Heading to Deadwood

A quick newsletter, for I have a lot going on this next month. Besides working on my latest books, we are heading to Deadwood South Dakota next week for the Wild Deadwood Reads Author Event. When we get back I then will be busy helping our daughter Dakota to move back home from Laramie Wyoming where she is going to finish up her college degree online. After that there is our 4th of July vacation. Busy, busy, busy! Which is wonderful since we’ll be out an about, which is much better than last year where much of our time was spent at home.

With the trip to Deadwood, we’ll be driving our Class C Motorhome. This is a new unit we bought in January of 2020 but didn’t get much of a chance to use with the COVID restrictions. This will be our first big trip, towing our CRV behind it. We’re hoping all goes well as it’s a 365 mile trip which will take about 6 hours to complete. Once there we’ll be busy traveling around the Black Hills area to see the sights. And we have four events for the Wild Deadwood Reads we’ll be doing. It should be a good time for Kim and I.

I’m still waiting for the first round of edits to come back from my editor on Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. She is getting close to having back to me, which means I’ll be spending nearly all of my spare time working on it with hopes it will be ready for release later this summer. You can read the first chaper of the book on my website via this link. For now book three continues to come along, with nearly 60k of words written, with ideas forming for book four. And I’ve been thinking about another Jarvis Mann book if I can come up with the right storyline to bring him back.

I have been working on two boxsets for the Jarvis Mann PI series. One with the first four books, the second with the last four. All at a special price. Right now I’m fighting with Amazon on getting them released, for they don’t like the title I’m using, saying it’s confusing and used by another Author. Which is nuts since I own the Jarvis Mann Detective Series title. More knownsense from them that I hope to finally get resolved. In the meantime here is a teaser graphic for the boxsets.

There are no new Prolific Works giveaways right now. But there are two starting in the next couple of weeks you can check out when they go live.

Jump into June with the BIGGEST ever Giveaway starts June 19th and runs until June 30th. It currently features 70 free ebooks to check out via this link.

Under Lock And Key – Mystery and Thriller GG starts June 22nd and ends July 6th. This giveaway currently features 59 free eBooks to can check out via this link.

That is all for this month. Those of you who are traveling to Deadwood be sure to stop by my table and say hello.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!!

R Weir


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