Learning From Your Mistakes

It’s hard to believe another month has passed, as I’ve been busy gearing up for the release of the next Jarvis Mann PI book, which I will talk about later in the newsletter. For an indie author, there is so much prep work involved. Not only getting the text of the book correct but formatting for both eBook and paperback, which is challenging especially on the paperback side with Amazon taking over Createspace. Then you have to plan on how to market to get the word out. This is the 8th book in the series, so I’ve had a lot of experience, but there is still much to remember getting everything lined up for the release. Both exciting and stressful at the same time.

After the release of Tracking A Shadow, I began working on my next book. As I’ve detailed previously, this new adventure for PI Jarvis Mann, had several titles through the writing process, where I finally settled on, Twice As Fatal. Like the title, the book went through several covers at first, as I wasn’t exactly certain what I wanted. Using the same designer as I did with Tracking A Shadow, many of the initial cover drafts were met with unhappiness from those I asked. My first round of covers was too cluttered in many people’s eyes. Here are a couple of examples:

These covers were from rounds one and two in the process. Part of the issue might have been I wasn’t conveying what I wanted properly. There were two cases, one of which involving a college football player, the other a cheating husband leading to a murder. Grasping at straws we went into a third and fourth round. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to come up with something that worked, as you can see by these covers.

Still I wasn’t happy. And then a friend of mine, who was a graphic designer stepped in with some ideas. She found some pictures on the web, and through those pieces came about several more covers until I finally settled on the final one.

Design 23

In this cover, I was conveying a simple image; the football field with a cracked helmet and blood drops on a football under the stadium lights, with the bullet holes and smoke in the word “Fatal”. It was a tough process but finally the cover was complete and Twice As Fatal was released on May 29th, 2015, reaching Amazon Top 10 Bestseller status. The reviews were great, as I upped the suspense, weaving the two cases Jarvis was working into one explosive conclusion. Here are three of the 5-Star reviews it received:

“Best Detective Novel of the Year!!

“Both of the cases that Jarvis accepts have unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing”

“This story is so fast and furious that you have to remember to tell yourself to breath”

Twice As Fatal, the third story in the Jarvis Mann PI series, is available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback and via Kindle Unlimited.

As promised the eBook cover for the 8th book in the series, Mann in the Crossfire was revealed on my website, Facebook and Twitter. If you missed out here it is:


Mann in the Crossfire is available right now for the low pre-order price of $2.99 via Amazon for the ebook. This price is good until the release date of March 25th, when it will go to the regular price of $5.99. Here is the synopsis of the story:

Is this the end for PI Jarvis Mann?
A surprising murder of an associate
Sends Jarvis on a trip to San Diego to investigate
A trail of clues direct him to a gang member who wants him eliminated
While a local detective agency is hot on his tail with nefarious plans of their own
Battered and beaten, Jarvis battles to forge on, tracking the evidence
Directing him to a dangerous discovery that he may not be able to fight his way out of
Desperate for backup, with nowhere else to turn
He enlists lethal foes to render essential aid
Will these illicit associations spell the end of his career and possibly his life…
For Jarvis is truly a Mann in the Crossfire.

Mann in the Crossfire is also available on Paperback and via Kindle Unlimited. If you read The Front Range Butcher, this book is a must read, as the two stories are closely tied together, continuing one of the major story-lines in Butcher. If you prefer a paperback, it is available to purchase now on Amazon for $16.99. If you live in the Denver area or would like a signed paperback copy shipped to you, contact me directly via email and we can work out pricing as I’ll have copies to sell in about a week.

As I promised I have the first chapter for Mann in the Crossfire for you to check out. It’s too large to put in the newsletter, so here is a link to it on my website for you to get a taste of what this latest book is about. I believe I’ve set the proper mood for this exciting 417-page book. Let me know what you think.

I have two events in March I will be attending. The first is the Smoky Hill Spring Craft Fair, at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora from 9AM-3PM on March 9th. This is a busy event, with lots of other crafters selling their wares. Be sure to stop on by as I’ll be in the West Gym. I hope to have paperback copies of Mann in the Crossfire, as well as the other 5 paperback books in the series on sale.

2019 SHHS Spring Craft Fair

And I will be at the Spring Craft Bazaar in Highlands Ranch Colorado on March 23rd from 9AM-5PM. This is being held at the Eastridge Rec Center with 125 different crafters selling their products. This will be the first year I’ve done this event, so I’m looking forward to meeting new book reading fans and introducing them to PI Jarvis Mann.


I had a great time at the Elizabeth Public Library in early February, Thanks to Chelsea for arranging the event. I got to meet some wonderful people there, talking about books and reading in general, while selling a few books to some new fans.

Prolific Works time again, where you can discover new authors and download for free eBooks in the Mystery/Thriller genre, with each one featuring my short story, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. First is the Private Investigator ~ Thriller / Mystery / Crime giveaway, with 33 books in all, running until March 21st. Check it out via this link.


It’s cold out–download a Mystery giveaway runs until February 28th, and includes 37 books to check out via this link.


And then finally there is the Discover New Mystery Series! giveaway with 51 total books to choose from running until March 30th. Access this giveaway via this link.


I will wrap up this newsletter with a final plug for the new book, Mann in the Crossfire. Be sure to order the eBook now at the lower pre-order price of $2.99. On the release date the book rises to $5.99. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my newsletter with other friends and family who enjoy a good mystery/detective story. And don’t forget to leave a review for any books you read. Indie Authors love when you take a few minutes to do this. Everyone have a wonderful week!!

R Weir



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