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Good day to everyone. Winter finally decided to arrive here in Colorado, a few months late, but in full force. It has been cold and snowy these last couple of weeks, and with March on the horizon, and it being the snowiest month for this area, I suspect more is on the way. Though I’m one of those who enjoys the four seasons, and the ever changing weather we have here in Colorado. On those cold, snowy days, it’s a good time to find a thrilling book to read or in my case work on my writing. The next book is coming along, with 65k worth of words written. Not sure how long this book will be, but I expect it will fall near the page count of The Front Range Butcher when it’s all said and done. Hopefully it will be another thrilling adventure for Jarvis.

I recently made some updates to the website. Adding a section for interviews I’ve done and for events I’ve attended selling my books, including a list of upcoming events scheduled for 2018. The interviews consist of audio/video where I’ve talked via web conferencing about me and my books. Those one on one interviews are always fun to do, and are often with fellow authors, discussing our books, marketing and the writing process. And then there are text interviews where a blogger will send me a list of questions I need to answer, some of which are pretty unique and fun to dive into. Though I’m an introvert by nature, I still enjoy those moments where I get to pound my chest about what it’s like to be an author. Check out those interviews here.

As for events, I did several in 2016 and 2017, including a couple of big events, Penned Con 2016 in St. Louis and Wild Deadwood Reads 2017 in Deadwood South Dakota. Both were a lot of fun, with a large number of readers stopping by and talking with me on what genres they enjoyed. I also did several craft fairs during the Xmas holidays in 2017, and got a lot of new readers. This year I will be doing a spring craft fair at Smoky High School here in Aurora Colorado on March 10th, which is free to attend. Then I will be returning to Deadwood on June 9th. The Wild Deadwood Reads event is even bigger this year and if you live in the area and want to meet lots of great authors, you can get your tickets for $10 here. These gatherings get me out from behind the desk where I can talk and interact with readers, in hopes they become fans. You can find the latest events I’m going to listed in the lower right hand area of the newsletter under Upcoming Events or on the website here. More RWeir website changes are coming that I will be announcing soon.

With the pending release on March 27th of, The Front Range Butcher, I was pleased on how the cover design came out, getting across what I wanted to convey on how the story is written and emotions readers would experience as they turned the pages. My cover artist is wonderful and takes what I imagine and makes it come to life. But my daughter Dakota likes to sketch and draw as well, and created her own cover from the basic premise of the story. Below you’ll see her hand drawn raw image and being a proud parent I wanted to share.

Dakota Cover_0006

If you love free books, there are still more Instafreebie giveaways I’m involved with, and more great books from other authors. I know I’ve downloaded a few myself. Check them out, and support them if you find their books of interest.

Come for the Thrillers, Stay for the Action  101 free books to choose from.


Don’t forget if you pre-order, The Front Range Butcher, by March 26th, you are entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. You can find out more on my website or Jarvis Mann PI Facebook page. I heard from one of my early reviewers of my latest novel, who told me “It was really good. It was the BEST one I have read yet. It was a bit darker because of the subject matter but I think that just made it better.” If you are interested in being an early reviewer, you can receive an early release ARC. Just fill out this Google Form for more information.

Thanks so much for reading my newsletter. Be sure to share with friends who are interested in me and my stories. Your word of mouth helps out indie authors. If they sign-up they can still get a eBook copy of my first novel, Tracking A Shadow, for free.  Until next time be sure to keep on reading to expand your mind and universe.

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