Early Taste of Winter in Colorado

Winter rolled in early last week a day after record heat, leading to a couple of wild days. After a temperature of 101 on Saturday and highs in the nineties on Sunday and Monday, all three records, we had snow on Tuesday with highs in the low thirties. Crazy weather even for us. We had to cover up our plants and hoped they pulled through, with a hard freeze Tuesday night. We were lucky and most everything survived.

Our harvest was good, the cucumbers, carrots, raspberries, and sweet corn were all excellent. It was our first year of crops at our new house and it was a big success. We had so many cucumbers and carrots we gave some to our neighbors.

I’m a little slow getting out this newsletter for a couple of reasons. One is that my WordPress website changed the editor for the newsletter, the new design confusing to use, making it challenging to create with many added features I don’t need. When you’ve worked with software for many years and you’re used to how it works and they radically change it, it can be quite frustrating. Plus it needs to integrate properly with my Mailchimp service, which handles the sending and final formatting. There are times when I believe software designers don’t truly understand the pain they cause when they make radical changes in their design. They always explain the changes are for the better, but honestly most of the times they only cause heartburn for users.

The second reason is I’ve been doing final touchup on the new book, The Divine Devils. Getting the final product ready for the October 1st release. Be sure to take advantage of the pre-order price via this link of $3.99 for the eBook, a 3 dollar savings over the price of $6.99 it will become after release. The eBook also will be available on Kindle Unlimited via this link, so be certain to add it to your reading list. And finally, the paperback is also available at $15.99 through Amazon via this link. If you’re interested in a signed copy they will be $12 plus shipping in the US only if you purchase directly from me. I only have a few copies right now but will have more coming to me by October 1st. If you’re interested just reply to this email address.

Though I have no full-fledged reviews yet for The Divine Devils, I’ve heard from a couple of my early readers and have received positive feedback. One was halfway through the book and was “Loving It!” Another just started reading, and was only 4 chapters in, but told me she was “Hooked already!” All positive signs for the new book.

With the release of my new book, I’ve got new t-shirts which I’ll be selling and giving away when someone orders 5 or more of my books. This will have the new Divine Devils logo on it. I will have these at future events and can be purchased for $12 plus shipping here in the US only. I have large and x-large sizes in various colors. If you’re interested let me know. Here is a look at them.

As for events I have one this Saturday (9/26) in Loveland Colorado. It is the SEPTEMBER’S SIDE-WALK SALE (Wellness, Handcrafted Items) in Loveland Colorado from 10 to 3. There will be vendors outside and some inside the Majestic Gathering Place (314 E 4th Street) where I’ll be setup. We’ll be wearing masks, have hand sanitizer, and staying 6 feet apart wherever possible. If you live in the area be certain to stop by. I will have a limited number of copies of The Divine Devils, as well as all 7 paperbacks of the Jarvis Mann PI series. We’ll also have t-shirts, masks, and soaps for sale.

This month there are 4 more Prolific Works free eBook giveaways. All featuring The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card, as well as many other Mystery/Crime/Suspense books. Be sure to check them out.

Dial M for Murder – Mystery & Crime Giveaway features 18 ebooks to check out, all available until October 10th. You can find them via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… runs until December 31st and features 59 free eBooks. Check them out here via this link.

Running Out of Time – Mystery and Thriller GG runs until October 6th and features 52 eBooks. You can find it here via this link.

LIES, DANGER AND BETRAYAL – Crime and Suspense GG begins September 25th and runs until October 16th featuring 51 free eBooks to look at. You can find them via this link.

With the first book in the Divine Devils series completed, I’m hard at work on book 2, with 78k words written. This book will take the team to Reno Nevada to help a famous Hollywood television starlet who is being blackmailed. As the team goes undercover at a Reno Casino, they come up against a ruthless casino owner willing to do anything to protect his business. With any luck, I should have the first draft completed by end of year. I will be reaching out to Alpha Readers who want an early rough peek at the book. If you’re interested let me know. It will be best if you’ve read the first book, as there are events that tie the two stories together. And to top it off, I already have a rough idea of what book three will be about, with a teaser to it coming at the end of book 2.

With that, I’ll wrap up this newsletter with a final plug to pre-order The Divine Devils for the low price of $3.99 for the eBook. You can get a sneak peek at the book on my website, with Chapters 1, 2 and 3 posted. And don’t forget about the Jarvis Mann PI series, of which there are 8 books, all of which have made Amazon bestseller status. You can find them all here.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

R Weir


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