Where Ideas Come From

I’m happy to say I got my first COVID shot two weeks ago. It was the Pfizer version, and I had no side effects. I will be getting my second shot in less than two weeks, happy to have some protection from the virus. I will still be wearing a mask for some time, as I want to protect myself and others when out in public places like the supermarket. But here’s hoping we can all store away our masks and not have to worry about them for many years.

Thanks to the heavy snow we received in March, our dry soil absorbed a lot of moisture. With a bout of warm weather our spring bulbs started to pop, giving us some beautiful colors in our garden as you can see by the pictures below. How has the weather been in your part of the world? Do you have any garden pictures to share? Send them off, as I’d love to see them.

I’m often asked where the ideas for my books come from. To be honest there is no simple answer. Take for instance the Divine Devils series. I knew I wanted to do a suspenseful series featuring a team hired to help people. A group who would cross over between good and evil to get the job done. This led me to the title of the series, The Divine Devils. The last name being for the main character, Hunter Divine. From there I pieced together a simple plot where two kids were in danger of being kidnapped. The rest of the plot developed as I wrote the story.

This is true of the next book in the series, Fallen Star: The Divine Devils Book Two. Taking place nearly a year after the first book, Hunter and his team are hired by a well-known tv and movie star. The woman being blackmailed after an adult indiscretion. A basic story idea, which developed as I wrote it. Taking me places I never imagined when I first started writing. My stories through the years writing themselves as I went along. A process I don’t completely understand, but it works for me. Rarely do I outline in advance. Much of the writing coming in spits and spurts, until the story is complete.

I’m still waiting for final feedback from a couple of my beta readers and the first draft of corrections from my editor on Fallen Star. I heard from one beta reader, saying she thought this book was better than the first one, which she loved. Once I get the first round of corrections from my editor I will be working hard on those suggestions. This normally takes me 2-4 weeks to complete. Those changes going back to my editor for another read through. A long process but well worth the effort to get the book finalized.

My cover designer, Mia, was seriously sick and in the hospital with COVID. Finally getting home after a two week stay. She experienced more complications shortly after returning home but now is feeling better. All of this delaying work on the cover. I should have a few proofs from her for the new book, as well as the covers to the box sets I’m going to put together for the Jarvis Mann PI series, in the next couple of weeks.

While waiting I’ve been busy working on the next Divine Devils book. A working title of Caged Souls: The Divine Devils Book Three. A storyline I’ll keep to myself for now, but one that will be intriguing to write. To this point I’ve already written over 32k worth of words. The plot coming together quickly.

For any new newsletter subscribers, be sure to check out my Jarvis Mann PI series. The first book, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is always free on Amazon. Those subscribing to my newsletter get the novel Tracking A Shadow for free as well. There are 8 books in all in this well reviewed series. All the books bestsellers on Amazon. You can find all of my books via this link, including The Divine Devils, featuring former US Marshal Hunter Divine.

If you don’t like to buy from Amazon, you can purchase all the books direct from me. Just send me an email. I also sell cool t-shirts with the Jarvis Mann or Divine Devils logo on them. Just reach out and we can work out the cost, including shipping. US customer only unless you can afford the crazy shipping costs!

No new info on any book events or craft fairs, with only two scheduled to date. Covid cases had settled down here in Colorado allowing some of the restrictions to be lifted. But cases have started to rise again, so we’ll see what the summer brings.

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That will be all for this month. Thanks again for reading and sharing this newsletter. I will have further news on Fallen Star next month. In the meantime, curl up with a friend and read a good book.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!!

R Weir


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