Winter Has Arrived!!

Greetings to everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and happy Hanukkah. After a fairly mild fall for us in Colorado, winter solstice has hit in full force just in time for Christmas. Cold and snow, with temps being more like you expect in December, with single digits and below zero wind chills. Those who dream of a white Christmas, got their wish. A couple weeks earlier it was 81 degrees, leaving us to think the tropics had moved to the Rocky Mountain front range. I’ve always loved the stark changes in the four seasons that Colorado provides, except for when driving in it.

Hello to the bevy of new subscribers who will be receiving this newsletter for the first time, many joining via Instafreebie. I am part of the “Fill Your eReader with Free Mystery & Thrillers eBooks” group giveaway, with several other authors. Those of you who downloaded my book, Tracking A Shadow, thank you so much. Hopefully you will get a chance to read and enjoy the first novel in the Jarvis Mann PI series. If you have other reading enthusiasts within your inner circle, some of whom receiving a brand new eReader for the holidays, be sure to share the link with them, as there are 88 Mystery/Thriller books, from many great indie authors, and all FREE!! For those of you who are new to my work, be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Jarvis Mann PI series. There are six in all, with the seventh coming out early next year.


One of those stories, The Case of the Invisible Souls, was free for 5 days right before Christmas. It hit #1 on two Amazon Bestseller lists, and top 5 on two others, staying there for all 5 days of the promo, with several thousand downloads. This is the second book I’ve had hit #1, which is a wonderful feeling and a great gift to receive for Christmas. If you downloaded it, thank you so much!

The cover for the newest book in the Jarvis Mann series is complete. And I have to say is, WOW, it’s an eye popper. My cover designer did a great job in bringing out the visual sense of what I was looking for. With the title, The Front Range Butcher, where Jarvis hunts down a serial killer, it was important to capture the dynamic of what the story was about. A cover reveal is planned, as we get closer to the pre-release date, which hasn’t been set yet. More news on that coming in a future newsletter.

Thanks so much for reading my newsletter. Be sure to reach out with any questions or comments, as I love to hear from readers. And please, oh please, leave a review for any books you read. It is the greatest gift you can give to any author. I know speaking for myself, I read everyone of them. And for those new to my newsletter, be sure to stop by my Website and check out my other books on Amazon. Have a safe and happy New Year!!



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