New Website Now Live

Well I finally did it. I’ve got my own author website and domain name. So I guess this means I’d hit the big time!

I plan on posting on this website all the information readers will want to know about me and my books. As well as my marketing plans. Trying to get the word out for any indie author is the hardest part, and time consuming. Moving forward the idea is to get out there more and promote. My new marketing guru Vicki Drane has been working round the clock getting more exposure for me and my books. I’ll even be getting on a plane and travelling for book signings in a few months. Those that know me best realize how difficult this will be for the “I’d rather be by myself walking a mature trail in the backwoods” than in the throng of bodies at a writers event. But I’m doing it and more. Stay tuned and see how it all turns out. The ride is just beginning!


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