Two Times as Fun

Still walking down memory lane, after the release of Tracking A Shadow in August of 2014, I immediately began working on the next book in the series. I knew Jarvis had many other cases he would face and immediately had the idea of him working on two cases at once. The original working title was Hairy Business. But as I got further into the story I didn’t like the title all that much and felt it didn’t represent the storyline to the degree I wanted it to. It was then I started writing down several different title options; Deadly Double, Double the Death, Twice Lethal, Two Times Lethal, and so on. Until I settled on Twice As Fatal.

The first case, which was teased at the end of Tracking A Shadow, would be Jarvis helping his police officer friend Bill, who was having an issue with his son Ray. He had disappeared without a word, a college football tight-end who had suffered two concussions during the current football season, and was having a hard time dealing with the injury. I felt it was a good and important topic with the brain injury issue becoming a hotly debated one, with consequences for players experiencing concussions with symptoms often times leading to fatal results for them and their families. It was a danger every football player, past and present was facing and would make for a compelling story-line.

The second case, had Jarvis helping his landlord Kate, who was trying to find out what her husband was up to. The classic cheating husband, who was also involved with a shady and dangerous loan shark. Jarvis works both cases, bringing them to a close, or so he thought, before they blow up in his face again, leading to an explosive confrontation, the cases colliding to a thrilling and deadly ending. It was a book I enjoyed and had fun writing, upping the suspense and mystery while adding a little heat to Jarvis’ personal life. Twice As Fatal was released May 29th, 2015, with reviews topping Tracking A Shadow with one reviewer calling it “The Best Detective Novel of the Year”. Be sure to check it out, either on ebook, paperback or on Kindle Unlimited via Amazon. If you’ve already read the book be sure to email me with your thoughts on it.


June has been a busy month for me, relating to getting out and selling my books. First I had the Urban Market in Downtown Denver on June 2nd, followed by the Boulder Market the next day. The weather was fabulous each day, the only issue us dodging a sprinkler system watering the grass behind us at Skyline Park that threatened to soak my book display. As you can imagine, paperback books and water are a bad combination. Thankfully we had tarps to protect us until the 30-minute watering cycle, which ran at two different times, finished, and none of my books were damaged.


Then on June 9th, I was in Deadwood South Dakota for the Wild Deadwood Reads Author event, where I had a great time talking with other authors and readers. This was the second year in a row I went to Deadwood, this time in a much larger facility that drew some good crowds. All three of the events provided lots of interactions with new readers,  which I enjoy immensely, leading to sales of books and sign-ups for this newsletter. One lady, who stopped by my table at Skyline Park and bought all 5 of my paperback books, was so excited to read them, that she bought a handwoven bookmark from another table near us thrilled she had met the author and that I had signed the books and the Jarvis Mann t-shirt for her. Needless to say, I enjoyed the moment myself and even heard from that other vendor the next day who was at the Boulder event, and her husband bought a book.

Check out my latest radio interview, on the Recalutating for Small Business show, where I discuss my books and share some of my IT expertise by giving 5 safety tips for a secure home office. My part of the interview begins at the 27-minute mark and lasts about 30 minutes. Computer security for everyone is important, so give it a listen when you have some time.


Sales of The Front Range Butcher have been picking up, as have the reviews I’ve been getting. Here are a couple of new ones that have posted over the last week:

Mr. Weir has out done himself yet again! This is such a superb story that held me in its grip from beginning to end. It is a complex and multi-layered storyline, which Mr. Weir expertly choreographed into a smooth and gripping tale. This has just taken the top spot as my favourite of the series, so far!-Angela Hayes

Right out of the gate I was captured, the flow was dark, the tone was edgy and thrilling-E. Walsh

If you haven’t picked up your copy, be sure to check it out. It is available on Amazon in ebook, paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. When it comes to mystery/thriller detective stories, you won’t be disappointed.

Another Instafreebie giveaway this month featuring Tracking A Shadow. The Thriller & Mystery Giveaway features 40 books in all that runs until July 2nd. Be sure to check all the other free books available to download. A lot of great reading options to choose from.


Time to wrap up this newsletter and get back to writing my next Jarvis story, with 78k worth of words written, and much more story to come. Be sure to share this newsletter with other fans of my genre. Anyone signing up gets the bonus of a free ebook of Tracking A Shadow. And be sure to check out of all my books that are available on Amazon. Thanks so much for reading. Take care and make sure that next book purchase is a thrilling one.

R Weir



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