The Holidays Have Arrived

We made it through Thanksgiving weekend though it wasn’t a completely happy time for us. Our dog of over 10 years, Emma, had to make the transition across the Rainbow Bridge. It was something we knew was coming but was heartbreaking to go through. She was a rescue we found after losing our previous lab and was the most wonderful, loyal pet. She loved the outdoors, especially playing in water and snow, her lab and husky mix blood always driving her to the very end. She will be missed greatly by our whole family, her collar and ashes sitting on a shelf with our other loved ones who’ve passed on.

With Emma’s passing, we’ve added a new rescue, another beautiful lab named Abby. We found her from an old workmate who was fostering her, the previous owners unable or willing to continue to house her. This is where I get on my soapbox and implore people who really desire to have pets, and are willing to care for them through thick and thin,  to look at shelters and people fostering pets, and find rescues in need of homes. Stay away from puppy farms and breeders, for there are thousands of loving animals already out there needing homes, many of which are euthanized because they are unwanted. And get your dogs and cats fixed, for we don’t need more homeless and unloved animals in the world.

With the holidays, we got our daughter Dakota home for a whole week. It didn’t look like it was going to happen, as a powerful winter storm was bearing down on Colorado and Wyoming, where she is going to college. Fortunately, the University of Wyoming took notice of the storm and canceled classes Thanksgiving week, so she could drive home on Monday before the storm hit. Which was a good thing, for it was the heaviest snow we’ve had in three years, with a foot or more blanketing the region and extremely cold air hitting both states, causing many road closures. And it allowed us to get a family portrait together, which included our newest family member, Abby. A picture for our yearly Christmas Card.


For the holidays, books make a great gift. Hardcovers and paperbacks are easy to wrap and can provide entertainment and stimulation for the mind. Whether it be for children or adults of all ages. Find them a great book to read, drawing them into the author’s world of imagination. This goes not only for my books but for all the other authors putting out great material, especially those Indie writers who do it because they love it and not for the money they make, which generally doesn’t pay the bills.

For those fans who love snarky, tough private eyes, have them check out my Jarvis Mann PI series. All the books have reached bestseller status on Amazon, with a couple reaching #1. Not to mention The Front Range Butcher receiving the Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorite, for the best Mystery-Psychological Thriller of 2019. All the books are available in eBook, Paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. Here are all the titles, listed in order of release:

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

Tracking A Shadow

Twice As Fatal

Blood Brothers

Dead Man Code

The Case of the Invisible Souls

The Front Range Butcher

Mann in the Crossfire


A reminder that the first short story in the series, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card is now available in audio format. It can be found on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. And includes a preview of the first two chapters of the follow-up novel, Tracking A Shadow.

Last month I asked for people to email about why they enjoy audiobooks, for a chance at a free version of Bubble Gum. I received several great responses, one of which I will share with you.

I love audiobooks. They are great in your car. They are great when your eyes are burning and you’re getting old and your eyesight seems to get worse by the day. And for me personally, it would be great because I am having to move into a nursing home this weekend and will no longer have any money to purchase ebooks and audiobooks . In fact my bank account has been closed, my retirement check has been transferred to the home, and I will now get the big sum of $38 dollars a month to use for whatever the home doesn’t provide – Sharon

Thanks to Sharon for sending me her email. I was sorry to hear about her situation and was happy to provide her a free audiobook. I hope it somehow gave her an hour or two of joy listening to my story.

Mann in the Crossfire has been getting additional press, as it was featured as one of the top books of 2019 written by Colorado Authors in the Colorado Country Life Magazine. You can find the review here, along with many other wonderful books released this year by Colorado Authors. All of which would make great gifts.

And Mann in the Crossfire has been nominated as Best Indie Book of 2019 via Amy Shannon’s review blog. You can vote for the latest Jarvis Mann PI novel here. Voting concludes December 15th.


My last book sales event of the year is this Saturday (12/7). This will be my first time at the Holiday Bazaar at Riverdale Regional Park in Brighton Colorado. Be sure to stop on by, for those hard to find holiday gifts, with 275 booths to choose from.


Another month of Prolific Works eBook giveaways, including some great books for you to download for free.

Live Out Loud features 34 free books you can access via this link which expires today (12/5).

Scene of the Crime currently features 20 books you can access via this link beginning December 17th and runs until the 31st.

New Traditions with currently 10 books which you can access via this link beginning December 19th and runs until January 2nd.

I will conclude this newsletter, by wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Along with a joyous and prosperous New Year. I will have news in 2020 of a new book, with a sneak preview of the first chapter to wet your appetite in a future newsletter. Thanks again for reading and sharing this newsletter. Peace to you all!!

R Weir




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