The Move is Done!!

I’m back!! Did you miss me? 🙂

I’m happy to announce that we are all moved into our new home. Most of the boxes are unpacked and the house is organized. Kim and I are thrilled with the house and the neighborhood. And best of all we sold our old abode for the asking price we wanted, in two days. Now it’s a matter of getting back to my writing which I’m working towards now that I’ve got my office setup and functional, as you see by the picture below.


This past weekend we visited our daughter up in Laramie for Parent’s Weekend. She is enjoying her new apartment and adjusting to life as a sophomore at the University Of Wyoming. Her second year is a little tougher, with more classes to challenge her as she works towards her Computer Engineering degree. We enjoyed breakfast she made on Saturday morning at her kitchen dining room table and went to the Wyoming football game which the Pokes won 53-17. All in all a fun weekend with our soon to be twenty-year-old.

In my previous newsletters, I’ve been discussing each of my book covers, with this month being one of my favorites for the novel The Front Range Butcher. As I’ve mentioned previously writing this book was a challenge mentally, with all the research I did relating to serial killers. For the cover I had a general idea of what I wanted, providing my cover designer Mia a short summary of the storyline, with the feel of a newspaper type of headline being what I envisioned. Here is what she sent me to start with:


Though the black and white feel was not bad, I wasn’t sure it would stand out in this bright color world we live in, especially on the web. I then came up with the idea of putting a picture of the Denver Front Range skyline, with the photo cut down the middle by a scalpel. This led to the final cover which you see here:


The Front Range Butcher was released on March 27th, 2018 on Amazon in eBook, paperback and available via Kindle Unlimited. The positive reviews came in quickly, to this date averaging 4.8 stars on Amazon, and 4.75 on Goodreads. Here are two of the most recent 5-Star reviews:

This was my first read from this author and it what a wild ride it was! I dont think I can give this book a review that will do it justice and without giving spoilers. This is one of those kind of books that you will have to read for yourself to get what I am talking about. I see me reading more from R. Weir. I think I’m in love with Jarvis Mann!! – La Gina

Dark, gritty, twisty psychological suspense with multifaceted characters to grab your mind and hold it captive. This is a must-read read for nail-biting suspense fans. – KBRC NetG


To add to the excitement about The Front Range Butcher, it recently won a prestigious award from Readers’ Favorite, winning the Gold Medal for best FICTION – THRILLER – PSYCHOLOGICAL book of 2019. This is a wonderful honor, with Readers’ Favorite holding a large awards ceremony in November in Miami. Though I’d love to go, the cost right now for the trip is too high for us to absorb, after our recent home purchase. But they mailed me my Gold Medal, which you can see below, which I will display proudly in my office. It really is quite an honor that I will enjoy for some time.


With all the moving I still was busy in August, especially with the three day Comic-Con in Colorado Springs. Though I didn’t sell as many books as I’d have hoped, it still was fun being there, talking with everyone attending and seeing all the great costumes people wore. I’ve included a couple of samples, and there are more on my website via this link.

I have numerous events coming up, starting in October with the Eastridge Rec Center Craft Fair in Highlands Ranch on October 12th & 13th from 9AM to 5PM both days. And then I’ll be at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton on October 19th from 9AM-5PM. You can always find the latest events I’m attending in the side panel of my newsletter or on my website via this link.

This month I have many more Prolific Works free eBook giveaways to share, all including my short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. Here is a quick list of all 8 of them with links included. Just click on the title of the giveaway. I’m sure you’ll find some great books to add to your eReader.

Teenage Dream which runs until Oct 10th with 44 YA and children’s books.

Finding Yourself which runs until Oct 14th with 11 YA books.

Elementary which runs until Oct 14th with 12 mystery books.

Don’t Go In Alone which runs until Oct 8th with 44 mystery books.

Thrillers, Mysteries, and Suspense that Keep the Pages Turning… which runs until Oct 14th with 29 mystery/thriller books.

The Usual Suspects which runs until Oct 14th with 26 mystery/thriller books.

Fall’s First in Series Mystery Books which runs until Oct 15th with 33 mystery books.

Discover New Mystery which runs until Dec 31st with 48 mystery books.

This will wrap up my newsletter for this month. I should be back to releasing monthly newsletters going forward, with an occasional extra one when something exciting is happening. Be sure to check out all of my books via Amazon or on my website. Any new readers who sign-up for my newsletter will receive an email with an offer of a free eBook version of my novel, Tracking A Shadow. So be sure to share it with all your friends.

Thanks again for reading. I hope fall is filled with beautiful colors and happy thoughts. Take Care!!

R Weir








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