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Blood Brothers


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“In this 4th installment of the Jarvis Mann series, Weir doesn’t disappoint. Jarvis is personally involved and conflicted as he tries to ferret out the trouble his brother is in. He hasn’t returned to his hometown in years and his memories are not of the happy kind, except for the girl who got away. When his brother is killed, it gets more personal. He calls in favors, but at what risk?

The story moves along at a good pace, the characters are well-developed. If you like a good mystery reminiscent of PI classics, you’ll enjoy the latest addition to this series. Although necessary for the story, there is some sexual content and violence that may be offensive to same. Both Jarvis and his brother have some problems with infidelity. This is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. Weir provides the necessary background from the previous book. On the other hand, reading this one first will spoil some of the fun from the first three. I’ve read all four and just want to know when to expect #5.” C-Lu



“Enter the world of mystery, mayhem, and murder.

Jarvis Mann has returned in Blood Brothers and this time he is called to help family. As he travels back to his hometown he will deal with a brother who does not want him sticking his nose in his family or his business and dealing with memories of his childhood. What starts out as a case of a wandering husband turns into a field of lies, murder, and mayhem. Who will fall and who will stand when this case is closed!

Each book that Mr. Weir writes just keeps upping the suspense. This one has plenty of action and suspense that will keep you reading. There is not a dull moment and you don’t know who is telling the truth, who is lying, and who will be alive at the end. I love a great mystery that keeps you guessing to the end.

What made me love this story even more is because this case has to do with family we get to know and understand Jarvis more. You will see some back story into his childhood. Mr. Weir does a phenomenal job of writing a character that is not perfect. I find myself laughing and shaking my head as some of Jarvis’s antics. His checking out the pretty lady, enjoying his delicious burger, cracking jokes and so on. We also see some of Melissa in this story as Jarvis and her keep working on their shaky relationship. When you can relate well to the characters it creates a fictional world you can immerse yourself into

Kudos to another great Mann detective novel Mr. Weir. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Jarvis.” – X-Rayer


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