The Love/Hate Relationship of Brothers

April 10th was National Siblings Day here in the US. Anyone with a sibling knows of the complicated bond you can have. To say it can be a love/hate relationship in many cases can’t be overstated. This was the basis of my book Blood Brothers, as Jarvis goes back to his hometown to help his brother Flynn out of a serious jam, one he doesn’t want his help with in the beginning. While writing the book I had a clear vision of what I wanted for the cover, desiring to capture the range of emotions born from this sibling rivalry. During the process, we had several designs, a few of which didn’t make the cut. Here are two of them:

These covers didn’t jump out at me, the faces older than I wanted. They appeared to me to be twenty-something men. And the way that they were looking at each other didn’t work as well. I wanted a happy picture of two boys, with another element added to break the happiness feel. From there we got these cover proofs:

The picture of the boys I liked, they were the right age. But each of these covers had an element I didn’t like. The first picture I didn’t care for the font used on the author name. And the placement of the word Brothers didn’t work. The second picture, again I didn’t like the picture frame and the bullet hole many didn’t like as well for an odd reason, which I won’t detail here. The third picture, again the bullet hole and the fonts didn’t work, not popping out from the page. From here I decided to take elements from all three, which got me to the final cover.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00070]

Here is where I was truly satisfied. The picture of a happy time of two brothers, with the glass cracked, suggesting a rift in the relationship. The handgun lying next to it, smoke rising as if it had been shot, implying the danger both would encounter. The imagery was spot on for what I wanted to convey about the book and the story told. Blood Brothers was released December 29, 2015, to excellent reviews. Jarvis going back home to help his brother, and the backstory of Jarvis growing up, providing answers of how he became the man he was. Pick it up on Amazon, either in eBook, Paperback or read it on Kindle Unlimited. Here are a couple of those 5-Star reviews:

In this book you truly see the difference in Mr Weir’s writing from when he started. Although I enjoyed all the other books, this one had me on the edge of my seat. I love seeing writers develop and hone their skills.
Like the others you won’t be able to guess all the twists and turns. You will be cursing Jarvis though – Soph

I just love all of the Jarvis Mann books that I have read and that includes this one. At times I find myself gripping the arm of the chair while I am reading as I don’t want anything to happen to the main character. He really walks into your life and you would love to have him as a good friend as he would always have your back. R. Weir hit this one out of the park! – Peggy C

With last months release of Mann in the Crossfire, more fabulous reviews continue to come in which I will share:

I love the Jarvis Mann series because they are full of suspense, danger, mystery, action and adventure. Mr. Weir does a great job of creating a world of mystery that makes you feel like you are dropped right in the middle of the suspense and action. He also writes characters that are realistic – Shelly

Mann heads to San Diego on an investigation, and he faces more collective danger than he ever has before at the hands of a seedy criminal element. When he’s beaten down, is he truly out? This is a must read to see if Jarvis Mann can survive this ultimate challenge against a collective criminal evil. This is another 5-star suspenseful nail-biter from R.Weir – K-BRC

During these periods of recuperation, Jarvis’ existential angst is front and center. If I was a detective, his meaning of life ponderings should have clued me into what was coming, but I completely shocked by the surprising, albeit apropos, ending! I am looking forward to how this twist will affect Jarvis’s future and what author R. Weir has in store for his readers – Julie with A Book Junkie Reviews


Mann in the Crossfire, the 8th in the Jarvis Mann Detective series is now available on Amazon, in either eBook, Paperback or via Kindle Unlimited. Be sure to pick it up today to add to your hardboiled book collection.

This Saturday (April 27th) at 2PM I will be at the recently renovated Highlands Ranch Library for the Local Author Showcase, with 13 other local authors in the upstairs event hall. Each author gets 5 minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their book. Afterward, we will be selling our books for anyone interested in purchasing copies. Light refreshments will also be provided. This will be a wonderful time to meet new voracious readers and expose them to our work. If you’re in the area stop by and join the festivities.


I was able to squeeze in an extra event on April 12th & 13th, one my wife found online. This one was the Copperleaf Craft Fair in Centennial Colorado. It was a smaller event, but well attended, especially on Friday night when they were serving free food, wine and beer. I got to talk to lots of people, sell some books and get a few sign-ups. If you’re new to the newsletter, welcome. You can always read all my other newsletters via the blog tab on my website or go directly to it via this link.

There are more Prolific Works giveaways this month. The first was the Thrillers & Mystery Giveaway, with 51 total books including The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. All free to download here thru April 30th.


Next is Mysterious Crimes, with 49 books free to download. This giveaway runs until May 12th and can be found via this link.


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I will wrap up my newsletter this month, with a final plug. Be sure to check out the new release, Mann in the Crossfire, as well as all the other books in the Jarvis Mann Detective series. You can find them here on Amazon or you email me and we can work out sending the books directly to you. Have a wonderful rest of your week. Turn off the TV and find a great book to read.

R Weir


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