Amazon Reviews: Tracking a Shadow


Tracking a Shadow





“Jarvis Mann is a Denver private detective. When he gets a call from a prospective client, he’s thrilled. Hey, it’s a client. And her voice sends a frisson of something else down his…spine.

Emily will never get a gig as a centerfold, but she’s attractive. She tells Jarvis she’s being stalked, and asks for his help. Her stalker is a shadow in the background.

R. Weir’s Tracking A Shadow is a fresh, fun detective story. Jarvis is a wise-cracking PI. His chatty inner thoughts keep the reader engaged, smiling, and on their toes. The pop culture references add an extra dimension to the story. Mr. Weir does an excellent job with giving the reader the pieces of the puzzle. It’s up to the reader to put them together.”- Jada Ryker


“Simply wow! I loved it. I felt like I was transported back in time to the tome’s of the mystery and suspense novels of the 1940s. This book had all you would expect of the gumshoe private I, and the femme fatale of a Dashell Hammett book. But it was contemporary and steamy in parts. I look forward to reading more by this author as I was on edge reading it and constantly wondering what would come next. Marvelous!”- Mona Lisa


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