. What do you think?

As I mentioned the eBook is now available on pre-order for $2.99. Here is the Amazon Link to take advantage of this pre-order pricing. The paperback will also be available to purchase on Amazon in the next couple of weeks. Or you can order the book direct from me for $15 plus $3 shipping, US only. And I’ll be happy to sign and even personalize the signing for you. You check out the Prologue and Chapter 1 on my website.

Speaking of The Divine Devils, an audiobook version of my award-winning book is being created. After doing several auditions, I chose Brian Markus. He has done narration for a few audiobooks, and I believe has the right voice and timber for my book. He was excited about reading the story, the first major book he’s done. It is a slow process, the book being 440 pages long, but we hope to have it done before the end of year. Once it’s released, I will be certain to make an announcement.

With the pending release of Fallen Star I have many events lined up starting November 5th, running each weekend through the second weekend of December. I will have copies of the new book, along with all my other books at those events. You can always see upcoming events listed in the right sidebar of my newsletter or on my website.

I had three successful events in September where I sold lots of books and got many new readers signed up for this newsletter. A big welcome to all of you. One of those events, the GoodGuys Car Show in Loveland, I gave away a free Kindle Fire Tablet. Below is the happy winner along with some of the cool cars on display.

At the Broomfield Days event the week after the car show, I had this young lady come up wanting to buy a book and get a picture. She explained that she had several pictures of herself and authors she’d purchased books from and wanted to add me to her collection. Which was quite cool! Thanks to her for stopping by and making my day!

Kim and I spent a long weekend in one of our favorite places, Estes Park. While up there we did some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, in hopes of seeing a moose. Unfortunately, we didn’t see one, but did see many elk, deer, birds and the wonder of the fall colors. Estes Park is a beautiful town and a must see if you’ve never been there. Here are few of the photos we took.

This months Prolific Works eBook giveaways provide you a chance for free eBooks to enjoy.

Don’t Go In – Mystery and Thriller GG includes 27 free eBooks thru October 26th to check out via this link.

Feels Like Fall – Young Adult and Children’s GG includes currently 9 eBooks, for younger readers. This begins October 22nd and runs until November 5th. You can find them here during that timeframe.

Deep in the Woods – Mystery and Thriller GG begins October 26th and runs until November 9th with currently has 14 books to choose from via this link.

One final plug for Fallen Star and the great pre-order pricing of $2.99. And you can get book one, The Divine Devils for $6.99. And don’t forget the two boxed sets for the Jarvis Mann PI series, both available at great prices. All of the books can be found on Amazon.

Thanks again for reading my work. Until next month, stay safe, happy and healthy!!

R Weir


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