The Year in Review

I’m a little slow getting out the newsletter this month. Like most, the holidays were busy for us, with our daughter coming home from college and family obligations. These items taking precedence over everything else. And I’ve been busy in January planning out the next year of events I’m going to attend. Nearly all these events need to be scheduled and paid for 6 months in advance since spaces fill up quickly. I try to find different areas here in Colorado, along with tried and true events I’ve been successful at. And normally I do at least one outside the state, though I’m always interested in others if the cost isn’t too high. You can always see the latest list of events on the lower right of this newsletter. And I try to keep an updated list on the website under the events tab. Though at times I’m a little lax in keeping the website timely. Another item I’ve been working on this month.

In 2019 I did the most events I’ve ever done (16) and sold the most paperbacks. The response has been wonderful, making all the hours worked worth it. My biggest events weren’t always the ones with the biggest attendance. One I did at a church, was the most sales I’ve had over two days, even though foot traffic at times was light. And the last event of the year, I again sold a large number of books, even though foot traffic was small. Whereas the Comic-Con in Colorado Springs had a huge number of people, but I barely broke double-digits in sales. One never knows how you’ll do. But at the very least I get my face and books out where people can find them.


In 2019 I released the 8th book in the Jarvis Mann PI series, Mann in the Crossfire. It was recently ranked #8 best indie book of 2019 on Amy Shannon’s blog site. And was also picked one of the best books of the year by Colorado Authors via Colorado Country Life Magazine. Many have asked me if Mann in the Crossfire will be the last in the series. No spoilers, but those who have read it understand. For now, I’ve not decided if there will be more. Jarvis has been a fun character to write. And I still have a few ideas on a future book or two. For now, he will rest easy. But one never knows what might come across his doorstep and encourage him to get his gumshoes dirty.


Though I may not be working on another Jarvis Mann book, that doesn’t mean my mind and fingers have been idle. I’m about 60% of the way through a new book, with new characters. The working title, for now, is The Divine Devils. Where a former US Marshal Hunter Divine, is hired to protect two teenagers from being kidnapped. This is intended to be a gritty, action, suspense mystery book. The first of what I believe could be another series. I’m hoping to get the first draft completed in the next month or so. Then from there editing and fine-tuning. I’m looking for Alpha Readers, who will give me early critiques on the progress of the book. I have one reader who has given me some tremendous feedback, but I’d love one or two others to look over what I’ve written to date. If you’re interested email me. And you can check out a preview of the first chapter of the book via this link. Give it a read and send me any thoughts you have. I’ll be posting more snippets of the book over the next couple of months.

My first event of 2020 will be the Artzy Sweethearts event in Loveland Colorado. It will be Feb 14th from 5-9PM and on Feb 15th from 10AM-4PM at the Majestic Gathering Place
at 315 E 4th St. This will be my first time at this event which has been held for 12 years, tying into Valentine’s weekend festivities in Loveland. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by my table. This will be one of two events I’ll be doing in Loveland this year.

A reminder that if you bought a book from me at an event and would like more, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always happy to ship or bring books to you if you can’t make future events. I recently had a reader (Joan) contact me, wanting the rest of the series, after reading Tracking A Shadow. We met at the local Starbucks where she commented she wanted reading material for her trip to Mexico. Reading is a great way to pass the time when traveling.


This month we have more Prolific Works giveaways to tell you about. This is a program that allows you to get free eBooks from authors, in the hopes you’ll enjoy their work and purchase more of their books. The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is one of those books, but there are many other wonderful books to choose from. Here the current giveaways:

Criminally Good Reads – Mystery & Thriller Giveaway runs until Feb 29th featuring 23 books to choose from. Access via this link.

New Year 2020 Action, Crime, and Thriller Free Giveaway runs until Jan 31st featuring 40 books. Access via this link.

Reading Resolutions – All Genres giveaway runs until Feb 7th featuring 111 books. Access via this link.

Snow Day giveaway runs until Feb 6th featuring 43 books. Access via this link.

In The Library With The Candlestick giveaway runs Feb 4th featuring 64 books. Access via this link.

Mysteries Your Mother Never Told… 1st Quarter 2020 giveaway runs until Mar 31st featuring 63 books. Access via this link.

Discover New Mystery giveaway runs until Mar 31st and features 45 books. Access via this link.

Discover New Mystery Series! giveaway runs until Mar 15th and features 55 books. Access via this link.

A quick reminder, that if you read a book, leave a review, on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub and so on. Many algorithms, especially with Amazon, take reviews into consideration when it comes to their search engines. It only takes a couple minutes and means the whole world to an author, especially the independent ones.

That will wrap up this month’s newsletter. Be sure to share with your reading friends. Anyone who signs-up for my newsletter will be offered a free eBook of Tracking A Shadow. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week. With winters chill, turn up the heat and read a good book!!

R Weir




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