Coming Oct 1st: The Divine Devils

I’m sending out a second newsletter this month, as I received back the final changes from my editor on The Divine Devils, all of which were minor. The book is now ready to go and I’ve set the release date for October 1st. You can pre-order the eBook for the low price of $3.99. After release day the price will go up to $6.99. This is a 440 page book full of action, thrills, and suspense. I hope everyone interested will take advantage of this great offer through Amazon via this link. The book will also be available on Kindle Unlimited.

Here is the synopsis for the book:

Two teenage siblings in peril.
A mysterious group with an agenda to abduct them.
The mother Paige Hawkins reaching into her past seeking divine intervention.

The call going out to former US Marshal, Hunter Divine. An erstwhile lover who broke Paige’s heart. A man whose current existence is leaping from job to job and bed to bed. Hunter taking the case hoping for salvation in his futile life.

Can Hunter and his team prevent the kidnapping by an enemy with vast resources? The foe’s endgame to leverage these kids for their own vengeful desires. Hunter and his team toeing the line between virtue and vile. Drawing on wit, brawn, halos and pitchforks the ‘Divine Devils’ will scorch the earth to protect these kids. Even if it costs them…their eternal souls!


Emails have gone out to my reviewers and I’m hoping to get some early feedback from them before release. The beta readers were universally pleased with the book, as was my editor. I now have the first three chapters on my website for you to get a feel for what the book is like before buying. Check them out here: Chapter 1, 2, & 3.

Normally I do a sneak peek of the cover for a new book release, but I’m so excited I thought I’d post it in all its glory. My cover artist Mia did a wonderful job creating what I was looking for. It’s simple and straight forward. Let me know what you think.


We’re still working on the paperback version, as the cover requires a special design. Once it’s completed, I will get a proof of the book to approve. From there I will then order copies to sell myself or they can be ordered through Amazon. Right now I’m not certain what the price will be. Since it’s a big book, purchasing through Amazon will be in the $16.99 or so range. Buying direct from me I’m hoping to keep the price similar to my other books at around the $10 mark. But I may need to go higher depending on the cost to me from Amazon.

One other big holiday event has been canceled, and I suspect here in Colorado that will be true of most of them. Still, I’m happy I will be doing the Downtown Laramie Farmer’s Market on Sept 11th from 3-7 PM being held in Laramie Wyoming. There are some strict protocols I must follow to do this event, including wearing masks and gloves. But it’s outside which is going to be more common for events going forward to mitigate the risks. The University of Wyoming will be back in session so I’m hoping for a large turnout. If you’re in the area or have a student going to school have them stop by and say hello.

Laramie Farmer's Market

That is all for now. I hope everyone will check out The Divine Devils and take advantage of the pre-order price of $3.99. Sales overall have been down this year because of all the virus issues, but I hope this book will provide entertainment to those who read it and sells well.

Thanks. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!!

R Weir


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