Surviving Holiday Sales

Another year of shopping has passed, being bombarded with crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Like many people these days, we do most of our shopping online. I for one hate the crowds and people fighting over the one remaining large screen TV. I’m always amazed the lengths people go through to save a few bucks, throwing common courtesy out the window. It is a mess we try to avoid if at all possible. The bevy of Amazon boxes delivered in a cluster of Prime packaging, on our doorstep seems to be more convenient for us. I’ve been a practical shopper most of my life, getting the things we really need. Maybe one or two excess items, we probably could do without, but indulge on. The shock of the bill coming 30 days later. Hopefully everyone made it through those days unscathed and avoided bankruptcy. If you have any crazy shopping stories to share, please do so by replying to this email or in the comments of the blog on the website. For writers those tales make great fodder for future stories.

With the holiday season comes opportunities to sell books. I had tables at two craft fairs, one Cherokee Trail High School, and the other Rangeview High School. I met lots of potential fans, sold quite a few books and received lots of sign-ups for this newsletter. A big thanks to those of you who bought the books and are new to my newsletter. A big welcome to you all!! I have one other event coming up in Longmont Colorado, the Last Chance Gift Feast,  at the Boulder County Fairgrounds on December 17th. Should be a busy place, with lots of people to talk and interact with about my stories. I look forward to meeting everyone, and if you are in the area, be sure to stop in. Besides my books there will be lots of other gift items for those last minute shoppers.

Feedback from beta readers on my latest book, was excellent. No major issues with the story, with only minor corrections needed. The Front Range Butcher is now off to my editor/proofreader team for polishing, a process that will take a month or so. Cover designs are being worked on and hopefully finalized by the end of the year. Still shooting for a late January, early February release date. Once pre-sales are available I will let everyone know. I may be setting up some giveaways and contests to go with the release. More about this a in future newsletter. This was clearly the most complex book I’ve written, and hopefully the best one yet in the Jarvis Mann PI series. As one of my beta readers mentioned “It was great and I hope you sell a million”. It was a sentiment I couldn’t argue with!

Be sure to spread the word about my website for those interested in Mystery/Detective stories. Direct them to my website, and when they sign-up I will send them a free eBook of the first novel, Tracking A Shadow. The whole series, 2 short stories and 4 novels, can be purchased on Amazon for $13.95 in eBook format. A bargain price for any voracious readers on your holiday buying list. Links can be found on my RWeir website or via my Amazon author site. Word of mouth is critical for any indie author. And I’m thankful everyday for the promotion my fans provide.


That is all for now. Drop a comment or send and email. I love hearing from each one of you and do my best to respond quickly. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday, filled with food, family and friends.



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